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A word: To those with a love of life and a moral will to maintain it!


This site represents an independent life-work to interlock the jig-saw of human history. Having seen that the whole importance of information is it's understanding (something government education seems to ignore) the first thirty or so years were for desire of personal enlightenment.  That revealed the trap; later work was driven by understanding that we are all part of the human family and concern for the increasing, visible degeneration, of the human psyche.


With the coming of practical Internet, this understanding began assembly on "" site; then as this became bulky and untidy it was supplemented with "" which soon branched off to mature at "". 


Learning and experience has no end; maturing may continue indefinitely.  The point to make here is that this assembly is not a series of random items as is a newspaper or magazine; here any essay or book may interweave with others, all are part of one exposé.  Those who pick out articles within personal interest may just waste their time: not appreciate the human situation – not see benefits from re-birth so clearly or need so urgent – not see the truth that our need is more spiritual than physical.  Many work to save the poor, the sick and the maimed but if your first care is not to save humanity then you waste even your own life!

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Q/. If what you say on this site is true why is it not in the news?

A/. Well talk is cheap – listening cheaper!  Mass media works for propaganda rather than truth!

B/. Some say too few speak – some say too few listen.  Have we been re-birthed to private agenda? 

Is our ability to understand logically now so poor we must trust leaders for our care and decisions?

Do we now see ourselves as an inferior class dependant on those who give us a choice to vote for?

   To Continue click HERE for "SUPPLEMENT" files on "Democracy" & "Our FUTURE"