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The SELFISH Seduction

The many who work so hard to help those distressed by misfortune reveal our true Human nature!  Unfortunately we are so involved with our natural sympathies that we fail to notice that our efforts, overall, are misled by sly deceivers who work to corrupt all that is human and by selfish force of wealth and greed generate influence over cultural formations!  The purpose of this leaflet is to introduce an Internet site where the sly veil is drawn aside – where the cause and cure for this culture destroying cancer is revealed.  The following is based on site literature:

"We will see how Public Relations science is used to manipulate social and commercial values and how the instigating agent usually stays apart from the innocent who sells the deception or fad.  We look into the ruthless heart of Globalism: the manipulative soul of commerce; the lying face of party politics.  Now let’s confirm the seduction selling these crimes.

About 200 years ago elitists became aware of growing world population problems (Malthus, Principles of Population, 1798)  and hurried world take-over plans. Although Malthus, in public, was claimed to be wrong, as is now clear his logic was sound only his timing was out.  Argument may go on but obviously we cannot forever expand use of our limited space and resources.

Where is the evidence of realistic public debate as to how long we can go on overusing resources and survive?  Global warming is real!  Reports show that the Gulf Stream, a major ocean current, is slowing; has even stopped for a short time.  Though science may still seem uncertain and commerce ignores it, from now on we can expect increasing consequences.  Don't miss our Climate Change and GW articles?

For early stages of elitist response we look back.  It is doubtful that many of those mentioned below were consciously working for Globalism.   

People used for the great deceit include:
Karl Marx, 1818-83; main writings 1848-67.   
Base for ‘programmed animal’ socialist ideology.   
Charles Darwin, 1809-82; main writings 1859-71.   
Undermining Christianity and setting base for (humanist) religion.   
Sigmund Freud, 1856-1939; main writings 1900-23.   
Support for sexual promiscuity and moral decay. 
Benjamin Spock, 1903- main writing 1946-.
Undermining child discipline.
Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel; Philosopher; 1770-1831.
His principles of learning were misused to install the subverting philosophy.
Auguste Comte (1798-1857), the man behind putting the plot together!Primitive ideal for government of the future... reform worship for the 'profane' to replace all the religions.

Although both Darwin and Spock modified their more foolish theories the belief-fads they began were not (in humanist propaganda) allowed public correction.  Of this group only Karl Marx is known to have been paid to write his book; Globalism is both opportunistic and subtle; it is very long on experience, patience and disguised by name change. 

People who produce work suited to Globalist ambitions are promoted and publicised, but if the pawn discovers his mistake the PR machine ignores any retraction that would expose or undermine the humanist philosophy.  This deceit is helped by the fact that academia, childish in pride, strongly resists challenge related to the established culture.

The writing of Marx became the base for a fanatical and fanciful idealism to motivate both the anti-culture forces and growing power of the uneducated. 

Darwin’s theory "survival of the fittest" gave life to the Globalist dream; it appealed to arrogance and was eagerly accepted by those who worshipped their animal instincts.  Sex, though universal to all life-forms, was promoted as a human ideal. 

Although basics of animal life head, tail, eyes, sex are now admitted to have been part of life from its beginning, the theory of creation by chance and (un)natural selection remains promoted as if science.

Survival of the fittest enabled the rich to see all greed as moral – as freedom to seduce the commonalty to self-indulgence and work toward clearing the world of unwanted population.  Until the back-ground of what is happening in our world is understood it makes no logical sense.  Encouragement to Freud's promiscuity helped growth of the fatal seduction by drawing attention away from "dumbing down" procedures! 

Natural progression to Dr. Spock's release of children from parental discipline helped break cultural ties.  The concept of a moral immorality then combined with the sex/drug culture to become a social revolution well supplied with drugs; excited by illegality and promoted by lavish mass media reporting.

The “Hegelian insight” became the base force to divide and destroy existing culture and open the way to revive the ancient mind-slave culture of elite and profane.  All give plausible support for humanist philosophy and chance creation. Then, with public mind-set by the modern science of PR promotion, mass media and compulsory State education, to this mixture August Comte gave direction.

Thus a false base of history was established for nurture and nature, and law set in place for enslavement and human disposal.  The statement: 'Who controls the past controls the future', was satisfied.

All outside the Globalist New World Order "family" were enticed to believe that mankind was no more than a common animal descended from apes. 

Those wanting it, believed it, and the forces of scientific propaganda neutralised dissent.  Any discipline of our animal nature became seen as abuse.  In our on-line literature is the question: “Who do you think you are?  Can we see the importance of it?

How Those Influential Protect Themselves:
Wealthy families finally learned the danger of public leadership – the safe way is to work behind the scenes.  They seized the reins of finance and with control of commerce manipulated government and information! 

A passion to accumulate and exercise power turned to compulsory (mis)education, deformed health services, lavish entertainment and plans for ownership of earth.

Power corrupts: they see themselves as superior – superior to kings they bought and sold – superior to nations that they brought to war.  The industrial revolution, exploding, population and state controlled education, opened the door to their dream of world ownership. Science opened a door that gave them control of life & death.

At this stage we have a group of families who, for generations, have lived with power.  They see themselves as gods.  To enslave the world they needed to infiltrate Christian religion and deform it with religion for the ‘profane’; nature worship was ideal.

Return to the ancient world of a separate religion for the ‘profane’ gives Globalists the power of the ancients: it allows safe control of population by mind manipulation, disease, pollution and loyalty to lies. 

Hegelian Dialectic principles of divide and conquer plus 'outcomes' planning, allow manipulation of everything from religions to governments. By such pressures public groups and services are forced to act as if under natural cultural dogma.

Once culture was converted to false philosophy – literacy was no longer a hurdle – control access to knowledge and the profane could be culled – a willing and easily controlled slavery without understanding.  Globalists must feel their dream is now in fruition.

The purpose of the T.O.L.D. (Truth of Life Defense) is not just to expose the how and why of cultural manipulation but also to expose what can be done to end this manipulation.  Printout PDF files and distribute: more effective as hard copy.

Some may ask: ”Who are you?"  That's irrelevant! What matters is that reports give insight and useful information.  Nevertheless, with this site revision, you find "The Times of MY Life", more an introduction than an autobiography it may serve such question.  Some remember me from "The Constitutional Heritage Protection Society" But to old friends and new alike, I say: "WELCOME"!  Welcome to a site that explains the ultimate freedom of choice! 

In all eternity chance can produce nothing.  The creator of life, offered the ultimate freedom: To BE or NOT be – we may choose death or entry to the living potential of creating all that is possible for, as Scriptures say, our Creator is Lord of the living not of the dead. 

To understand better we examine past tribulations and present trials so as to appreciate the benefits of a future free of both anti-life trickery and the dead dogma of man-made religions.