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Saving OUR Future!


Seasons greetings to readers for 2008-9: may your efforts to live life to best advantage be helped by information on this site.

Let's pause to contemplate our situation. Given much of a lifetime to understanding of life and the world we live in, I should be a wise old man. Well, were I really wise, I might evade all attempts of forecasting a future where human decision is involved.

However it does seem that we now do need consider the future potential and, while it may not be possible to give technically accurate time and activities forecasts, it is possible to use available evidence to foresee dangers and pitfalls that, with warning, may be avoided or reduced in their consequences.

Consider the problem of "Global Warming"!
As pointed out elsewhere, this problem (no doubt deliberately) was misnamed; it should be "Global WARNING".  But, as seen in Book 5, the anti–life force of base nature works against organization of order and the development of intelligent life. It seems the anti-life force sees eternal rest as the perfect state of nature and constantly works against all organization of its energy. Left to this force, the universe will gradually decay back to total silence, neutral energy, perfection of chaos and immobility.

The alternative element, "intellect", sees the organisation and development of life as escape from eternal sleep.  Once we understand that life only exists as a result of energy organised to order by intellect, then we see the nature and need for strife in relation to life-learning and creation. 

We live by energy divided!  Energy is organized by intelligence into an order of "BEING" that creates life and multiplies intelligence.  For life to advance it needs constantly overcome the challenge of the anti-life!  At this particular stage of our development, we are called on to face a challenge that will, in the end, decide our individual choice of LIFE or eternal REST.

Once said: "The proper study of man is man!"
I say: The proper study of man is LIFE!"  Knowing of our nature I see a mighty Creator forgiving sins of ignorance. 

Come: to see the future we first study the past!

One of the great divides at earth-life level (consistent with life and death) is industry and commerce.  Commerce is a natural base for the "usury" of which Christian Scriptures warn.

Usury: most simply an over charging of interest on money, goes far beyond cost of borrowed money.  Usury is using others for opportunistic personal (family, business or party) advantage.

So here we see why "commerce" is called "The Great Whore" in Christian parable. Commerce, with little or no input to production of goods and services, takes the productivity of "industry" and manipulates its distribution in service to its own negativity.

By commercial control of finance the world is now governed and manipulated to agony and destruction!  Wars and depressions are organised for destructive gain as clearly seen by those not too dumbed down by deceit and cultural belief (belief in the "politically correct" philosophy of humanism) to notice!

Understanding of the origin of cultural crime does not change its consequences.  Life is created in accord with the intellectual logic of truth – of cause and effect – when deformed the designed order of life effort is turned to self-destruction as events now increasingly show!

So where does Global Warming fit in?  GW began when the young earth was cleaned to make it ready for the human generation.  Science points to evidence of the clean-up happening in five steps, each of which involved the gathering of pollution (through absorption by simple life-forms) and its burial in earth's folding surface.

The first cleaning would be of surplus energy (pollution) accumulated during earth's assembly. Later volcanoes, meteor strikes, or combinations of these triggered more thorough clean-ups – a six stage designed program for designed purpose!

The end result was an earth ready and flourishing with all necessities including easily available power (in the form of the buried surplus)!  So, when the spirit of the intellectual gift of logic was infused in man for human development, this could create a humanity capable of gaining access to the truth of our creation and the profit of its purpose.

Point of Interest: Did the six stages of earth's creation mentioned in the Gospels (where on the seventh day He rested) represent the creation of our earth and humanity, as now understood?  Was His day of rest the day of our development and temptation by an anti-life left free on earth? (See Christian scriptures for clues.)

Our development involves resisting negative forces of greed, envy, sloth etc; that the anti-life would tempt us to exploit.  We were also sent a messenger to give us guidance and warning against this and also warn that, without a final intervention by our Creator, we could make our earth uninhabitable!

Do not take this to mean that we will be saved without effort on our part; we are warned not to put our Creator to the test. As explained in these writings, we were given intelligence to use and develop.  We have reached our time of decision.

Read Christian Scriptures (the four Gospels) with understanding that life can only be produced by construction of energy in the order of life's truth! You then see more easily where human mistakes of logic contaminate scriptures. We are also told: all that is hidden will become clear and that we should not fear death of the body but only that force that may consign us to death: of the spirit.

Note!  When the Devil challenged Jesus to prove his identity by throwing himself down from a high place (quoting Old Testament Scriptures of safety).  What does Jesus say?  He reminds the Devil that Scriptures also say, "Put not the Lord your God to the test!"  There we have an authoritative, logical statement showing we should use the intelligence given us for responsible decision making.

Given understanding of the true nature of a creation based on the logic of cause and effect, we realize that the birds and bees; the worms and trees, are just biological mechanisms designed to serve a set purpose. They are controlled by their design and have no intellect to understand basic cause and consequence – no ability by vision of future to change behaviour to their benefit. They live within limits set by environment and design.

Humans are given (in their service) an intellectual spirit to aid their beneficial behaviour.  Our pain and suffering may seem at times unfair but we should remember that pain is a passing feeling, while achievement of human progress is a lasting triumph.

A simple example: How many mothers would abort their 'love created embryo' to avoid the pain of birth?  Be prepared: The birth of a new era will bring pain but those caring for the future of life will look for logical signs and prepare in knowing foresight that, having done their best as part of the human development, they will not be abandoned!  Our creator understands our limitations.

Now a look at today: In the USA a new president has been elected.  We know that elections, in our fake democracy, serve the devious plans of deceivers.  We have seen planning for this "first African-American president" in TV dramas showing such a president in a good light.  As usual, extensive propaganda was used to set-up the USA population for this emotional leap?

So what is the plan behind this generated public emotion in the midst of the worst economic, military and moral shambles of our history?  Is this President set for assassination to pave the way for emergency legislation that will set in place a military takeover or civil dictatorship?

Is that an incredible scenario?  But who would have thought (even twenty years ago) that the mighty US of A could be brought to such levels of bankruptcy and corruption?  Well I prefer their plans fail and the only way I can help abort this possibility is to explain it!

Some say that they don't want to know – that knowing frightens them! Ask if they close their eyes when driving so as not to see the dangers! 

Dangers we don't see are those most likely to harm us; those we do see we most likely avoid.  We are responsible for government before it is for us! Politicians are people, just like us, but we choose them by choice of our manipulators – not by our own vision – not in our democratic service.  > or:

Come; take my hand and seek with me
to learn of mystery's yet to be.
Let's find that field, Almighty sown
in service to the great unknown.
Let's wet that seed and crop the corn -
Nurture wonders – Dreams adorn!