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Early Times: Born soon after my family took possession of a farm on the Condamine River 12 miles from Dalby in Queensland, Australia, I had three sisters, the youngest near seven years older than I.  In those days cars and aeroplanes were primitive, TV and radio unknown!  I first heard radio while living with my grandfather in Toowoomba.

My father was of a Victorian farming family.  He and an elder brother married two sisters. These families moved to southern Queensland where they kept in contact.

When about four I remember getting up at dawn in winter (before dad) to see how much frost was on the bars of the yard gate: check the horse trough for thickness of ice and see if any leaking garden tap had an icicle on it.

Though in depressed times these were great days for me.  My sisters of course saddled their horses and went to school.  I have no memories of that, I guess it was just too mundane; I would have been checking the fruit on trees in the small orchard; chasing birds from ripe fruit or, testing grapes, figs, mulberries or loquats to compare the flavour; well someone had to do it, didn't they?

Dad looked after the orchard and veggies gardens though I think Mum had a say in the strawberries.  Mum was the adventurous one looking after the flowers.  In particular I recall the 'Dutchman's Pipe' that grew happily over the corner of the 'wash-house', the Honeysuckle that thrived at the corner of the tennis court fence nearest the house.  The sweet smelling rams horn (snail flower); the Chinese Lanterns; the Tiger Lily; the Pomegranate near the front steps; the shy 'moon-flowers' you could sit and watch open in the twilight or die in the dawning light.  Though I don't recall discussion I loved them all.
Running out to see the mail lady (horse and sulky service) I recall her asking: "Where has all his (white or was it dark) hair gone"?  We all got along well but mum and I had a difference the day of my photograph on the rocking horse!

Mum made the romper suit and wanted me to wear it to town!  I said, "No! It's sissy!  We discussed it and finally Mum said: "Just wear it for me today and I'll never ask you to wear it again."  Well, being a generous kind of guy, I agreed.

When we went downstairs she took a photo of me on my rocking horse (see composite online) then harnessed the horse to the sulky and drove to town.   There we met some neighbours (adult young ladies) who remarked on my nice suit!  Mum said "He doesn't like it" They made the usual flattering remarks – I walked away, I didn't want to hear their silly comments.

I climbed fruit trees (for fruit or adventure) and took the cat hunting for mice.  Most important was time for thinking!  Why did the water in the tin by the tap under the house stay warmer than that out in the open (our house was on stumps to keep it above highest floodwater and provide some six feet useable clearance over a concrete floor), this area contained tool and harness room for sulky and horses, and outside the partly open room, space for sulky, cart, fishing rods etc.  On hot days we might have meals there.

Then there was the making-up of some game or toy.  I made roads and bridges, and trucks of wood with round tobacco tins (given by a neighbour) for wheels. 

I learned to use tools by watching my father (and learned to put them back when finished, by reminder) lifetime lessons of real value.  I made repairs on my pedal-car: greasing or packing-up worn bearings with bits of tin.  Dad never really taught me to use tools and only interfered with help if asked.

My first schooling was at home by correspondence.  Lessons came by mail and exercises returned for correction.   Having learned to read I was captured and recall, at times, being chastised by father for reading at the dinner table.

Why were some parents stricter with their children than were others?  Was life like rain; did short lives represent those drops formed near mountain-tops and long lives those formed over valleys?  A little older I decided that people were happier if all did what they liked so long as they did not stop others from doing as they liked – this because it seemed to me that each knows best what we each want.

As Dad built an addition to the house I noticed two timbers, one lying across the other in shape of ><.  In considering this I saw that the space between the ends would be halved halfway to their touch point.  My reasoning brought me to a problem:  If halving continued would I come to a space that couldn't be halved?

It seemed to me that any space, no matter how small, must have a half but that would mean the two could never touch; obviously they did.  In the eighty years since I have found no definite answer!  I now suspect that this phenomenon relates to quantum physics and is what allows us movement.  A truth of order God would have had to solve before the physical creation could begin.
Another thing I recall of those early years was discussion of whether crying babies should be picked up and nursed (no doubt the thin edge of humanist religion being entered into family life).  Most mums would then say: "No – unless baby is sick!"  It was seen then that picking up baby too soon would encourage 'crying for attention'.

Now I see it may also mean that the child given excessive attention may fail to learn basics of independence, such as mental self-discipline and learning from its own observation and experience, abilities now in general decline with serious consequences for human behaviour and morality.

Yes all babies are different; still all benefit from good nutrition (body or mind) and suffer from bad.  Continued to walking and beyond, emotion based caring cuts further into the learning of basic logic – of cause and effect; life-crippling disabilities that impact on all social classes.

Our desire to escape responsibility made our capture by the theory of 'creation by chance and natural selection' easy and this now brings us to the brink of disaster.

But of course these conclusions were not reached until later years.  My answers, reached as a child, were guesses but, I had the observations and as observations increased I gained better answers.  Sometimes I asked others but, too often, found their answers also just guesses. 

I thought about life!  Did the dead live as spirits and watch us?  Someone had taught me the Lord's Prayer; our family was not church going but I had no problems with the concept of a creator God.  I recall in some prayers asking God; "Why am I here?"

One day, in the garden, I heard Dad say to a caller: "We let our children decide for themselves what to believe in."  Later I learned: Dad's family came from Ireland and Mum's from England.

Those reading my writing know I reject religious dogma.  The Christianity of the Gospels is a living faith; the general testament, it must be understood, is open to human bias and dogma.  Revelation through logical meaning of the Word is, I believe, part of our challenge for development of our logic-based intellect. 

There was always so much to discover between those times when I heard Mum call breakfast – dinner – or tea (the evening or main meal, similar to dinner).  Having eaten, I was off!  The world was my oyster and I think I have kept it pretty much that way.  Our family, like most those days, got along well; the term 'generation gap' was not then promoted (few would have accepted that concept in the 1930s).

At about age ten Dad gave me a single-shot, .22 rifle.  As he gave it he gave these instructions. "Look after it and never point it at anyone even if you know it is not loaded."  I shot targets; birds that stole our fruit; an occasional snake. 

At times I shot at a crow, they picked on lambs and seem to know the range of small-bore rifle or shot-gun but, unable to count above 2, their Evolutionist given reputation for intelligence is unjustified; all nature has designed abilities.

I could now roam the river and fish.  Had anyone asked if I were bored because there was nothing to do I would not have understood.  But now, after seeing so many spiritless faces absorbed by some equally mindless make-believe of life – and, after knowing life as so vibrant with adventurous discovery, I do.  How foolish is this attempt of Humanists to improve on human!

Why can't parents see that human is the ONLY physical life-form given abilities to understand and create order – able to learn and progress indefinitely – the only known life-form able to invent its own future?

If we don't use these special gifts we are no better than crow, cow or worm – forms living only within their design – a step above the wireless and two above the mechanical songbird.  All equally bound by design and environment; each unable to advance beyond set limits!

Silly as it may be many today are misled to believe that, like animals, they are born with set limits!  As animals they see all ideas are equal; if they can't do it by nature they don't try to learn – education is just socialising.  Such a waste!  See files:  Carnage or Intelligence and "Enlightening about what's Frightening": Parts 1,2 & 3.

After a year at the local school, riding behind my youngest sister, I went to live with my Grandfather.  There I had primary eduction until Mother passed on – then going to my youngest sister and her husband and another country school.

Dad went back to the farm.  I joined him but, having trained so well in living logic and mother passing on when I was fourteen, I needed a bigger world to explore.

At age sixteen I left home with dad's consent and money to keep myself for a few weeks.  In Melbourne we had relatives but I visited only once.  Dad may have hoped I would return when I ran out of money, but I had other ideas and got a job to cover board and lodging.

Yes, fleetingly, I did think of myself as being deprived of education but soon saw how lucky I was to have escaped indoctrination to conformity.  Coming forward one has only to glimpse the stagnation of general health care, plus the decay of law and culture, to see how artfully deceived we are in cultural discipline.  Then, when it comes to a more impersonal technology, we see how eagerly we grab innovations.

For example: The simple cure for scurvy and other advances in health knowledge were ignored for generations!  This ego barrier is still as strong today and many now suffer horribly because of the inability of professional health to accept that cancer and heart attacks are largely the result of poor nutrition.  In general, the body is quite capable (given its needed nutrients) of not only keeping itself healthy but also of curing itself.  Even more so when sensible living is added!  The social cost of educational dogma is staggering!

But there's more!  Can't we see that laws and commerce, designed to encourage our animal responses, have led to environmental and economic disaster? 

True democracy gives us a legal responsibility to directly choose, our representative, but, until mature enough for this we fear to accept it!  Until we, the people, accept our responsibility for governing ourselves, we will elect prideful quislings chosen by and to serve, the World Government establishment.

World Government, by power of finance and philosophy, now controls world commerce, media and politics but, JUST THINK:  If Government, Education, Mass Media, and Finance were under control of a public-service-directed democratic community? Then education, media and law would serve and inspire growth of the people!  A fabulous future is ours for the taking!

During WW2, I joined the Air Force but was kept with homeland defence.  My sisters remembered my 21st birthday and sent a cake.

My way:
Raised in spirit of independence and freedom I developed an inquiring mind and, in teenage, sought university and big city libraries.  With the freedom of understanding offered by low emotion libraries, devious indoctrinations, now enforced as education, were avoided.

The first need of my search was to find if our creation had been by chance or by design!  I needed to know this to decide how to live.  It was obvious to me that if life was created by chance then it was a passing irrelevance.  Neither kissing nor killing changed this! However, if life were created by intelligence, then it would have purpose and future: I needed to know more.

By late teenage I had studied the evolution question and found the evidence offered for it contradicted the theory; I have since found no evidence to challenge that.  As science uncovers the amazing complexity of life, why are scientists still using early research to justify simplistic escapism?  Would other philosophies be equally shallow?

Christianity's New Testament showed that truths of our nature were known from earliest times – comparing this with a theory contradicted by the evidence it claimed to be based on, gave me an easy choice.

But the mystery is now magnified: Why do these issues need debate?  Why such effort to convince us of creation by a mindless magic?  Why do growing numbers seek to escape responsibility by hiding in selfish philosophy? 

Example: It was not unusual for our river crossing to be covered with water, so railing swept away by floating logs was not considered worth replacing though (over the side) the water was twenty feet deep.

The traffic, especially in flood times, was light; however on this main road and stock rout some travellers persisted.  My sisters would run (about 100 yards or meters) to the road to warn drivers that this was a river crossing not a flooded invert.  There were even times when we put families up for the night!  How excited we were when we received a box of chocolates in the mail as a thank you present from some family we had helped.

In other times (as other farmers on main roads) we helped 'swaggies' out with food knowing they hadn't money to pay.  These were hard times.

How things have changed!  Today people lock houses when going out (many even when at home) also at night.  We fear to let children walk the streets alone or talk to strangers unsupervised.  People now seek to make money for health cures discovered for their own benefit, but few are willing to spread truth to expose the corrupt system that causes their suffering – is human benefit not also their benefit – is our own gain not sufficient reward?

As I aged I saw that Christian belief had problems: that the Bible has been biased by man's ego (this, though obvious) is ignored!  Evidence of man's revisions (major or minor) is available to all who honestly seek the truth. The authority behind the Bible reveals that man's theories will be found faulty. 

So the question became: "Why were we losing logical ability?"  As years passed I realized that we begin to learn logic from birth.  By nature, as we learn to crawl and walk, we, step by step, also learn logic.  But human arrogance and sloth prefers philosophic deceits and these, over generations, turn our natural responses against us. 

Ability of self-harm is not bad design; we can't close our eyes to the fact that choice is essential to freedom.  Easy life and indoctrination of an artificial loving combine to undermine our nature, and subversion of the child grows with community wealth!  Free time encourages parents to interfere with baby's natural 'cause-and-effect' learning.  Civilizations are undermined by false philosophy as caring, based on ego and pretend love, are promoted.

Unnatural loving of children follows.  Children led away from basic learning of logic suffer lifetime disadvantage.

Why do we now (with so much knowledge freely available) fail tests of simple logic?  Yes, I have already explained it, but if my explanation is not correct, why then aren't many others doing effective research on such problems?   Why do so many pretend to care so much but, by their actions, show they care so little?  Humanism is neither human nor humane.

By learning to know life I can now see it as a process of development.  We are (I expect) judged not so much on our achievements as on how we react to our challenges; those lied to, cheated and led astray receive justice.

Once we know that order can be created in no other way than by intelligence (and that outside the order of life's truth, humanity cannot exist) then we see, at last, that there has to be an intelligent creator.  Once able to understand this we gain opportunity to experience life in intellectual logic free of humanist manipulation.

Today science has become stagnant in its metaphysics!  It, like religion, has set standards beyond its courage to challenge and, increasingly, is losing its ability for logical analysis.  A smug incompetent philosophy now penetrates all humanity. 

After tumult and stress of World War 2, the plausibility of a philosophy to promote the belief that our essential need was love (animal) of each other was easy to sell!  Truth (not being the base for emotional life) could then be demoted to seem an 'implausible' concept.

Humanist takeover was in final phase and in the 1970s, newspaper placards could shout, "GOD IS DEAD", and religions leaders, bound by dead dogma, had not the faith in truth to defend in logic.  The 3rd. denial of Jesus by Peter was re-enacted by the church again denying truth.

It's sad to see the young now crying bored when denied their perpetual dehumanising games!  Their chosen alternative, it appears, is get drugged, abuse each other and their humanity, and call it 'having fun'. 

Today's children (from birth) are prised away from real-life experience; many now see entertainment as life!  By 'handout' government has made itself their god and, foolish and unreliable as this god may be, it is the only god they know.   Growing numbers, raised on pretend caring; junk (nutrient denatured) food; deformed love and emotion driven entertaining, can now neither care for themselves nor accept the limited ability of others to care for them.  Parents don't carry much of the blame for this.

Entering into the mass production age, over-population problems became clear to those with entrenched economic power.  Along with this they saw that control of the public mind (if not essential to their own survival) was essential to their greed for power and world ownership ambitions.  How well the two-party system serves their Hegelian dialectic based, 'divide and conquer' system.

Education, hand-in-hand with health services, mass media and law, now so easily dumbs-down critical areas of intellect!  It is in interests of international government that lifestyles and services now destroy wealth, health and understanding.  A progression that became more clearly apparent as years passed; and was (increasingly) officially ignored as our culture's logic withered.

Deliberate manipulation to support the "Greed is Good" aspect of philosophy set conviction in stone; love came to be just animal instinct as pride became dominant.

We reap what we sow as ignorance grows!  Our Humanist religion penetrated other religions to further deform and camouflage our view of nature's logic.  Social decay is now the visible force blinding us to the dangers of the trap into which we are now being led. 

Was there a need for strife in life?  Late in life, with our human situation in decay, I felt I knew enough to look at the problems the Creator might have with creating order out of a universe of chaos.  My adventure here is in "Book 5".  I hope reader's first printout and read early literature; hard copy is more easily digested and the unity of logic grows more obvious when the viewpoint has a broad base!

World Government (empowered by greed and deceit) now stands over us with economic and social disaster – how can we ignore such consequences?  These problems could not have developed had we taken advantage of our common-interest human abilities and responsibilities. 

Human behaviour is directed by Life-view!    Humanism is a philosophy of deceit!  Web sites such as "Talk Origins" claim scientific criticism of 'creationism' but ignore that a Creator must construct logically: there is no magic in order.  Logical links between life-forms can be traced, that does not mean they can occur by chance.
False philosophy causes civilizations to self-destruct!  Unless we, the people, snap out of this Humanist mind-warp and accept responsibility for our own governing, we create our genocide by suicidal cultural behaviour.

Lifestyles, decay our logical experience and undermine our development.  Because politicians are chosen for their confused moral intellect they must seek advice from agents of the private World Government system.

Self-confidence, built logically on laws of cause and effect, builds faith to trust in truth!  When learning develops by personal desire, our instinct is to search for the truth of things.  When we learn by instruction we learn to memorize, and accept our instruction as truth.  Even if what we are told is true, we don't absorb that truth is an essential of our nature – that truth is the essential base for laws and principles of order!  When we lose power to discriminate, emotion pushes us to accept the plausible!

Printed  (hard copy) literature helps us understand and fill in the background of our situation. 
How much suffering must we bear – how much death and destruction of life, economy and nature – before a remainder of humanity turns to face itself and to admit childish errors?  We need understand the trap we're in!

In early teens I found that understanding of principles was of more value than memory of detail – mechanism became clear after years of searching adventure.  The animalist morals of today's civilization are a death sentence for humans.  The Christian Bible warns us: if these times are not cut short we will destroy ourselves!  Global Warming (understood) reveals our self-destructive potentials, will that be too late?

Parrots repeat words to earn reward!  Nature works so effortlessly that we think we can improve on it without understanding what it is designed to achieve.  We will not be free until we understand and bow to truth in our lives!  Only then will we live in responsibility to our humanity – destroy the entrenched illegality of despotism to gain the honest efficiency of a moral economy.

As indoctrination leaves science blind to the quantum leap, timidity is hidden in plausible contortions.  Enemies work among us but we can learn from devilish deceit.  So let's not sacrifice ourselves!  Natural education and development will help us regain the logical order of truth.

End Times
In January I warned that the internationalists may set Obama up as an assassination victim to stir civil violence in a nation already stressed.  As this didn't happen we now face the more certain prospect that the plan is to make of him scapegoat for failure to fix the planned economic crises and climate change problems that elected MP don't understand. 
Many protest bad government but fail to see that National Constitutions (like early TVs) are now by-passed and made irrelevant by Party Systems governed by devious controls.  Governments are now directed by a "World Commercial System" that is, in turn, directed by 'commercial money'; a com-money system set in an Hegelian dialectic of divide and conquer (outcomes based principles) aimed to achieve world ownership.

Have you ever wondered why important matters like Global Warming; Evolution; Party Politics; Humanism, etc., are not set in secure science but are developed to become plausibly balanced competing units? Why neither side ever presents sound or conclusive evidence? Why debate is balanced with deceit?

This secretive, world governing com-money Mafia fears neither national constitutions nor protests; it rests in a secure cocoon of public confusion; miseducation; Mass Media ownership and humanist philosophy.

The existence of this 'Mafia-like' behind scenes force has been known for centuries.  EXAMPLE: Disraeli (1804-81)  "The world is governed by very different persons from what those believe who are not behind the scenes."  He wasin a position to know.  Influence on education we find later in the writings of Bertrand Russell.

This world-ownership-planning crime syndicate only became a life-threat to humanity when given the massive power of modern communications and public education. To deal with this we need gain a secure understanding of our present social structure!  Without this we cannot set-up a legitimate financial system nor govern ourselves in security against manipulation by the com-money Mafia!

I learned by independent research, you can read on this site a digest of findings!  See how the com-money Mafia stood over the governments of the USA and Australia and realize that, even then, their system of 'divide and conquer by deceit', must already have been securely established.  You will find evidence as you read; you need to read all to balance evidence and truth.

As said on site, Global Warming will cause increasingly violent weather, earth changes and world food shortages.  With a multi-racial President blamed for failure to fix problems beyond his understanding, race and food will become weapons in this war for world ownership.

A neat plot but the numbers are ours and UNDERSTANDING is the ultimate weapon in this war; I hope this short review helps.  Print it out for ease of digesting!  May you find it revealing and, I hope, motivating.

This site is no private path!  This time of choice is of life or death! .  Do we have to see our own blood running in the gutters before we face our situation?  My thanks go to all who help with explaining the history of our creation and its purpose.  The meek will inherit the earth!

Wishing you productive thoughts.
                                                    Alan Gourley

What is the ultimate organization in the universe? 
The mind!
What does it serve?
What does it do?
Discover potential!
What is OUR purpose?
Development of our potential.

Sincerely:  Editor

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