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There are many examples of people speaking out in this literature but we find little evidence of rational response.  Is rational response still possible? The above talk is an unusual sample of speaking out.  But whatever is said we trust leaders & news media to expose dangers! 

Considering the state of our world, would you expect those holding power to explain what they are doing? 
Do you know what two great men, Winston Churchill or John F Kennedy (35th USA president) said of Globalism? 
Or what Plato said of party Government over 2000 years ago?
Or what ancient literature reports of people control? 
Cover-up of public manipulation is simple and secure.  We should now be of age to understand this, and of our need to govern ourselves?

The short "EYE OPENERS" below and the longer "Supplements" expose that our problems are varied and have long history – the length of human life on earth.  You also find that our frail 'scientific' creation-view has no scientific base, its just "plausible" theory set in determination to maintain childish trust and deception.

No mountain, ocean nor cloud, nothing of the great universe could come into being by itself.  Only when we see in truth, that purposeful order can only occur when planned by intelligence, can we begin to understand our nature.  Are we now not mature enough to give up childish comforters in favour of truth? If not, then we have lost logical use of our intellectual gift.

The ignorant-arrogant create artificial life-styles and philosophy based on error!  Let's look, and learn of what plausible dreams could never explain!

Let's open intellect to new potentials and then (with understanding) decide if we want a future of creative life adventure or the peace of death.  That's our choice!   May we – humanity – now advance in life's true vision.

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Eye Openers
Supplements - Books
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Background Briefing new
pdf download
Saving Our Future

pdf download - read online
To Those Who Are Concerned
pdf download - read online
The Selfish Seduction
pdf download - read online
Global Warming
pdf download - read online
Eve or Ape
pdf download - read online
Charles Darwin
pdf download - read online
Knowing or Understanding
pdf download - read online
What is Truth?
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WAKE-Up World
pdf download - read online
Carnage or Intelligence
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Cry "SHAME"!
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Trust Your Government
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People Shapers
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