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Charles DARWIN – 1809-82.
The Theory of Evolution by chance and natural selection, as founded on Darwin's theory, is the base supporting the religion of Humanism.  Is it sound?

Though celebration of the 200th anniversary of Darwin's birth was announced on ABC radio‘s "Science Show" it should not surprise anyone that it marks the most disastrous period of our culture?

Moral decay is humanity's worst disaster!  We call ours "politically correct".  The philosophy called Humanism uses Darwin's theory of creation by "chance and natural selection" as the base for its animalist nature-worshipping religion and its right to deform our human nature to animal programming.

The ‘hard' ‘sciences demand we bow to principles of mathematical truth so what's wrong with us?  Is it that "Humanism's" brainwashing has already deleted our ability for analytical thinking – set our behaviour to that of lower life-forms? 

Let's be clear, this is not entirely Darwin's fault, it was we who took more pride in our greed and desire for easy living than is good for our human development; this also gave power to this cancer.

Still, while there's life there's hope, we can still access the glory of our human potential.  Yes!  Humanist philosophy (from birth to death) has changed our attitude to life – indoctrination now directs our learning from our earliest age and is designed to undermine logic!  Yes!  We now undermine our own logical common sense.

Artificial loving and living blinds us to truth – the logic of our planning is corrupted!  So elementary!  What is this simple error in our lives?  It's not that we love life too much; it is that we fail to love life enough to sacrifice our selfish desires to truth. 

The whole of the Creation is constructed in a truth of order set for human development!  All complex construction reflects the logical mind of its creator.

Logic is essential to planning, and bias of emotion is easily seen in family situations.  So many children would be so much better served if parents saw with honest eyes.  True love is our inspiration, and truth of order is the law of all planned construction!

Truth is corrupted by misled love; by prejudice and pride – it is deliberate corruption of behaviour and design.  As Jesus told us:  'I represent life; I represent truth!'  Early last century most scientists had the logic of mind to see this! Humanist deceit has now changed that balance, and not just for science – for humanity.

The Challenge of Complexity and the futility of chance:  Those in physical sciences should recognize their responsibilities in relation to social order because social order is the foundation for our intellectual development!  As is now becoming clear, the collapse of our culture will endanger all humanity.

All involved with mathematics should have supported those who long ago pointed out the impossibility of creation by chance and natural selection.  Intellectuals should expose philosophy based on lies.  Ego cannot change reality – intellect should not allow it to try!

Note: My base for Intelligent Design is not related to others; my logic and research is independent.

So let's look at the article Intelligent Design in theApril 2002 issue of The American Museum of Natural History.  A featured special report related to a legal battle within USA educationarguing for and against.  I need only comment on one point.

Michael J. Behe. 
Quote:  "Every living cell contains many ultra sophisticated molecular machines. How can we decide whether Darwinian natural selection can account for the amazing complexity ...?

Darwin himself set the standard when he acknowledged, "If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down." E.Q.

This was not contested in the court.  Darwin was not an analytical thinker or he would not have used such a statement to support his life’s work.  Obviously there is no thing that could not be “formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications”, that is the nature of all we create; the logical question is: "Could chance create in that way?" 

Behe used a mousetrap as example of intelligent design, claiming that until all its parts are assembled it is useless as a mousetrap.  His counterpart argues that each part has some use in its own right.  The Behe point is valid, but by failing to analyse logically is countered by argument equally faulty.  Note: The Court and all involved ignored errors of logic.

Let the alphabet be our example: Books are mainly composed of an alphabet every letter of which can be used to help express countless ideas.  Construction of alphabet, numbers or genes are themselves examples of mind's creative foresight for how would chance create life-building systems of numbers letters or mechanisms before they had known purpose?

Do you say the bridge came together by chance and so established the laws of its construction?  It's easy to create a theory after the event if you ignore the need of a mechanism necessary to assemble it without reason!

Creation needs foresight!  Creation needs purpose and foresight of use before design; also before forming part of more complex creations.  Ancient scripture has it right:  The WORD came before the creation!  Could chance know the truths of the eternal?  The Creator's reputation depended on it.

Evolutionists claim every book could be written by chance.  In endless mixing, a ‘T’ could find itself in front of ‘H’ and later an ‘E’ could form THE.  In this way words are formed and by similar chance the word ‘AFTER’ might find itself in front of ‘THE’. 

In this way intelligent sentences could appear; each word is valid in its own right.  This simplicity is called plausible’!  But can it also be called possible?

Convenient to ignore is that, in never-ending random shuffle, the t&h are as likely to be separated before the 'e' is added.  Individual words have no survival value as meaning depends on the context of word use.  Chance creates disorder rather than order.

Among the very first things every student of the subject should understand:
A/ Every living creature has genes that may, or may not, be useful to maintain life-form efficiency to live in limited environmental situations. 
B/ 'CHANCE' is used to randomly create genetic DAMAGE and DELETES by random damage and natural selection.    

If a damaged gene is of use to the life-form in an environment, those with this gene damaged will be disadvantaged and the less competitive eliminated; those with the gene undamaged survive and viability of the life-form in this environment is not effected.

On the other hand, if the gene damaged by chance is of no value to the life-form in its environment then the load of unused genes is reduced and, given time, that gene is eliminated from ALL members.

Once eliminated it cannot by chance be restored even if it should come to be needed at a later stage.  Example: human loss of ability to create Vitamin C.

The above process (called specialization) is well established.  So whether talking of books, life-forms or mouse traps, "principles" of creation apply.  Life is based on principles equally basic as is the human genome or alphabet – bits of wood or steel count for little!  To create order a need must be foreseen and by intellect energy is arranged to an order of truth! 

We deal with only one example! 
Evolution theory is, in all aspects, proven impossible so why waste time to express variations of argument?  Logic and evidence will remain irrelevant so long as we believe without logical question.

Chance and natural selection combine to maintain order, not to create it!  Neither chance nor natural selection can operate until a creation is there to provide options for chance and selection to operate on.  These forces are basic but have no intelligence to appraise past experience or future need: no ability or way to know of need, or to design for future service.

When our cultural mind is allowed freedom of truth we see that there is no alternative!  Life can only be created by intelligence and those honest must admit that when Jesus said his totality represented life and truth He understood this!  Again when He said that our God was God of the living (spirit) not of the dead.

Until we open our minds to truth so as to dismiss dead dogma we will not understand this.  Over the years I have challenged others to give better explanations for creation; even to offering a prize, there were no takers.  I am not surprised; trying to put evidence together must soon reveal that chance creation is physically impossible.  New research on ageing adds further but unneeded strength to that.

As with the challenge of Galileo, religions (include Humanism) have this problem: All equally evade life is progressive!  Representing dead dogma they proclaim truths and surrender humanity to humanist pretensions.  They ignore the realistic warning that, at judgment, many claiming Christianity will be rejected.  As also foretold: worldly wisdom is refuted; but pride denies error even as our dogma is exposed to defeat.   

Criminals now run our world.  Because religions and science, when bound by dogma, are too proud to admit error, law now cringes before commercial power as politicians ignore democracy! 

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