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To Those who are Concerned
Do we live for LIFE  or for DEATH

For every-one we save in today's generation will thousands die in the next? 
Who wants to know the truth about Global Warming or how we are governed?
Is it time to stop sucking our dummies and face as adults the lessons of life?
Truth seekers must put selfish thoughts aside – be innocent of all needs except: life exists in an order of truth.

Culture: Primitive culture had upper and lower class, middle class was then too small to be seen.  As cultures progressed the middle class grew.   However most people, being more aware of themselves as individuals than as groups, still saw class structure as simply 'upper' and themselves'.

And so it persisted!  In the everyday world middle and lower income people divide themselves by wealth. Though the seriously rich may think of themselves as elites, money alone, in today's world, is not power.

In what we call the Middle Ages the 'elitists' realized that by continuing to promote themselves as superiors of glamour and power, they were also making of themselves targets in a culture of increasingly deadly weapons.  To continue control of the commonalty they must cease being conspicuous. 

To this end the controlling elite disguised themselves as part of the rich and merged themselves into the middle class. Using stooges to occupy the limelight they take advantage of this plausibility to maintain power and position.  The French Revolution (1789), seems to have marked the climax of this change, the Russian revolution confirmed it.

The importance of this in our human development was that the strengthening commonality no longer had obvious personalities to blame when things went seriously wrong; figureheads, set up in fake democracies, served all needed sacrifice.

We still have a three class social structure but the small elitist class is no longer easy to identify.  We hear of Rothschilds and Rockefellers as among the super wealthy of the past but no longer in the news.  Earlier power families disappear entirely or are found only by research. 

How do elitists now exercise control?
The below example is re-quoted from our Book 2.
"Rockefeller Senior founded, amongst other organisations, the University Of Chicago, the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research and the Rockefeller Foundation ‘to promote the well-being of mankind throughout the world.’ His benefactions probably totalled over 150,000,000 Pounds Sterling. End Q. [Huge in today's money]

In today's wealth, that investment (counted in money or influence) is huge and must now be multiplied by rapidly increasing inflation.  When we know who empowers the Universities we know who runs the world.  So now you know how, and who, set the course of the health care and education we have today.

Given this we see why governments grant tax freedom to those with power to guide key institutions.  We cheer their generosity in childish trust that it is for our good while totally blind to the fact that we cheer the emplacement of a screen around our minds and a noose around our necks.

Today, when we glimpse a reality behind the screen, we automatically think of MONEY!  The self-glorifying elitists of the past are no longer visible to us!  We see control beyond our human motivation but our social development leads us astray! 

Child abuse, in disguise of caring, serves for control and destruction of population.  No longer knowing our own humanity we ignore evidence of inhumanity and happily close our eyes!

An example: Australian ABC Science Show Radio (July4 /2009).  Discussed was the problem of whether life was easy to create and therefore common in the universe, or difficult and rare.  But the underlying assumption (that life was created by chance) made the discussion, as with much of today's public debate, meaningless.

Only intelligence can produce the fantastic complexity of a living-organism and when a culture, dependent on intelligence, fails to access its logical ability, it becomes bogged in chaos.  An immoral elite, in control of such a community can then do whatever it likes with that community.  All issues can be divided into futile argument directed to achieve the desire of the power group.  This group, ultimately, in destroying what it lives on, will also die. 

That is what is now happening and only by facing the forces deforming our minds will our efforts bring logical beneficial results.

Example: Gramsci.  Comment by Henry C K Liu; in our Book 3: The Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci, while under Fascist imprisonment, develop-ed the concept of cultural hegemony: ‘control people’s minds, and their hearts and hands will follow’. 

Gramsci explained how a dominant class can establish its control over others through ideological dominance.  Whereas orthodox Marxism explains social structure as shaped by economic forces, Gramsci adds the crucial cultural dimension.  He showed how, once ideological authority (“or cultural hegemony”) is established, the use of covert violence to impose control can become superfluous.” End Q.

Physical force is not needed! ‘Ideological control’ as formulated by Gramsci for Marxist population enslavement, it is not new. When intelligent people live within its grip, it is difficult to convince them that they are slaves to ideology/philosophy.  They then fear the responsibility of challenging their situation.

As reported by the [in]famous 3rd Earl, Bertrand Russell, (1872-1970,)  "The Impact of Science on Society" 1976 … education should aim at destroying free will, so that, after pupils have left school, they will be incapable … of thinking or acting otherwise than their schoolmasters would have wished.”
[Clearly it was then  already operating.] End Q.

Without publicity simple corruption advanced!  However when Russell called it 'destroying free will,' that was a deceit!  Free-will was not destroyed!  Human will was misdirected by false philosophy. Deforming human understanding and setting false guidelines changed our logical response.  It was the infusion of false belief that created a culture: "incapable of thinking or acting otherwise than their school-masters would have wished".

They tell us!  Confident, and contemptuous of us, they don't hide it, as said:  Monteith, M.D. - Quote: "... the most difficult concepts for Americans to accept is that there are human beings dedicated to coercive population control and genocide..."

Yes, truth is hard to accept when we don't want to know it, but if we care, then we need to go there.  So enough shilly-shallying let's get on with it!  To face this monstrosity we have to accept that all the teaching and associate organizations of humanism have to be recognized, accepted and seen as they are: anti-human.

Easy money becomes irresistible to the misled, vision limited, mind; but to those planning world ownership – who control its printing – they know its true value.

Were money given a value of work as outlined in Book 4 (The Great Escape,C7) then it could not have been manipulated to cause the present financial crisis.

As with horsepower as a measure of motorised work, so the average value of a day's work by a human could be given a measure.  This wouldn't mean each worker would earn the same irrespective of the quality of work but it would set a realistic value for money.

Bankers and currency lords knew this and managed political ignorance to gain a currency unrestrained even to limits set by the gold standard.  A closely defined value as represented by human work was never considered.  As can be seen, if we, the people, are misinformed, we cannot act in our own interests.  This applies to all truth and behaviour.

We have to face our problems of overpopulation, GW and deceit!  The elitist answer, mass murder, is not the human answer.  Given honest education we can understand our problems and take logical humane action.  Neither mass murder nor suicide is needed. 

How can we know the truth? We can only know the truth when we accept our political responsibility!

Scientist/philosopher Alexis Carrel; 1936, one-time employed by Rockefeller, quote: 
"We must arise and move on.  We must liberate ourselves from blind technology and grasp the complexity and wealth of our own nature.  The sciences of life have shown to humanity its goal and placed at its disposal the means of reaching it.  ...  For the first time in the history of humanity, a crumbling civilization is capable of discerning the forces of its decay." E.Q.

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