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Books, even more than reports and leaflets, are set out in reading order.  In fact I hope that these five small books will one day be combined into one volume.  However for Internet use and convenience they serve best in five parts.  Each as you see below is given its own pre-read introduction.

There is an on-line reading edition plus a two-sided, paper-saving, print-out direct from PDF on-line for you to download.  A relatively new process though I expect most printers to handle it.  My 3year old, low-end market CANON does, though the service was not available when it was made.  The GB site may be the first to set books especially for this service by setting for half-(A4)sheet reduction. 

Changing the culture is not easy, in the past it has only been done by force or time as it means changing the mindset of the people.  But this time we must do it for ourselves because if we do not change our minds about the way we live to become more compatible with life's truth, we, or nature, will destroy us as in the manner foretold by Professor Pianka in 'Doomsday Report'.

One thing is clear: “You cannot change the world on your own”; another:  “You can help change the world by understanding and helping others understand.  Only when sufficient people know the danger of ignorance, as against the power of knowledge, can we combine to govern ourselves.

Yes it's challenging!  The truth usually is!  We cannot skirt around sensitive issues of politics, religion, health, education or lifestyle; in this literature complex issues are merge into whole-of-life! 

Life needs all elements working in unity!  A dedication to truth must unite what is now divided and confused – no room now for dogma of philosophy or man-made religion; “straight logic” is vital to the human future.

Not extremist but still exposing matters many fear or find incredible; positions are backed by logic and words of other researchers.  This literature does not set out to individualize points but to merge and reveal relationships between events and activities.   It assembles revealed knowledge with quotes to highlight logical relationships in time and depth of human endeavor.  Important issues are mixed to expose their natural progression. 

Last verse of "Dover Beach" by Matthew Arnold, 1867.

"Ah, love, let us be true
To one another! for the world which seems
To lie before us like a land of dreams,
So various, so beautiful, so new,
Hath really neither joy, nor love, nor light,
Nor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain;
And we are here as on a darkling plain
Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight,
Where ignorant armies clash by night."
Those despairing words of Arnold's "Dover Beach"
How well they speak of our own plight today;
But fear not for the darking ignorance brings.
The failure of a world!  The tyrant flays!
Tomorrow yet will open doors to light
And light of truth reveal the promise stays.

[Comment by A. Gourley, 1991]


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