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With comment by Dr W.C. Douglass, 11, M.D.

CULTURAL DISCIPLINE: Governments do their best, but to what end?  Is it to enslave the people by compulsory medication; Impoverish by manipulation, or just ride the confusion in misguided support of the false philosophy to which we are now indoctrinated?

Cultural beliefs are basic to behavior and we find it traumatic to face that these may be corrupted.  However mass murder of schoolchildren (the USA or elsewhere), combined with governments running campaigns to deter people from the natural discipline of their children, makes clear how urgent our situation.  That some young offenders may be foreign-born does not delete the connection to worldwide cultural indoctrination.

The trouble with winning this rat race
is that we forever remain rats.

Older people still recall that discipline is the essential for happy childhood. It generates security, intellectual growth and satisfaction with life! We back that up! Research and evidence of consequences supports them.

For consequence we look at the sudden outbreak of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) that became almost epidemic among children in 'advanced' nations with the introduction of Humanist (politically correct) child-raising ideas that substitute self-love for discipline.

In my youth most parents cared enough to use fair natural discipline as their child-raising guide. They knew no generation gap or adolescent rebellion! Transition from child to adult was normally smooth and painless but some foolish parents did (what was then called) 'spoil' their children.  The results of this, seen by others, warned that 'spoiling' didn't pay.

There were also some who abused their children.  Few of these children became real outlaws in the manner of so many of those now spoiled by irresponsible love.  It is not, of course, that parents should not love their children but that parents should love them enough to apply firm and just discipline. The spoiled child is an unhappy child as now amply demonstrated as our spoil-all culture writhes in mindless violence and vandalism.

A child instinctively expects its parents to know what is good for it and, in most cases, will accept even unjustified punishment.  Physical discipline pains parents more than children; that explains the happy blindness of parents when offered excuses for spoiling.

Growing vandalism shows that the spoiling, backed by law today, is a far worse form of child abuse than unjust punishment. It also shows why the disciplined caring of the meek, not the undisciplined self-love of the arrogant, shall form the humanity that shall inherit the earth.

When a child is told it is wonderful just to make it feel good; that it has done well when it has not even tried; when it can fool its parents by disobedience at will, or, when their back is turned feel free to ignore their threats –it then learns it is smarter than its parents and that its parents and teachers are deranged fools of no help in its self-serving struggle with its, apparently irrelevant, life.

In this sad lonely situation the child is led into contempt for authority, comfort of drugs and excitement of wild behavior!  How can we honestly, intelligently or logically, expect otherwise?

Lied to from birth and given confusing instruction that is illogical to life experience, how can we be surprised at rising irrational behavior and violence in culture and school?  If some come to hate life and seek to destroy before suicide, is that so strange?

Dr. W.C. Douglass II, M.D. in a recent report tells that drugs used to treat such problems are classified as Schedule II, as are morphine, cocaine, and other dangerous narcotics. Quoting Travis Thompson, Ph.D. Uni. Minnesota, and Klaus Unna, M.D., Uni. Illinois, he says side effects of such drugs should scare... parents, they include psychosis (severe mental disorder) drug addiction and increased risk of suicide.

Add that to an adolescent mind already frustrated and feeling its parents have so little love for it that they don't care enough to enforce beneficial behavior!  Do we really want persuasion to give our children drugs that alter brain chemistry?

On this Dr. Douglass writes an eight-page article but we don't need wallow in disgusting situations generated by false philosophy!  A whiff should be enough, but we must consider the vast fortunes made from legal drugs and do need see this gives financial power huge influence in politics, mass media and medical training!  So lets glance at other research comment by this successful and famous (nature-supporting) practitioner.

Enlightening to avoid the frightening
Dr Douglass, who has acquired a great reputation by challenge of poor medical practice, has this to say: Condensed quote: "I’ll admit I spare no opportunity to lay into modern parents and teachers for buying the notion that "self esteem" is the single most important thing to kids’ development. … this concept is not based on science at all. It’s just a tonic for parents to avoid the heartache they’ll feel when they discipline their children …

As a preface to the proof, I’d like to point out that this "sovereignty of the self" school of child-rearing has risen in more or less lock-step with things like child depression, drug addiction, medication, suicide, obesity, and underachievemen since around 1969.

A recent expose` in the February 19th issue of the typically uber-left New York magazine summarizes how a stunning amount of rigorous research all but proves that those ego strokes today’s parents lay on kids are doing nothing but ruining them!

As it turns out, the competition-free, trophies-for-all, everyone’s-a-winner, I’m-OK-you’re-OK, blameless, goal-less, discipline-less way most of the pointy-heads say we should raise our kids is turning them into timid, neurotic,  underachieving, narcissistic junkies: …

Basically, the findings of both new research and some more rigorous analysis of existing research concludes that telling kids how smart, gifted, or special they are does NOT spur them to greater heights of achievement — it can actually cause them to fail, not try, and ultimately underachieve. …

According to the New York piece, over 15,000 "scholarly" articles were written between 1970 and 2000 about self-esteem and its ramifications for every aspect of life — grades, professional achievement, personal relationships, even sex… But in 2003, the Association of Psychological Science asked one leading proponent of self-esteem-based psychology (Dr Roy Baumeister) to review this massive body of research. His conclusion: ... all but 200 of these 15,000 featured studies that did not meet... standards for scientific rigor.

In other words, the underpinning of self-esteem theory was mostly JUNK SCIENCE.  Beyond this, he found that these 200 studies that did pass muster indicated that high levels of self-esteem did NOT translate into higher grades, greater career success, less alcohol consumption, or even a reduced tendency to violence.

Remember, this was the conclusion of an ADVOCATE of self-esteem-based psychology… Or rather, I should call him a former advocate. Now, he’s on the right side of the childrearing fence. These days, he’s writing about how excessive praise retards academic performance — and how modern parents’ compulsion to worship their children is nothing more than an exercise in self-congratulation.

For the last decade, a team of Columbia psychologists studied praise’s effects on kids in a dozen or more New York public schools. Their marquis research focused on 400 fifth-grade students.

After offering these kids a choice of whether to try a hard or simple puzzle, the Columbia researchers then challenged both groups with a puzzle they’d ALL FAIL. The purpose of this was to set up round 4 of the test — in which they all were given a puzzle that was just as simple as in the first round (the round in which everyone performed well).

And here’s the real kicker in all this: After a forced round of failure, the “effort” group still scored an average of 30% better on this last simple puzzle than they had on the first one — which was identical in difficulty. The “smart” group performed 20% worse!

Bottom line: Kids who are programmed by their parents and teachers to believe that they are “smart” reason (quite intelligently, I might add) that they shouldn’t HAVE to expend effort to complete a challenge. They become convinced that if they can’t do it easily, it’s either impossible or beyond their intelligence, and they give up.
That’s a textbook recipe for underachievement!
These aren’t desirable personality traits!

End of condensed quote. Emphasis added.

So the damage is done! A five-year loss of maturity, only in part recovered in later life by the fortunate, is a serious disadvantage! Using parents to destroy the mental competence of children is as mean as it gets.   I have been trying to awaken to cultural entrapment for years but once enveloped most will defend mental fixations to  their self-destruction. 

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