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Then Feed the Wolves

Letters to Editors continually voice concerns about poor education; increasing violence; vandalism; mindless behaviour, misguided law or disgusting hospital services (admitted: the third highest cause of death is the hospital system itself) but experts explaining socio/political problems carefully avoid the human base of it – behaviour/philosophy.

They gloss over that commerce has taken over industry and to create markets its owners promoted the greedy culture; the greedy lead to the selfish and the selfish led straight to the immoral.  No one notices because all are too busy having fun or fighting for a little more of everything than their fair share – who has time to look at the big picture?

The immoral culture now produces the angry culture, and the angry culture is violent.  People now feel they have been betrayed – which is true, but all are now either too stupefied, too proud or ashamed, to admit that each accepted the promise without question and a little too enthusiastically.

As automation takes over we should be living in great comfort and free to adopt individual enterprise with human goodwill so as to make our world a paradise from where we can venture, safely, into the great-unknown potentials of science and technology!  A world where we could each live in comfort and good health for over a hundred years while spending only a short time in compulsory production to earn this benefit.

Remember the Egyptians: they could afford to take time off from making a living the hard way to build mighty ornaments. Just scrap the greed motivated commercial system and we today could, in a few short years, produce the needs of long lifetimes. Will we now admit that the good life cannot be had without true level human morality? 

There is a way out of this trap but so far the public mind has been tightly closed to it.  We refuse to face that we (in adopting the twisted beliefs that promoted our sick values and lifestyles) became our own problem.  To regain social stability – to save ourselves: we have to make a complete about-face in our social outlook – our philosophy of life.

To begin return to our human heritage (of morality and true caring) we can start by each electorate choosing its own political representative: just a legal need of our National Constitution. 

Pride of de-criminalizing ourselves may work wonders, we may even see as Plato, so long ago:
"Plato: The Laws". When offices are filled competitively, the winners take over the affairs of state so completely that they totally deny the losers ... share of power.  Each side passes its time in narrow scrutiny of the other, ... Of course our position is that this kind of arrangement is far from being a genuine political system; we maintain that laws not established for the good of the whole state are bogus laws, and when they favour particular sections of the community, their authors are not citizens but party men."

Will the shock of seeing the obvious (known over 2000 years) re-awaken our humanity?  Could this lead to a quantum leap in public vision?  If we cannot accept our basic responsibility how can we expect to establish a true human culture?  Do you imagine that a 'system', owned by commerce, will ever set us free or, without trying, that we will ever understand that politics, when set on sectional self-interest, is fatally self-destructive – that it must lead to population culling – and worse?

Or are we now brainwashed beyond self-recovery – do we no longer have the courage to face the task of learning to make our own decisions so as to govern ourselves to our own common advantage?  Do we now have to wait for outside intervention as promised by Scripture?  Well, if that is to be our choice then let's not forger that Scripture also says:
"Put not the lord your God to the test."

We may be forgiven our sins of ignorance but still have to pay for our wilful intransigence!

I don't apologise for my search for life's truth; it should be lawfully backed!  When all live with truth then all will live so well that even the lawmakers, for their greed, may cry "shame"! 

Feeding the Wolves

Truth, in every age, is a life essential! A scrap of literature examples a truth expressed in simple language.  From the USA, it may interest readers.

A Cherokee Indian tells his grandson of a battle we have inside us.  It is a battle between two wolves; one is evil, the other good.  Thinking this over the boy asks: "Which wolf wins?" To this the old man replies: "The one you feed!" 

A good example of simplified truth; an art fading from Christianity as faith in truth turns to religion of man. 

Feeding evil is now epidemic!  It turns many away from love of truth and the human spirit of ideas and ideals.  Without spirit, words become nonsense.  Good and evil reflects honestly in the sins we feed.

Jesus did not teach religion! He acknowledged religion because He knew that while man remained ignorant he would remain arrogant to the extent of maintaining authority by maintaining the manipulative power base of religion; but corruption needs be rejected as we develop understanding. 

Human intellectual strength has grown; we now begin to see the meaning of faith in truth.  Don't leave faith to stand alone, as without truth it has no moral base.  If leaders of religion talk of love or faith without attention to truth then you know they ignore the one they claim as leader.

Today's leaders still commit to murder and mayhem! They sell basic weaponry to be used knowing how it will be used and may then attack those (in modern terms) defenceless, in claim of fighting the terrorism they themselves created. 

The energy wasted on production of armaments and their use would so easily have financed new clean technology – technology already available.  But of course "we the people" cannot expect to have honest government so long as we, to avoid our responsibilities, elect those who feed our devils of pride and greed rather than our needs.

We complain of injustice so as to feel good while we live by lies.  If, unknowingly, you met our leaders you might think: "What arrogant people: no better than computers obeying fingers!  We see this daily, yet still we elect them to run & ruin our lives!  Why do we elect people who want glory of public power but, because of incompetence, must act on advice of others – people who can earn no respect for human integrity or management skills?

As we give our authority to business, religion and politics these, secretly hand-in-hand, combine their horns of influence to control morals through education and mass media.

We now see that anti-life forces have their agents select the representatives we elect to our parliaments and so control the morality of nations. They use Hegelian Dialectic principals to gain desired outcomes.  This system now dominates western cultures.

As revealed (on-site) the power of the anti-life rests with ownership of the banking system and this power is directed through the 'great whore' of commerce.

So it became natural for us to have commerce without morals; religion with fake morals; and politics immoral. All this is secured by the base nature of our immoral philosophy!  Its not that we can't form committees to select quality candidates to serve our common interests!  It's not illegal, and it is the obvious essential of all democracy.

Nor would many candidates, chosen for their honesty and ability, refuse electorate choice!  It's not the electors' choice that they now avoid; it's lies and illegality that good people avoid.  Honest people work for legally honest systems.  Honest services serve honest culture.

WHY do we, the people, support unconstitutional government and refuse our right to choose people of ability and honest reputation?  Is it because we fear honesty would not feed our faults?

How pleasant life would be if we just fed our good intentions and ignored the evasive appeals of arrogance, greed and irresponsibility.

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