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How is it related to life? 

Although one of the most used concepts in human communication the concept of truth still appears, to many of us, as no more than a begging relative.

Christians claim belief in truth as Jesus says:
"I am the way, I am life and I am truth".  i.e. The way to life is through truth!  It seems clear enough!

I offer an earthly meaning with: Truth is the reality of the order in which we exist. Also clear enough!

Most give little thought to truth: truth is just the opposite of lies.  Clear enough.  No room for dispute here!  So why do so many, Christians especially, act as if in fear of truth?

The above views are similar to viewing a tree from different viewpoints:  The third looks at the roots in the earth, the foundation of life: a simple division of the living and non-living.  Then we see the trunk that transmits nutrients from the roots to the foliage, and sun energy down to the roots.  Above all the branches, leaves, flowers and seed of the life-form that give it meaning and future.

Truth has concerned me since earliest memories!  As base of my life's work you may glimpse understanding in "Of Truth" and further in "GNIEB><BEING".  If we need be a little technical we see that "truth" represents "order" as against chaos in the universe.  The highest form of order we know is life.  Detrimental to life is every form of deceit as deceit is a way creating disorder in life.

Our bodies are created of energy "ordered" in truth to serve life!  We develop intellect in spirit of truthful order!  Without spirit and order of truth, no life exists.  The world today is in captivity of the anti-life force from which we draw our energies; it dislikes the control that order forces on it and tries to destroy truth by deceit.

Christianity is now in captivity of religion!  Religions can claim to be Christian but Christianity is faith in truth not in religion!  Truth is the order of physical reality!  Christianity, as the sword of truth, eliminates the chaos of free energy – Life in battle with chaos is the eternal battle.  

Order requires intelligence.  Creation only occurs by the power of intelligence to arrange energy in the truth of life's order.  If we don't see that, then religion can lead faith to bind us to plausible explanations!

Outside of intelligence truth has no meaning.  So each religion, or philosophy must defend its interpretations from interpretations more orderly in relation to life/truth.

Philosophies and religions instil fear of truth in their followers to prevent migration to realities more rewarding.  So today we find the plausible (as a tool of Globalist commercial usury) in opposition to industry (of free human enterprise). 

As we develop intellect we serve in respect for truth and understand that truth (order) and our creator (as revealed) are as one in physical life'  We then find that truth stands firm on its own two feet (so to speak) while chaos (the anti-life) exercises power through philosophies.

Destruction of order is the nature of chaos and stagnant religions serve as pathway to chaos.   The un-truth is fragile and those serving deceit fear the challenge of truth.  So they tempt, or deceive, those devoted to truth to fear challenge.

Do we now have too little faith in truth to face challenge or too little faith in our given intellect to trust natural development?  Or is it that we feel group loyalty is the dominant value of life and that any challenge to our group is too frightening to face? 

Well, whatever the mixture; it is adolescent.
What is of value if life itself is extinguished?

The anti-life force, by corruption of order, moves faith (in our minds) from its positive meaning to negative.  Not so difficult because, as we can now see, love, faith and religion are all emotional structures having no loyalty to life unless bound to life's structure by devotion to truth.

Our God is truth because truth is the order of life created by intellect.  So lawyers of religion, who warn that we must not listen to alternatives, do this to maintain their ability to mislead us and so maintain the confused loyalty of their followers!  These can be seen as anti-life!  If proclaiming truth they would encourage investigation without worry of being overpowered by deceit.

Those sincere in respect of truth give all information fair judgment!  The door of truth is open!  With light of truth understanding dominates.  Those who claim
there is no truth say all social concepts are equal; these fear truth because they sense that, in life, all false ideas combined must, in logic, finally bow to truth.

The point?  Those who teach the false must try to instil blind resistance to all competition! The false cannot hold firm in competition with truth.  So don't fearfully shun the tree, do as scripture says: judge the tree by the fruit it bears.  The good tree produces good fruit.

The fruit of deceit is to be easily seen in our world today!  Those in power by wealth and greed feel that they can hold their children above the tsunami of lies and deceit they promote, but they don't understand the powers they manipulate; it is in the nature of life that anti-life forces decay in the garden of intelligence?

Don't judge philosophy by fine mother-love words and plausible intellectualism.  As we are told: (Sufi philosophy of India) quote: 

"If you would know the secret of the true,
let pass the words, the thought, the thought, pursue."

Don't trust words alone; seek understanding! Anyone can say words without sincerity or knowing of their meaning, or even less know the spirit in the sentence.  Intelligence bonds to logic not words!

Without understanding we have knowledge without wisdom.  To find wisdom; love and trust in truth!  Truth may be revealed in strange places.

Remember what Jesus said of the judgment day: Matthew: 7:21-23.
"When that day comes, many will say to me, Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, cast out devils in your name, and in your name perform many miracles?" Then I will tell them to their face, "I never knew you: out of my sight, you and your wicked ways!"

How much clearer can the Christian revelation be made without destroying the challenge we need for our intellectual development?  If we are afraid to know truth then how can we know its teacher?  Love, generosity and honesty, these are not confined to the Israelites even though the Israelites, in their time, were chosen to carry the Word.

Those who have the teaching should be honest and caring, but those honest and caring in love of truth without teaching do even better.   Matthew: 3: 8-9: "do not presume to say to yourselves, 'We have Abraham for our father.' I tell you that God can make children for Abraham out of these stones here."  Truth's army is in spirit, not substance.

TRUTH returns practical answers to intelligent pursuit of it!  So if we do not accept that the creation of life is by intelligence in battle with chaos, then we do not see the signature of intelligence on its productions!

How then can we distinguish what is of the Creator and what is of the anti-life challenge to the Creator?

That should be a simple choice; the truth has been visible "ever since the world began, to the eye of reason, in the things He has made." Romans 1-20. The trademark of intelligence is clear to intelligence! If we live our lives in the cyberspace of passing phantasies we miss truth's eternal reality?

The universe sings in the truth of its structure.

Our future is in our hands!  We were given life but are not forced to guard it.  If we don't love truth we don't develop in truth: we then undermine justice and mercy in our minds.  As scripture says: "Who is not for me is against me." 

We are the cause of our suffering.  Those who persist in refusing truth destroy the order of life's comfortable habitat.  These complain bitterly of increasing pain as they destroy the order that gives comfort of existence.

It is truth of order that creates safe bridges, sweet music, nuclear force; it needs the understanding gained as we develop intellect to discern how to use knowledge for continued advance.

We can be forgiven our sins but life is in our hands; scripture's truth is logical despite all attempts of plausible explanation to show it otherwise.

What is truth?
What  is  money?
How did life originate?
Truth is the science of reality!
Love  is the science of  sacrifice!
Plausible is the science of seduction!
Wisdom is the science of understanding!

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