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Global: WARM-ing : WARN-ing : or WAR-ing
Of Causes & Consequences: Of Betrayal, Conclusions and Cures.

If you fear to help some you don’t help anyone; this Global Warming is more serious than you think. Many today are afraid of truth.  Even Christians are being misled to take on dead dogma.  Humanity in love of truth, advances.

Information needs be kept up-to-date.  Addition of new information and reminder require sacrifice of dead dogma! So let us use the intelligence we were given to improve understanding of our world.

People working behind the scenes gather evidence and find truth but behind all are those influential who seek to gain advantage from prior knowledge.  These do not want to "frighten people" before they make decisions in their own interests.

Observers of present culture see that selfish people, using philosophy of deceit, may keep the commonalty confused and deceived indefinitely.  This human arrogance fights against truth to demise of all.  Enough information is now in the public arena (for those alert and in search of it) to see the basics and put the story together.  Also obvious is that all is not entirely conclusive!  What is real and what created to confuse the general public?

Global Warming or Warning
El Nino research has added greatly to knowledge of how changing sea currents effect weather pattern. Such changes are so significant as to have destroyed the Moche civilization in Peru.  This culture was weakened to destruction by a long period of violent weather, (earth science confirmed).  The destruction was aided then, as it is now, by cultural behaviour based on worship of false gods (ideology).

Mass media tells of rising sea level and Global Warming but all evidence is not shouted from the rooftops; we must realize that we are in a war for survival and some want advantage of prior knowledge. Politically correct teaches that there is no truth – that opinion is equal to fact, but the manipulators don't make their own decisions so foolishly.

Did those who own the financial system see an opportunity of using global pollution to eliminate excess population without attracting blame?  Did they encourage polluting waste in guise of wealth? "Global Warming" as a title, sounds so comfortable and money means nothing to those who control its printing.

Global Warming is the biggest physical threat mankind has faced, if you think it is not going to require significant sacrifices prepare for a shock. There are alternatives; some small nations are now free (or almost free) of dirty energy!  Read more on site.  The risk is high, fast action is needed!

If governments had concern for those on whose behalf they claim to govern, leading nations would already have taken urgent action!  The cost of the Gulf war, if put into geothermal and solar energy development (new and existing technology) could alone solve Global Warming problems!

Clean technology is now reluctantly encouraged (it is already demonstrated that energy for private home and car can be supplied by solar energy).  But who owns car factories, oil, and the political parties?  Cost of everything manufactured represents pollution – re-placement represents pollution. Are we brainwashed beyond caring to look at evidence and reason? 

Truth would impress on people of leading nations that upsetting the balance of nature attracts real and disastrous consequences.  All should understand flow-on effects!  The technology is at hand for cutting both pollution and cost but delay and political deceit serves the "City of Commerce".  Using sick living standards to give priority for constructions needing years before saving – or burning food as fuel – is crazy!

Manipulated or not, the unpublicised evidence is overwhelming. Intelligence cannot dispute that this is our survival challenge and the dominant cause is human.  World political propaganda fits genocide better than it fits suicide!  Driven by ego and ignorance, manipulated democracy delivers us into a death trap!

An elite organization within the "Club of Rome" exposed its genocide plan in 1980 when the U.S. State Department, and Council on Environmental Quality submitted it to President Carter.  It was endorsed as official policy (USA Congressional Records). 

Malthus foresaw rise of population problems (1766-1834) and secret plans for reducing population growth have been having growing impact on health and welfare ever since. 

Do Globalists see the consequences of upset to balance of nature as serving their needs?

Why has no one warned of the effect of shifting huge weight of water from land to oceans?  There are already signs of increasing volcanic and earthquake activity!  Melting permafrost is already releasing global-warming pollutants in excess of human stupidity.

Once forces get out of balance, then out of balance multiplies.  Millions of people will be displaced as food crops suffer.  Extreme change can occur quickly and realize that times of change are more likely violent than even or gradual!  Violent and unseasonable weather has disastrous effects on food production.

How fast can natural forces build? Remember, years ago, the extinct animals found in frozen Siberia with temperate area vegetation in their mouths?  Does that have a different taste?

Tiny changes in ocean temperatures can have devastating effects: No one can say how or where these changes will act but history, logic and what we are already seeing, foretell of violent and uncertain climate changes worldwide.

Are we not already seeing changes that, compounded, will devastate very large populations?  Deaths, through malnutrition and unusual weather already claims thousands!

Farmers need consistent seasons – they need rain at the right time to plant the crop.  Planted, it may be too dry to grow, or frosted, cooked by heatwave; at harvest, drowned, destroyed by fire, hail or wind; so many ways to lose a crop.  Uncertain weather could reduce world food production by half.  Will we hoard against disaster?  Will we beg, starve or kill each other when crops fail?

I have given a lifetime to understanding life and if I expected to live another 100 years I would be prepared to give odds that (if we cannot stop GW before half the glacial-stored ice melts) then, before my 100 years were up, earths population would be reduced by half because of government stupidity, food shortages, rioting, disease and war over food and living space.  With those remaining having no better to look forward to.

Why does vital scientific evidence not have compulsory display on all media?  Why is serious research ignored?

The crust of earth we live on is like a badly cracked eggshell.  Ice-melt changes ocean currents and weather!  Tectonic moves cause islands to sink or appear!  Sophisticated populations now have pathetic, child like dependence on public services.

Add it to a false philosophy that is promoting violent social behaviour; these forces alone can destroy civilizations!  Why are we not warned?

If the G.W. evidence is true, and in logic it's now difficult to deny, the floating plates of earth on which we all live will have their stability changed as weight moves from earth to oceans. 

Many, (Humanist educated) happily take feel-good advice; avoid logic, and point to warm historic periods.  There are cycles of change but some go back millions of years to earth's formation.  The last short-cycle warm period, when Greenland ice melted did not coincide with today's use of the fossil fuels.  Present warming must be viewed as related to the times when oceans were anoxic (poisonous and stagnant).

New understanding helps explain much in relation to past earth-changes.  Once rhythm is upset forces of change multiply. As earth first settled to relative stability volcanic eruption or meteor strike added pollution.  In this way balance was upset five times, such events even move the magnetic poles.  Sun's heat, rather than reflected out of earth's atmosphere by ice, is absorbed as ice melts,

What happened to all that pollution of earth's forming? How much can be returned before it triggers another cleaning that will again make earth unsuited for human habitation?  Evidence is now available; those who close their eyes to this evidence we have no understanding of Global Warming. 

Control freaks do not tell us the whole story.
Earth formation required clean-up to needs of human habitation! Ignorant industry returns former pollution to earth's atmosphere!  There is more to oil than meets the eye.  We need to face that pretend reforms are just a waste of time and endanger all humanity? 

The economic crash did not occur by accident. Those at the top of the commercial system cannot be so stupid as not to know simple mathematics.  The commercial system had to manipulate Humanism into the education system of the masses and promote the cancer that destroys cultural logic through mass-media and entertainment. gives in-depth study: "REPORTS" & "BOOKS".  The DVD plays for 90 minutes.  Part 3 reveals how oil was created and why oil and coal, misused, are so deadly!  Do some in power want this to happen?

It's worth serious thought.