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About Living for Life 

Why, given intelligence, do we live as fools?
Why do we vote for, and pay, political mercenaries to use us in service to sick plotting?
Why should YOU fear to face present challenge to the honesty of your culture to such extent as to accept Constitutionally illegal government?

Should you be helping expose the CAUSE of the violence overcoming humanity? 
Why cannot we all see that 'politically correct' is not just 'junk science' but is also voice of a mischievously created cancer that, in claim of reducing violence, creates it – a mischievously created pretence of caring that creates contempt for caring just as common adolescent behaviour already clearly reveals?

We don't see, because the philosophy we live by has been corrupted by false values!

So does the real YOU, in love of truth, CARE about life enough to put the future of humanity ahead of passing comfort – care enough about the future of life on earth to spend a little of your life studying the evidence in support of those comments?

Sept. 2009.
When newspapers were our communications we had Early Edition; Daily Edition; Late Edition, and for dramatics: A Late Final and even a Late Final EXTRA! 

Well, kind readers I think you may take this as my "Late Edition" and as you see above it is time we took an interest in the stories behind the headlines – behind those headlines NOT printed over the last fifty, or more years.

I haven't been on holiday; I have reviewed, re-edited, and improved the short articles and leaflets from the GNIEBxBEING site. 

The 5 books; already updated and assembled from original research of highlights reviewed from past centuries; are now also transferred to lifetruth from the GxB site to help explain the outcomes of human experiences, as noted and recorded over centuries.

As my understanding has advanced all are now condensed and combined to clarify our life-epic on this revised lifetruth site. 

So cleaned up, trimmed down and easier to read, is now the flagship site.  For back-up: > for earlier archives:  

Our task is saving our future:  though only human, my logic (as of claims here) has never been intellectually challenged.  Many see the present financial storm as ending – that social violence will right itself and all soon continue as before. But, as said: 'Though waves may come and go, the tides are timed by other forces!'

We live with social treachery!  Our seemingly prosperous world cultures have, for many years, been living on usury and far beyond the rewards of our own legitimate efforts.  Our standard of living grew on the economic slavery of millions who now learn our way of usury!  As these turn their production to their own use they will no longer do our work for a handful of rice.  In corrupted logic we print money and pretend; but we cannot eat pretence nor will it shelter from the looming cyclones.

The roads and bridges we once built we now cannot afford to replace because the money we print can never honestly purchase more than we produce.  If we want the good life we have to give up shuffling paper and going to doctors to have our fat trimmed – we must give up buying slave labour with 'fiat' money! 

Then all this must be achieved before Global Warming and economic collapse becomes set in nature and irreversible.

Commercial philosophy is a trap that delivers sickness and misery in exchange for bright tinsel; our situation will get tragically worse until we 'The People' accept our responsibilities to govern ourselves; we must end our cheating 'fiat' banking usury and live in accord with human justice. 

Life was not (and could not be) created by chance or magic: to maintain life we have to produce the needs of life.  We can earn money doing office work but to earn our living' we have to produce life's needs. 

Slaves did not build Egypt's great pyramids; people with pride in their work built them during that time they had to spare after earning their living.

When we give up the humanist philosophy of sex based loving and caring to understand that deserved pain, (including social work) is in our own interests, we will then work with energy, health and pride of achievement.  We will then live better and achieve the potential of our design.  Our social science now betrays us and time is running out.

Why, given intelligence, do we live as fools? Pay political mercenaries to design our beliefs and have economic slaves do our work?  So long as our lives are directed by lies and usury we will deny our duty to each other and our suffering will increase!

The writing is 'on the wall' of life!

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back-up information.

This is serious!  Among all the noise of saving animals; turning food into fuel; misguided global warming discussion; lip-flap about why children commit violence to themselves and their society: confusion grows!  Humanism gained control of world culture by deceit of children in what must be the most contemptible cultural war of all time.
If you haven't noticed; then you don't know why, in technically advancing culture, we can no longer service our needs.  Growing sickness of both law and people is a direct consequence of deformed social philosophy.  Those concerned are now overwhelmed by the many now so dumbed-down as to see nothing not in their own imaginary self-interest. 

True science reveals that if the 'warming' is allowed to pass its tipping point then the entire human effort will become irrelevant.   If you doubt this go to part 3 of:  to understand how oil was created and the effect of returning its elements to nature.  Knowing; then ask yourself why trivia is promoted over 'vital to the public' information.