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Now to the clippings:

  1. Doctors trained as socialworkers
  2. Marks for wrong math calculations
  3. Maths morale plummets
  4. Lonliest mathematician in town
  5. Medical schools in new alert
  6. Making sense of nonsense
  7. Doctors fail basic anatomy
  8. Students can draw English answers
  9. The egg came first
  10. We know the war lobby lied
  11. English syllabus spelt out
  12. Bush regrets tough talk
  13. Abe Lincoln
  14. Book Lifts Lid on UN Stew of Corruption
  15. Race and Reason - An Internet Report

Note: files in this section of “lifetruth” are intended to supplement the Truth of Life Literature so realize that understanding of what is here will be much easier to appreciate after reading the “lifetruth” books. 
The clippings added in this file were taken directly from newspapers.  Print is enlarged and in some cases columns arranged for reading convenience.
Continuations on other pages are not included if main points have been made.   Any cuts or editorial comment, will be made obvious; text is not changed.   
Original publication and date will be above each clipping with our publication date.  The purpose of this exercise is to show that the mass media does often allow the truth to be told but that this is managed in such a way that the indoctrinated become comfortable with avoiding or ignoring issues.   We are slaves to outcome-based education that began a century ago.

In general we seek to establish that we are not educated about matters essential to our human development!  We practice avoidance of responsibility and this conditions us to accept atrocity against ourselves as if hypnotized.  Our need is to alert caring people to what is going on behind the scenes.  Exhibits will not be grouped but more or less mixed because; if we do not want to see the whole picture we may as well not look at all.

In particular, we need to draw attention to the deliberate deletion of matters of understanding essential to human development, these are more generally avoided in news and general education as well as in disciplines of Higher Education.  Example:  

The Chicken and the egg.
That continual advance in communication skills is essential for human advance should be obvious to all who practice their human reasoning abilities.  Our animal-behavior-programming is just a basic preliminary.  We may be born animals but our human potential is spiritual and we become fully human by a learning development. 

This may appear obvious to many; to others our need to appreciate this will not appear important.  But in a culture that worships animals as human ancestors and goes to great lengths to keep understanding of every important difference buried beneath our ego, our need to understand these differences is vital.  ‘Plausible’ explanations of evolution would not have been accepted had this been allowed as part of common education a century ago.

That “human” excludes common animals is a secret of such importance to Globalist planning that it cannot be over-emphasized.  Likewise, that guided democracy is not democracy and other simple facts such as: that even were chance or natural selection creative, neither existed before the creation existed.  For instance, one of our clippings claims to answer the question of which came first: the chicken or the egg?  Conclusion: the egg came first because it had to contain the chicken DNA.

That insight is not expanded and so encourages dispute, but, as reason and evidence shows, design must come before creation.  That is a principle of life!  When a famous U.S. president said: “In politics, if it happens, you can bet your life it was planed that way”, he may not have known it but he was stating a principle of human creation.  Neither chicken nor egg could come first because neither chance nor natural selection has foresight for design so  don’t bet on chance, these had to be designed as a pair before they could be created.  Think it through!

Plausible explanations are not science and only appear as plausible to the unthinking when what is being explained already exists.  This trick can only succeed by deliberate manipulation of mind and restriction of access to humanizing understandings.  The lie is then defended from challenge by promotion of various distractions.

Intellectual Communication is human.
When our communications skills are lowered, we lose conceptual understanding of consequences, behavior then turns back to control by basic animal instincts.

Misleading parenting advice has lead to unruly children and those working in this area claim that already about one third (1 of 3) parents are having serious difficulties.  This means that already about one third of our children are creating community problems and generating great social costs.  Result: preoccupation with living standards.  

To be human is a developed ability!  Our social problems are not limited by nature as are those of animals!  If our communication problems grow, frustrations and the number of people with problems grow.  Growing also are efforts to understand, control with law, correct, enforce, care-take, repair.  When infrastructure costs go beyond community ability to pay, social order disintegrates.

This is not just because of the increasing social cost of the culturally disabled!  It’s also because communication failures reduce understanding and efficiency.  Many say that they do not understand my writings!  If people of average education cannot understand my writings then how can they understand news, life or our world to make sensible personal or political decisions?

Frustration grows as communication declines.  Increasing confusion leads to social collapse, taxes are wasted on emotion driven projects; essential or profitable public assets are sold to raise money to maintain essential services.  Bad law increases problems!  Shortfalls grow!  This is not forecast; this is now!  It’s not just local it’s part of a well-planned world takeover!

Who Gains?
After social collapse all insight into advance of science and technology and the implications of it, become the property of those who plan the victory! These then, as in olden days, can represent themselves as gods. They expect to own the world!  They can then safely use designer diseases or wars to cull the surviving culturally blind, inefficient, uncomprehending ‘profane’.

Perception and Authority
Readers with insight can now look at our world and into the past, to see that we have never completely escaped the ancient gods!  With our gift of Perception, they will also see that we now have the Authority to escape!  A little “quantum leap” in mind will reveal our manipulation and “knowledge is power”.  Even newspaper clippings may become revealing.

We need to see that the deceivers, those who claim that we do not need advance our skills (in numeracy, language and technology because computers can fill the gap) lie, (as do those who in ignorance serve them) and they lie again when they say we do not need communication and understanding of technology because it is now proven that un-educated workforces can be trained to efficiently use modern technology for manufacture.

But those who work for subsistence reward are barred from advance of their human potential for no other reason that they have become slaves to inhumanity.

Those advocates of ‘outcome based” education who claim that it is more important that we learn social skills (to feel good about ourselves in our enslavement) they also, are slaves.  Can we excuse these for deforming young minds so they fail in the basic social skills that all should accomplish pre-kindergarten?

The system of humanist philosophy/ideology that is now creating new ‘dumbed down’ generations has done so by convincing parents that children only need love.  That is an easy deceit because young children do need love and for most parents the giving is natural.  But to become human our children need more than animal love; they need the love that once caused parents to say truthfully (when giving their children some hurtful but needed discipline) “This hurts me more than it hurts you”.

Children accepted this and loved their parents more for giving them what their human spirit craved – learning for living – but some zealous parents overdone or punished without justice, and, though most children accept parents mistakes, injustice causes some to rebel and became easy prey in service of the power hungry.

These rebels easily believe the plausible explanations of manipulators.  They work tirelessly to spread the heresy!  They restricted the discipline of social responsibility to inefficient unnatural skills.  Plausible explanations were promoted to rule humanity! To further aid this deceit the program was called “Humanism”.

The Humanist influence must be entirely erased if we are to regain advance of our humanity. 

Basic social responsibility advances by natural loving discipline (it delivered progress for a thousand years). If we become incompetent in social discipline and basic language prior to professional education, those who abuse human trust gain power in professional education.  Given this we then don’t just fail subjects but our whole ability to understand – to advance life and enjoy human level existence – is depleted.  Then, as in ancient times, human ability for advance stagnates and dies.

“Dumbing down” manipulation can now be traced back beyond 100 years.  Manipulators are now so confident that they openly expand “murder of mind” education.  But the secret of it is now exposed!  We now have access to their knowledge!  They misjudged the human spirit!  There is evidence visible in the clippings below.  We have a will; we have a way!  A return to human caring will see a flood of remorse sweep away past errors. 

Specialist disciplines – doctors, educators – people in all walks of life, now fight for justice and humanity, but they cannot win working individually; communal glue is needed.  Let’s stop sitting around like stuffed chooks waiting to be cooked.  The evidence is there for all to see!  As we save ourselves we save our world.

I look forward to hearing your comments through e-mail   As email is becoming increasingly corrupted you can try this fax if you fail to get through by e-mail:
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