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In the end days of our times let me say that enough information is now uncovered to awaken all capable of awakening.  Just a TV review of what happened in Greenland should satisfy any rational person that world finance is criminally corrupt by all moral law.

Now, as corruption and hate flourishe worldwide, I introduce another on a similar mission.  This is not just a one-horse race but emphasis must be placed on the vital need of bringing the whole picture into focus and unity.  Quotes are mainly from a 2003, 24 page website statement.  Follow-up address included.

My motivation is the urgent need for more to become aware that this problem is neither secret nor exclusive to any nation.  There are quite substantial organisations working to expose social corruption but nothing can be achieved until we unite to expose the organization of elements involved in this atrocity.

The point to be made clear is that serious campaigning has been carried out over generations without damage to the cultural pirates or harm to their program of human enslavement through mind-warp, corruption, robbery and inhuman abuse.

Having (as many other workers) put the effort of a long lifetime into understanding life and our world, why has all this great effort failed to slow the advance of mind manipulation and political despotism?

It is like the blind men and the elephant.  Each walks up, feels a part and decides he had discovered what an elephant is!
One Feels the health system and says International Pharmacy is run for greed and usury; we have to expose it to cure the problem.
One Feels the political system and sees it is a sham democracy!  If this is not exposed the problem cannot be cured.
One Feels education and finds it a compulsory infusion of false philosophy. Expose and the problem's cured.
One Feels finance and finds it rotting in corruption.etc:

That is our problem: life is a very large elephant:

There are at least a half-dozen big issues (finance and Global Warming are big news today).  We must see that (though morally bankrupt) those planning our demise do plan cleverly.  Single issues don't explain our problem sufficiently to convince the general public that we are faced with a life/death social cancer worthy of wartime dedication and effort – that a genuine, 'change-of-life-attitude' is needed. 

Until activists see that the problem is bigger than their pet issue and combine to unify the issues so those informed start working as one, then we will continue to loose the war just as surely as for the last 100 years.  Self-sacrifice of personal ego is the price if we are to develop life in peace and harmony.

To illustrate I quote;  
A questioner asks:
Q/"After your campaign against war on Iraq, the public is interested to know more about you, can you please give us more information about your achievements?"

A Crucial Moment In History
A/ "First of all let me emphasize, I’m a doctor, a scientist and – above all – a human being, an inhabitant of our planet with the desire to keep this planet intact and not to allow it to be incinerated in a third world war.

"As a doctor and scientist I was privileged to contribute to several areas which I believe will allow mankind to build a healthier and hopefully more peaceful world. My discoveries in the area of natural health (prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease) will allow us to largely eradicate heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, heart failure, irregular heart beat and a variety of other related conditions in this and the future generations of mankind.

"The second contribution to mankind I made was the exposure of the pharmaceutical industry as the largest investment industry on earth, maintaining and promoting one of the largest deception and fraud schemes in the history of mankind.  While the advertisements promise “health” the very market place of this investment industry is the existence and expansion of diseases.

"Prevention, root cause treatment and eradication of diseases threaten the pharmaceutical “investment business ... [prevention is] therefore fought by the so-called pharmaceutical cartel.

"In a public presentation in June 1997, I formulated for the first time the sobering analysis, that the very industry that claims the monopoly on global “health care” is by itself the biggest obstacle for the people of the world to enjoy a healthy life.

"The third accomplishment I consider noteworthy is the fact that I was able to spread this life saving information and analysis on a global scale. By doing that it became so threatening to the multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical investment group that it is now seeking to cement its global grip on the people of the world with the help of legal force through protection laws and the abandoning of civil rights.

 The pretence for this strategy is the so-called global “war on terrorism”. This war against “terrorism” is not a real war. It is strategically developed and implemented to create a global state of fear and intimidation that allows the implementation of such drastic legal measures not only in America, but also around the world.

"My closest co-workers foresaw this development more than a decade ago. It was at that time that the late two-time Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling said: “Your discoveries are so important that they threaten entire industries. One day there may even be wars just to prevent your breakthrough from being widely accepted." End Q from this item. Underline added.

"Disease Business"(The beginnings!)
"The most powerful economic... corporate emporium in the first half of this century was the Interessengemeins-chaft Farben or IG Farben, for short. ... [standing for] "Association of Common Interests" and was nothing more than a powerful cartel of Bayer, BASF, Hoechst, and other German chemical and pharmaceutical companies.  IG Farben was the single largest donor to the election campaign of Adolph Hitler."  End Quotes from Dr. Rath Foundation.

NOTE: the IG Farben cartel (disguised) continued in global expansion after WW2 to include the powerful oil industry and there is little doubt that this world-governing cartel now includes the bulk of international commerce; the US Federal Reserve (critical to financial meltdown) the 'tin man' of mass media and the 'tame lion' of entertainment; all important political control systems dancing merrily down the 'Yellow Brick Road' in this wonderful Wizard of OZ game.

Whether Dr Rath was the first to give public exposure to all the facts he presents is not important.  We who investigate these matters don't have time to investigate so thoroughly as to also read all the massive literature presented by others.  Who revealed what, when, is not important!

What is important is that there is not even room to argue that all this combined exposure has stopped, or even slowed, the advance of a despotic progress that undoubtedly anticipated, and allowed for 'whistle-blower' exposure. 

Given dominance of finance and trade, despots control news-gathering media.  Money holds University heads above water to direct education along with all non-democratic aspects of government.  Even the great efforts of such as Dr. Rath have not united the evidence to expose the big picture and, with Global Warming looming, time is running out!

The final act of earth's takeover and elimination of surplus population will include a chaotic confusion of war, plague and hunger, where the masses will be led to fight and destroy themselves in survival struggle. Time is up!   We must stop carrying the banner for our indoctrinated preferences and devote ourselves to seeing the whole picture in combined order.  Doing this we head in the right direction and regain control.

The meek shall inherit the earth.  We might also find Christian Scriptures at "Revelation of John" 18  interesting.  Where (clearly stated) is the destruction of the Great Whore (The City of Commerce).

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Why is health care failing?
Why are we unable to understand Democracy?
Why don't we understand "Global Warming"?
Why are we so ignorant of simple  economics?
Why do we beg for improved mis-education?
Why do we wallow in false philosophies?
Why can we no longer use the logical
ability we were born with?

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