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6th April 2010
Re-Birthing Culture 1 2 & 3 (pdf download in booklet format)


For Love of Life
Health Reports – The way of subversion?

 Introduction:  To avoid catastrophe our civilization needs urgent rebirth!  We have been led into a trap by arrogant forces!  Will we be too stubborn to admit the errors now adopted?  Will we change our ways to ways true to our nature?  The direction is clear but pride is our burden!  Intelligence could ease the burden but that needs goodwill and a change in public philosophy.  


We have been led to believe that over-priced, inefficient medications were about money.  This indoctrination was to take advantage of the fact that, if they are confident of getting away with it, corrupt humans will kill for money.  The truth is harder to believe but read on, you may find it not too hard.



Over the last year or two you have probably found the following notice in your letterbox or delivered in one way or another.  Have you given it thought?  Have you wondered why your government encourages you to take medications that, leftover, need then be treated as toxic waste?


THE NOTICE! (critical section).

"Unwanted medications can seriously harm the environment, so don't throw them in the garbage, flush them down the toilet or pour down the sink.  All expired and no longer needed medications can be returned to your pharmacy for disposal."

Have you thought that when you take medications it's your life – when you dispose of them, it's their world?  We are now so used to the herding fashion in every aspect of our living that we ignore implications.  Even those few who do see the iniquity of it tend only to complain to the like-minded.  


As our lives become more stifled we ignore that we may have been complaining for fifty years or more to no effect.  First hospitals sent us home early because of expense, now we see them so over-loaded that they can no longer service need!


We feared to look to the real cause of our problems because it’s too personal to face that your life is your responsibility; so now its do-or-die personal.  We have been taught to believe we are just animals descended from apes but this is just old un-scientific "plausible theory" and, though indoctrinated to it – it cannot be accepted as science. 


Accident destroys order!  Natural selection can only select from what exists!  Order is intellect-designed: every chair, mountain, breathe of air, the good earth!  Our animal bodies cannot be created by evolution, only intellect can design and intellect links humans in image to their creator.


To now, this human generation has been in adolescence!  What have we learned?  Now it is time that the gift of intellect be used in love of truth, for love of life.


Re-birthing news:  So much of news today is a deceitful reconstruct by people-shapers.  This, so much so that most just take the easy way and believe as emotions desire!  Do those who control the news manipulate emotions-"WOW"- do they!  All the evidence you need is on this site.


To give flavour of credibility to all the disinformation and deceit, there has to be a seasoning of truth.  Now a few items worth repeating: more to find. 


The following should awaken the dead sufficient to open eyes to understanding of how the most powerful people in the world today, have become so misguided as to try to limit population growth by secret poisoning. 


They consider us animals; it hasn't worked perfectly but the little we know now is just the beginning. 


In their confusion they continue.  What they do apes the false philosophy they force on the world.  However it is difficult to explain clearly, or more simply, than available to caring reading at this and linked sites.


Almost as difficult to understand is why those of us who do see through the frail veil so often then join our oppressors by demanding payment for their insight – in particular in relation to health.  But there's hope; growing numbers are prepared to help their fellow humans in love of life.  Following samples may relate to both aspects:


Re-birthing news:  Readers will see the following item reproduced in part on-site; I deem its importance justifies this larger presentation here:


"NaturalNews", quote:

"Public support for the swine flu vaccine is evaporating by the day as the rationale for the vaccine appears increasingly ludicrous to anyone paying attention. Moms, nurses, day care workers and members of the general public are increasingly realizing that Big Pharma's rationale for swine flu vaccination just doesn't add up. ... polls conducted by the mainstream media indicate that more than fifty percent of moms are refusing to expose their children to the swine flu vaccine, and nurses and health practitioners across the US and UK are going vocal with their opposition to the vaccine. ... action against the FDA's approval of the swine flu vaccine ... underway:


(, and public protests are gaining momentum in raising awareness about the primary objections to the swine flu vaccine. Intelligent, informed people everywhere are saying NO to this vaccine!


Popular support for the vaccine is crumbling by the day, and health authorities are now turning to exaggerated scare stories to try to drum up demand for their vaccines. Where scientific credibility is lacking, fear is being invoked in its place.


Why the swine flu vaccine doesn't add up.

So why is the justification for the swine flu so flimsy? It all comes down to these five crucial reasons being pushed by the vaccine industry... as you'll see below, each of these five reasons is demonstrably false!


Reason #1) The H1N1 swine flu pandemic is dangerous and deadly!

Why it's flimsy: While the infection rate of H1N1 is currently high, the fatality rate is remarkably low. In fact, it's no higher than a normal, seasonal flu.


Reason #2) The vaccine protects you from the virus!

Why it's flimsy: There is absolutely no scientific evidence demonstrating that the swine flu vaccine offers real-world protection against the circulating H1N1 virus. While there is evidence showing that it produces antibodies, as people who have studied vaccine effectiveness already know, the mere existence of vaccine-induced antibodies doesn't directly translate into functional, real-world immunity! Vaccines are often, in effect, fabricated immunity that often don't provide practical immune defense in the real world.


Reason #3) The vaccine is perfectly safe, even for kids!

Why it's flimsy: This reason is truly laughable. None of these vaccines have been properly safety tested by the FDA or the drug companies. They were approved by the FDA with a waiver, utterly bypassing the normal process of long-term safety testing that the public expects the FDA to enforce.


In fact, according to attorney Jim Turner, the FDA's baseless approval of these swine flu vaccines is a violation of federal law.


Reason #4) There's nothing else you can do to protect yourself from the swine flu (therefore you must take the vaccine shot).


Why it's flimsy: This reason is an outright lie. In order to sell more vaccines, the pharmaceutical industry (and all its bureaucratic cohorts at the CDC and WHO) are intentionally keeping people ignorant of far safer and more effective options such as vitamin D and anti-viral herbal remedies.


"NaturalNews" (cont.) "Last week, NaturalNews reported public statements attributed to Dr. Diane Harper, a researcher who worked on both the Gardasil and Cervarix vaccines. A story appearing in the UK paper Sunday Express, entitled "Jab as deadly as the cancer," quoted Dr. Harper as saying the cervical cancer vaccine might be more dangerous than the cancer it was supposed to prevent.


In the time since that story was published, Sunday Express has been under relentless attack by pro-pharma "scientific" journalists, drug companies and even Dr. Harper herself who now claims the entire story was wholly fabricated.  In a "skeptics" blog published at The Guardian, Dr. Harper is now quoted as saying, "I did not say that Cervarix was as deadly as cervical cancer. I did not say that Cervarix could be riskier or more deadly than cervical cancer. I did not say that Cervarix was controversial..."


Oh really?

NaturalNews wonders: Who got to Dr. Diane Harper? Did she change her story after being threatened like many other pharmaceutical researchers have been? To answer this question, we took a trip in the way back machine and gathered some quotes attributed to Dr. Diane Harper by other news sources, including CBS News, US News & World Report, and several other news outlets.


Here you'll see what Dr. Diane Harper really has said about Gardasil and HPV vaccines. Here are some of the highlights (sources provided below):


"We don't know yet what's going to happen when millions of doses of the vaccine have been given and to put in place, a process that says you must have this vaccine, it means you must be part of a big public experiment. So we can't do that until we have more data." - Dr. Diane Harper


"If we vaccinate 11 year olds and the protection doesn't last... We've put them at harm from side effects, small but real, for no benefit... The benefit to public health is nothing, there is no reduction in cervical cancers..." - Dr. Diane Harper


"I think there's a strong possibility that Gardasil was the catalyst that set off the ALS [Lou Gehrig's Disease]. It could have been the straw that broke the camel's back in a child who was already predisposed to the condition. I do think it's wrong for physicians to tell parents that it's 100 percent safe." - Dr. Diane Harper.


"...neither physicians nor women should be lulled into a false sense of security [about the vaccine]" - Dr. Diane Harper


"It is silly to mandate vaccination of 11- to 12-year-old girls There also is not enough evidence gathered on side effects to know that safety is not an issue. This vaccine has not been tested in little girls for efficacy. At 11, these girls don't get cervical cancer - they won't know for 25 years if they will get cervical cancer. ...To mandate now is simply to Merck's benefit, and only to Merck's benefit." - Dr. Diane Harper

... [there’s more, but who needs it?]

End quote.


Lifetruth, Editor: Good one – Thank you Dr. Diane Harper, however the Globalist-humanists may punish you, you, as a human forever remain a winner.   That’s the way we need to go and those not prepared to go so far must accept that our world has over fifty years of experience to say they will achieve nothing; cover-up of shy effort is effective!  To be serious about exposing the shame of our culture help explain and spread the truth of our shameful philosophy.


The purpose of Big Pharma/humanism only becomes clear as population reduction when viewed in honest light of world events.  Over-population is a serious problem caused by it being hidden from the people.  It will soon become obvious in its consequences. 


What has been done so far can be likened to fattening the lamb for its sacrifice – sacrifice to the evolution god is for animal greed for power.


Everything done over recent generations has been destructive of our human potential and opposed to the needs of the human future.  This could only be achieved by deliberate planning and the evidence is on this site.


Now some free-range magic. 

All medications, whether natural or created for profit and manipulation, work differently on different people.  The big difference between the natural and the synthetic is that the natural tend to work more beneficially and without the pain and dangerous side-effects of synthetics.  Could the artificial be developed to work even better than the natural – perhaps, but when we look honestly we know that is not what it was designed to do.


I have no time to personally test all reports but have kept myself almost free of that stiffness we tend to get in our hands and arms after years of living on over-refined foods and artificial additives by followed advice about a plant called "Swamp Pennywort", growing wild in Australia. Eat 3 leaves a day for about six weeks to cure this condition.  


I bought a plant, grew it in a pot, ate the leaves (with stems) and it worked.  My hands at that time were just starting to stiffen-up and I was having difficulty lifting above shoulder high.


I kept that plant for years but a move into a retirement home separated us.  When the condition started to re-appear I found I could get it in capsule form but also heard of another cure for this problem that seems to work more quickly.


Gin and Raisins (or Sultanas)

I believe those made from white grapes are more effective. I use the cheapest gin in the shop.  Don't worry about the alcohol; it is almost entirely destroyed in the process. 


Spread a few layers of fruit on the bottom of a glass jar and just cover with Gin.  Turn them over after the first day and start eating after two days (some say 4 or 5 days).  Just 9 (raisins/sultanas) a day.  If you have had this disability for some time it may take a week or two to see the difference.  Once comfortable continue as needed.


I probably found acceptance of natural remedies easier because as a child I had a large wart on the back of one hand and an old lady told me to dab the white juice of a milk thistle on it and it would go away.  I did and, in days, it did.


More recently, as you will see on site, I used Cayenne pepper to clear arteries; use a good hot one and put it in 00 size gelatine type capsules; press fill; a fiddly job; (easier if you buy a jig but you may only need a few). 


My arteries were not bad so I only took 2 the first day and one a day for about a week, now as I feel a need.  May cause slight discomfort.  Also add to stews.  I believe this to be the best cleaner of arteries available; also claimed effective in stroke-victim emergency. 


For arrhythmia I took 3 x 1000 mg a day of Hawthorn for a few weeks; as it came under control I reduced dose but now never less than one a day.


In regard to colds and flu I have never taken the yearly inoculation.  On moving to the city I used to get colds with very bad throat early in the winter and lasting to spring.  As I got into herbs and minerals this improved.  Over the last ten years I have been increasingly clear, my last cold, about five years ago, only lasted two days. 


There are, I believe, many natural and better ways to strengthen your immune system against virus than present inoculations; also the risk of deliberate contamination of inoculations is, in our present situation, too high.  Though I have no experience of the following I see it a better risk and helps open-eyes to alternatives.


ONION MAGIC: a free-range alternative to flu injections:

Quote:  "In 1919 when the flu killed 40 million people there was this Doctor that visited the many farmers to see if he could help them combat the flu. Many of the farmers and their family had contracted it and many died.


The doctor came upon this one farmer and to his surprise, everyone was very healthy.  When the doctor asked what the farmer was doing that was different the wife replied that she had placed an unpeeled onion in a dish in the rooms of the home, (probably only two rooms back then).  The doctor couldn't believe it and asked if he could have one of the onions and place it under the microscope.  She gave him one and when he did this, he did find the flu virus in the onion.  It obviously absorbed the bacteria, therefore, keeping the family healthy.


Now, [next] heard from my hairdresser in AZ.  She said that several years ago many of her employees were coming down with the flu [also] her customers. 


The next year she placed several bowls with onions in her shop.  To her surprise, none of her staff got sick.  It must work..  (And no, she is not in the onion business.)


The moral of the story is, buy some onions and place them in bowls around your home.  If you work at a desk, place one or two in your office or under your desk or even on top somewhere. 


Try it and see what happens.  We did it last year and we never got the flu.  If this helps you and your loved ones from getting sick, all the better. If you do get the flu, it just might be a mild case.  Whatever, what have you to lose? 


Now there is a P. S. to this, for I sent it to a friend in Oregon who regularly contributes material to me on health issues.  She replied with this most interesting experience about onions:

Weldon, thanks for the reminder.  I don't know about the farmers story... but, I do know that I contacted pneumonia and needless to say I was very ill...I came across an article that said to cut both ends off an onion put one end on a fork and then place the forked end into an empty jar...placing the jar next to the sick patient at night.


It said the onion would be black in the morning from the germs...sure enough it happened just like that... the onion was a mess and I began to feel better.


Another thing I read in the article was that onions and garlic placed around the room saved many from the black plague years ago. They have powerful antibacterial, antiseptic properties.


Thanks for this article.  It brought back memories of when my oldest son used to get colds all the time when he was little. This lady told me to cut an onion and rub it on his chest. The onion turned very black and my son soon felt better.


Also, there was a young woman where I grew up who used to cut garlic and onion put it in a sock and pin it to her little girl's undershirt.  At the time I thought it was a terrible thing to do to a child, ...."  End Quote.


(Lifetruth Ed: I think removing the dry skins and/or cutting the onion must greatly improve its effectiveness.  You will hear many stories; use natural sense.  If it works use it!  Next: Something to avoid:)


Pass The Butter .. Please.

"This is interesting . .. .

Margarine was originally manufactured to fatten turkeys. When it killed the turkeys, the people who had put all the money into the research wanted a payback so they put their heads together to figure out what to do with this product to get their money back.


It was a white substance with no food appeal so they added the yellow colouring and sold it to people to use in place of butter.    How do you like it? They have come out with some clever new flavourings..


DO YOU KNOW.. The difference between margarine and butter?  Read on to the end...gets very interesting! Both have the same amount of calories.  Butter is slightly higher in saturated fats at 8 grams; compared to 5 grams for margarine.  Eating margarine can increase heart disease in women by 53% over eating the same amount of butter, according to a recent Harvard Medical Study.


Eating butter increases the absorption of many other nutrients in other foods.

Butter has many nutritional benefits where margarine has a few and

only because they are added!  Butter tastes much better than margarine and it can enhance the flavours of other foods.  ...


And now, for Margarine..

Very High in Trans fatty acids.  Triples risk of coronary heart disease .   Increases total cholesterol and LDL (this is the bad cholesterol) and lowers HDL cholesterol, (the good cholesterol).  Increases the risk of cancers up to five times..  Lowers quality of breast milk.  Decreases immune response.  Decreases insulin response.


And here's the most disturbing fact.... HERE IS THE PART THAT IS VERY INTERESTING!  Margarine is but ONE MOLECULE away from PLASTIC... and shares 27 ingredients with PAINT.


These facts alone were enough to have me avoiding margarine for life and anything else that is hydrogenated (this means hydrogen is added, changing the molecular structure of the substance). You can try this yourself:  Purchase a tub of margarine and leave it open in your garage or shaded area. Within a couple of days you will notice a couple of things:

   * no flies, not even those pesky fruit flies will go near it (that should tell you something)

   * it does not rot or smell differently because it has no nutritional value ; nothing will grow on it. Even those teeny weeny micro-organisms will not a find a home to grow. Why? Because it is nearly plastic . Would you melt your Tupperware and spread that on your toast?


Share This With Your Friends.....(If you want to butter them up')!

Chinese Proverb: When someone shares something of value with you and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others.


Lifetruth Ed: If your government is YOUR government, why do you think it wants you encouraged to eat junk food and live a junk lifestyle?


Why are most processed foods, including olive oil and dairy products, now treated and processed to destroy much of the health giving properties remaining after being grown or raised with artificial supplements?


When you have read the whole of this site you will understand why behind scenes influences create laws that allow import of unhealthy products and make it illegal to sell healthy produce.  Now a more general farm-fresh tip:)


The Amazing Cucumber

Quote:  "This information was in The New York Times several weeks ago as part of their "Spotlight on the Home" series that highlighted creative and fanciful ways to solve common problems.


1. Cucumbers contain most of the vitamins you need every day, just one cucumber contains Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium and Zinc.


2. Feeling tired in the afternoon, put down the caffeinated soda and pick up a cucumber.  Cucumbers are a good source of B Vitamins and carbohydrates that can provide that quick pick-me-up that can last for hours.


3. Tired of your bathroom mirror fogging up after a shower?  Try rubbing a cucumber slice along the mirror, it will eliminate the fog and provide a soothing, spa-like fragrance.


4. Are grubs and slugs ruining your planting beds?  Place a few slices in a small pie tin and your garden will be free of pests all season long.  The chemicals in the cucumber react with the aluminum to give off a scent undetectable to humans but drive garden pests crazy and make them flee the area.


5. Looking for a fast and easy way to remove cellulite before going out or to the pool?  Try rubbing a slice or two of cucumbers along your problem area for a few minutes, the phytochemicals in the cucumber cause the collagen in your skin to tighten, firming up the outer layer and reducing the visibility of cellulite.  Works great on wrinkles too!!!


6. Want to avoid a hangover or terrible headache?  Eat a few cucumber slices before going to bed and wake up refreshed and headache free. Cucumbers contain enough sugar, B vitamins and electrolytes to replenish essential nutrients the body lost, keeping everything in equilibrium, avoiding both a hangover and headache!!


7. Looking to fight off that afternoon or evening snacking binge?  Cucumbers have been used for centuries and often used by European trappers, traders and explores for quick meals to thwart off starvation.


Pass this along to everybody you know who is looking for better and safer ways to solve life's everyday problems." End quote.


Lifetruth Ed:  My mum used cucumber, tomatoes and onions with shredded lettuce in salads; all home grown of course; [dressing: hard-boiled egg-yolk, vinegar, dairy cream, plus salt & pepper].  In childhood it seems I lived in heaven.


For Love of Life:

Our Creator is not a magician, despite what religions may tempt you to believe.  All designed creation, to work as planned, must follow the truth of order’s laws!  That is why Jesus, speaking as representative of the Creator, says “I am truth” not love, as so many now believe.  Love is an emotion equally serving good and evil; truth commands order and only in truth of order does human life exist. 


That is basic Christian revelation still visible to intellect despite all human pollution added over thousands of years.  All is clear in honest view to the eye of reason or logical assessment. 


The above is a sample of humanity under attack.  Other attack areas include finance, education and mass media (including entertainment and sport).  We now fail in human ability because, by-and-large, we are raised as animals.  Animals have their abilities built-in.  Humans are learning orientated!  Early learning, now deformed by animalist philosophy, is a vital base for our full development.  To find how subversive influences have progressively infiltrated our culture see on-site information. - Top





There are three essential confidence tricks embedded in the program to undermine human culture.

1st Essential:  Faking Democracy by use of the Party political System.

2nd Essential: Controlling the money supply and introduction of “fiat” money.  Achieved through the first.

3rd Essential: Introduction of a philosophy seeming compatible with Christian and human ideals. This enables penetration and deformation of the original philosophy but, to achieve this without awakening trauma and opposition, also requires that fake democracy and control of finance be first achieved.  These combined, give control of education and mass media for deceit and misunderstanding.


As this betrayal must be achieved secretly, all is dependent on the success of the first confidence trick.  Therefore the fake democracy is the Achilles’ heel of this deception.  In order to heal the damage done by the deforming and dumbing-down of the parent religious philosophy other weaknesses need to be exposed, a good example of the sly intrusion is seen in the following short lecture.  This speaker gives a good review of today’s problems but his cure supports that which caused these problems.  Today most listeners will applaud in tribal loyalty believing it offers genuine reform in line with traditional Christian philosophy.  The more knowing turn away; few see the deadly efficiency of a poison that undermines truth while pretending to support it.  Save if you can, this talk is likely to be removed when it is found to be exposed. Listen at:


One thing we, the people, find difficult to accept is growing inefficiency of medical services for this reason general comment on health care is included.  In part one of the re-birthing message Dr. Diane Harper's brave words were featured.  Now the direct words of one of USA's leading doctors.


Dr. Al Sears; Quote:  "...  the doctors I know are well trained and well intentioned. But sometimes putting your faith in the system gets you in trouble.


The pharmaceutical giant Wyeth is being sued over its synthetic hormone drugs Premarin and Prempro. They [those suing] are alleging the drugs can cause cancer and heart disease.


During the discovery process, they uncovered a scam. And what a doozy this scam is!  Wyeth paid ghost-writers to create scientific review articles. These articles were then published in leading medical journals. And these articles are full of misleading data that led doctors to believe they were safe.

Doctors prescribed these medications and women died as a result.


 Here’s how Wyeth’s deception worked:  The ghost-writers wrote the journal articles. The articles touted the benefits of synthetic hormone replacement therapy. And downplayed all the risks. Serious risks, like invasive breast cancer, stroke, heart disease and even dementia.


Then, the ghost-writers paid top physicians to sign their name as the author of the article.


It didn’t matter that the physicians hadn’t contributed anything or very little to the writing or scientific review of the available studies. And the doctors didn’t know that the drug company was paying for the study.


The final versions of these articles didn’t mention Wyeth’s financial ties. Even the respected journals that published them had no idea.


The plan worked. Doctors rely on medical journals. As a result, thousands prescribed synthetic hormones to their patients, thinking it was perfectly safe.


It’s no wonder sales of Premarin and Prempro spiked to almost $2 billion in 2001. At one time, Premarin was the #1 moneymaking prescription in the U.S.


If you can’t trust the medical journals, what are you left with?  I’ve always been skeptical that drugs are the only answer. I always ask myself these questions: What did nature intend?  What did it create?  Are there natural alternatives to man-made drugs?


Synthetic, chemical-based drugs that try to mimic a hormone can lead to real trouble. And in this case, even cancer.  But if you try to recreate what nature intended using compounds that your body recognizes as safe, you’ll get relief without the risk.


Instead of dangerous synthetic HRT drugs, here’s what I use to treat my patients. Black Cohosh.  Black cohosh works to normalize your hormones and gently helps you regain your sex drive. Studies show it can be nearly as effective as HRT to reduce hot flashes, night sweats, depression and anxiety. I recommend 250 mg three times a day. Maca Root. Found high in the Andes Mountains of Peru, has been used for 8,000 years to relieve hot flashes, night sweats, improve your mood, and rev-up your sexual desire. Take 200 mg daily.


I also recommend that you see your doctor and get your hormone levels checked. This includes checking your estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels.


Consider bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Unlike synthetic HRT, bioidenticals are exact replicas of your own hormones that are easily identified by your body. When it comes to hormones, one size does not fit all. Everyone’s needs are different.


With bioidenticals, your doctor can prescribe a custom blend of naturally occurring hormones that are specific to your needs.


You’ll need a compounding pharmacy to fill your prescription. They are usually independently owned and easy to find in your state.

Al Sears, MD.  End Quote.


Well there you have it.  It is now rare to find those mean-spirited people brought to public attention.  They have such power of fiat-wealth that they get careless and few honest citizens take up the fight on behalf of the human family.


Globalist confidence is justified!  Even if exposed, our great majority seem now too dumbed-down to defend ourselves even when abuse is obvious.


Will this change?  Why are activities as mentioned above allowed and encouraged?  Decline of basic logic is one answer.  Read the evidence on this site.  Subtle conniving over generations cannot be exposed and explained in a single sentence but the "Vocals" file helps with examples of corruption.


Though I understand the problem I still find it hard to accept that humans may fail to retain the logical ability and intellectual morality to see that evidence such as above is serious enough to awaken their natural survival instincts.


When the system and government becomes so corrupt, and the community so uncaring of itself that the authority of its leading literature can, virtually at will, be used against it, then clearly, we have been stripped quite bare of our human moral defences.  Surely we are still able to see and understand this! 


It is said the pharmaceutical industry started with the "snake-oil" salesmen of the old American west who later joined up with the oil industry to make vast fortunes by taking energy, provided free by the earth, to price at whatever the market would bear.  They then used every immoral mind trick to inflame greed, create waste and multiply the unearned power of this wealth.


Greed knows no limits; soon boundless wealth was not enough.  Greed turned to accumulation of power and when they saw that THEIR earth becoming over-populated and resources destroyed, their intent focused on owning the earth and enslaving those useful as servants or medical experiment.  Explaining the problem to gain a human solution did not suit the mean minded.


It was for them a simple step to learn more of how the human mind works and turn this to cultural subversion.  Given control of governments in the most advanced nations, then all else becomes almost irrelevant. - Top



Well the operating system is called "Hegelian Dialectic".  Hegelian dialectic has its roots in a power principle called "Divide and Conquer", or "playing both ends against the middle".  Then, for real kick-in-your-teeth contempt, it became "Outcomes Based Education".


Originally exposed as socialist principle Hegelian Dialectic was not connected in the democratic mind with "White Knight" Capitalism. But of course Capitalism and Communism was the first big divide in the "divide and conquer" plan.


Humanist ambitions: humanism, as a name, is clearly in pretence of "human". 

This no childish game!  There is no public evidence that the largest Secret Service ever assembled is in this service but this vast economic force (now ruling by imposed philosophies) has no use for military.  So it is entirely irrational to imagine that Globalism does not employ an army of professional "People Shapers" (working secretly) to indoctrinate deformities, integrate rumours and reshape truth to tribal preference as needed to balance their divide and conquer programs – thus they create credibility for humanism's pretence.


The Hegelian Dialectic Principle:

Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis! 

Thesis is any idea (it may be factual);

Antithesis is opposing argument and;

Synthesis is the designed outcome.


The game is to restrict opponents to stubborn futility then manipulate blind futility to accept the outcome desired by those behind the program.  I.e., Globalism creates problems, then generates solutions to its advantage. 


Evidence is that, by trickery and threat, Globalists have ruled our corrupted national governments for over 100 years.  You may find that hard to believe but if you love truth, you will find the evidence beyond logical doubt. 


This vast interlocking system could not form by chance.  This was created by deceit!  How many today have basic understanding of Global Warming (its origin and potential)?  Of Nature of money (fiat money)!  Of legitimate Political systems (illegality of Party Politics)!  Or of anything important to human culture!


Cultural basics and education are not quantum science; these matters can be understood from information on this site!  Only by use of the deforming power of Hegelian Dialectics could we be reduced to present level of inhumanity.


Increasingly biased education has needed 100 years to dumb-down humans to take sides in blind partisan support of what we now selfishly value as "our side".  That, as we see, is what most now do; without this emotional sand Globalism's philosophy of deceit could never achieve or maintain power.


A free human mind appreciates that moral human social behaviour is a human essential; something well within our natural ability.  Nevertheless bankers and financial planners do embrace a system of clear confidence trickery leading to human consequences without visible conclusion.


If Hegelian Dialectic does not promote myth, why the partisan discussion; why the primitive tribal loyalty without resolution or understanding – why personal take on Global Warming; football team; political party?  Don't talk of truth, justice or mercy; what has that to do with anything!  Winning is the game; my ideas are me!  My dogmas are my heart and soul!  I AM animal!  Emotion is ME!


Sides-taking loyalty is a primitive survival instinct now 'un-naturally' encouraged through party politics and professional sport. Sides' taking is an easy substitute for understanding and a basic force behind Hegelian Dialectic control.  Combine with dumbing down of logic; what do you get?  Confusion, frustration and violence!  


Climates do change continually; change creates erratic weather with proven capacity to make an overstressed irrational, population (even without our help) disintegrate! 


Only when knowing that both sides are misled in order to achieve dominance by a third party do we look for what neither side explains!  Only then do we appreciate that, in recycle of massive pollution, climate change may extend over millions of years, both with or without need of human activity to upset balance.


So now, having been led happily up the garden path of animal emotions, for gain of animal pleasures, can we challenge this DEATH TRAP with the intelligence we are given?  Can we take responsibility for life and not submit to emotions' dead-end?


With debates balanced neatly on deceit, neither side knows the truth!  Violence increases with frustrations – we see it in our homes and streets as we argue – we trust sides-chosen leaders to guide us. 


As tribal leaders know no more than we, then people-shaper advisers easily herd all into emotion created attitudes of fashionable self-destruction!


Bombarded with ideas of multiracial beauty we ignore reality! People-shapers know that crude cultures never merge without ingrained animosity!  Troubles (even generations later) bring violence; the stronger blame and kill the weaker!


Most of us see examples of this in our own lifetimes yet still live in, and pretend, false enlightenment!  As Global Warming brings hunger and hardship, immigrants become first bait for riot and murder.  So, having instilled unsatisfiable need for playthings (to create meaning in lives that have been deliberately made meaningless)!  How easy now to lead us to death with sly help of designer disease?  So smoothly goes the plan!


Most were fooled to see "Dumbing Down" as some silly extremist idea.  Well laugh, lighten the air, but see the trouble and strife now enveloping human culture and know that it worked; that a human cultural re-birth is now urgent.


Our plight is now life/death!  A recent description of our situation was as being like two people, looking at a horse and arguing as to whether it was an Antelope or a Gazelle.  Though anyone knowing a horse could never be in doubt, the unknowing could argue forever with increasing heat and self-conviction because neither understands enough to explain the flaws in the others argument – or expose that there is another option, another answer.


Globalism promotes itself as humane, as of human benefit – it sells emotion to deny intelligence – it sells fun in exchange for future – it lies.  We are surrounded by violence – the violence of its toxic deceits!  We breathe its putrid philosophy and as we breathe our culture sickens!  We know how it gained rule of our developing culture and we know how to end it – the political Achilles' heel!


Relax; think a little: will you forsake your human heritage of future life – sacrifice yourself to criminals?


Were proof needed that life was created by intelligence then advancing discovery further demonstrates that intellectual foresight is a continual need for life's maintenance and advance.  We work to save animals but in truth, success requires that we first save ourselves. 


Creation by evolution is a logical impossibility!  We were created by intelligence and by use of intelligence we grow in life.  If we forsake intelligence to live by our animal emotions, then we can neither foresee change, nor create for it, and so (as demonstrated by experience of animals) we become extinct.


Next: Dr. Sears has other news to help us avoid traps and confirm this cultural review.  We need guard our human health against attack from all sides. 


Al Sears, MD: Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411September 17, 2009

Note: Dr. Sears here mentions telomere lengths: telomeres are vital in life's design.  Attached to genes these set limits to physical life. 


Quote: Now there’s a strategy you can use to extend your life…one cup at a time.  Imagine if you could extend your life by five years just by drinking tea.  Would you...?


When a large group of elderly Chinese men drank three cups or more of tea each day, they recorded significantly longer telomere lengths – nearly five years of added lifespan – compared with those who drank one cup or less.


The study, published in the British Journal of Nutrition, applies to black and green teas with the majority of the subjects drinking green tea.


Our ancestors have long touted the health benefits of tea, but never at the DNA level. Now we’re learning new ways where you may help maintain the length of your telomeres and increase your lifespan. That’s good news for tea drinkers and great news for fans of life extension.


You’ve heard me talk about telomeres – the “time keepers” that cap each strand of DNA. Each time your cells divide, your telomeres get shorter. And telomere length is a key indicator of your overall health and lifespan.


By lengthening your telomeres, you can extend your life. And that means for the first time, you can actually stop – even reverse – the aging process in your body.


Here’s the thing: Your telomeres are extremely vulnerable to oxidative stress … and that’s exactly what antioxidants protect you against. This helps keep your telomeres long. And that, in turn, will help you live a longer and healthier life. That’s where the healing powers of tea come in. The antioxidant properties of tea may be responsible for protecting the telomeres.


Green tea packs a powerful punch of antioxidants and phytonutrients that eradicates free radicals floating in your body. These are the primary culprits in aging.


The active ingredient in green tea is EGCG, which can prevent and repair cell damage. As a scavenger of free radicals, EGCG combats the effects of pollution, sunlight and smoking, which helps skin from wrinkling and aging.


The best way to receive the benefits abundant in green tea – including the EGCG – is to start with whole tea leaves (sold in specialty tea stores) or with a tea bag.


Most of the bottled green tea drinks contain additives like aspartame that counteract brewed green tea’s healing properties. I suggest you make your own to maximize the powerful, antioxidant-fighting benefits. You can also find ECGC supplements at your local health food store. I suggest taking 50 mg of ECGC daily.


And there are other ways to maintain your telomere length. Here’s what I re-commend: Vitamin B12 – Take at least 100 mcg per day.  I have advised my patients to take as much as 500 mcg per day or more for improving things like brain function and energy levels.


Vitamin C – Based on my own experience, taking up to 3,000 mg per day is a good amount if you're in good health. I always recommend pregnant women get at least 6,000 mg per day. And in times of stress or sickness, you can take up to 20,000 mg.


Make sure that you get the natural form of vitamin C and not the synthetic form. In one particular study, natural vitamin C was 148% more effective than the synthetic form. And it stayed in the test participants’ systems longer.


Vitamin E – Look for a multivitamin with at least 200 iu of “mixed tocopherols” rather than just alpha tocopherols. Your body is better able to absorb them in their organic “d” form.

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD var addthis_pub="alsearsmd";


Another Quote:

When I was hiking through the Andes, I saw people chatting on their cell phones. In Kerala, India, I saw fishermen call into shore from their boats to negotiate a price for the day’s catch. They even send pictures!


Cell phones are ubiquitous. Especially in the third world, they give people that wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it access to the internet. And in that way, the cell phone is one of the greatest inventions of our time.


But I’m conflicted about the health consequence.

A new study from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) warns that many of the new internet phones bombard your brain with dangerous electromagnetic waves. 1


These waves penetrate your skull and can double your risk of a brain tumour. 2


Back in 2003, the Food and Drug Administration assured us that cell phones do not cause brain cancer. Unfortunately, they based their study on only three years of cell phone use.  But if you use a cell phone for a decade or more, your risk goes up.  Researchers in Scandinavia and the United Kingdom discovered that people who used cell phones for more than 10 years had a significantly higher risk of developing brain tumours. 3


Even more alarming is what happens to kids that use cell phones.  Young skulls are less than half adult thickness, making it easier for radio waves to penetrate and damage the brain. Multiple studies show young children absorb more radiation than adults do, putting them at high risk for brain tumors .4


A two-minute call can alter the natural electrical activity in your child’s brain for one hour. Multiply this by the average 2,600 minutes a month your child is on the phone…and you get 22 hours (nearly a day) of unnatural brain activity.


Wireless earpieces and keeping the phone in your pocket are not good options. The earpiece relies on radio waves for transmission – these go into your brain. The phone in your pocket is emitting radio waves straight to your vital organs, especially your genitals.


So what should you do? I for one don’t want to give up my cell phone. And I don’t suggest you give up yours either. But I do take certain steps to limit my radiation exposure.


Here’s are some steps you can take:

    * Check what kind of radiation your phone emits. The lower, the better.   EWG has an updated list of the best and the worst phones.

    * Put your phone in ‘airplane’ mode when you’re in places you can’t (or shouldn’t) use your phone – driving, theaters, meetings, and doctor’s offices. This reduces the number of radiation exposure hours.

    * Go ‘hands-free’. The further away your phone is from your body – the less radiation penetrates you. Twelve inches (one foot) is the closest you should be to your phone.

    * Use a wired head set for all calls – make sure the cord is long enough so your phone is at least twelve inches away from you.

    * Send text messages instead of calling. Or keep your calls short.

    * And possibly the hardest advice of all to implement… limit use of cell phones by your children and teens. I tell my son Dylan to text instead of call. This limits his exposure.


I keep my phone in my desk drawer while I’m at work. In the car, I keep it on the console. And when I’m going back and forth, I keep it in my briefcase. And I don’t use it for long.


When I’m going to be on the phone for a while, I use a landline.

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD.  End Quote.


Lifetruth Ed.  Well readers, I think that good advice is within the ability of most.  Admittedly there is some genuine need of such things. 


For Love of Life:

We need do more than learn!  We need help others find reliable information.  I think our situation is now adequately exposed and explained!  As long-time readers know, this re-birthing snapshot is a highlighting of earlier work. 


A few years ago, when we printed books on paper, a small group (within a decade) produced several books and some 70 thousand were sold in Australia (not counting booklets & pamphlets) without publicity other than person to person! 


That experience tells me that people (even ten years ago) were far more conscious of their humanity and alert to the need to defend it.  But at that time a better understanding of the situation was still needed.


Printed copy helps!  That is important!  This little highlighting assembly is important.  Though we must admit that the despised dumbing-down has been remarkably effective some intelligent people have overcome difficulties and noticed.  As reported by the Author of 'The Age of American Unreason', Susan Jacoby: "It's like these guys take pride in being ignorant."



Yes!  Many of the young now seem ashamed to use their intelligence – seem to feel a need to take pride in stupidity as if stupidity, being now in fashion, is something to be proud of.  Well we do what we can and this PDF paper-saving booklet printout is now available to all on the Internet.


The political Achilles' heel of democracies usurpers!  As reported on site, it is just a matter of each electorate setting up its own Electoral Commission to choose one of its own more honest and capable citizens as its representative.


Even at first attempt it cannot be as bad as electing the representative chosen by vested interests (parties) to serve vested interests.  That would not change even if those interests were as they pretend.  Nor does being wrongly informed give the right to oppress other good citizens by voting for group advantage. 


Those in power have taken power illegitimately in pretence of serving our democratic rights, so they have no excuse of forceful suppression if this power is used legitimately.  We are responsible for our government as also for our lives.  Democratic government will not force on us either medication or information, but will aid us in our right to the medication and information of our choice.  That applies to health, education government and right to knowledge.


Work in the spirit of human life is for all who want to serve life and develop to live life at its highest level; it would be a pity if some with the will to achieve it should be lost to blatant deceit.


So, ding-ding-ding-a-ling, wake-up world; time for adulthood!  Access to the cultural truth is now a little easier so perhaps the re-birth of human culture may now get improved attention. - Top



Knowledge is power: Who am I?

We can avoid the looming catastrophe!


Today our sick health services example is from Lee Euler; Publisher of “Cancer Defeated”.   No!Hours of my valuable time are not spent looking for drama; I just choose from the daily mailbag.  The pure volume of sick health services mail exposes a culture in serious distress.


Quote: “The Drug Company Threat to Your Health, …

We’re witnessing a collapse of the conventional medical system into incompetence, corruption and bankruptcy. Other than shock-trauma (treatment for accidents) and obvious bacterial infections like TB and pneumonia, conventional doctors do almost nothing right and you should avoid them if you possibly can.


I don’t say this lightly. I used to be a true believer in doctors. The more I learn about them, the worse they look.  Now I spend a fair amount of my time and money trying to repair the damage they did (way too many antibiotics, for example). And I count myself lucky — my health is pretty good, compared to my friends and relatives who still believe in conventional medicine.


The most reliable available figures show that prescription drugs are the fourth leading cause of death in the United States, after heart disease, cancer and stroke.

That’s why the drug companies provide the easiest way to peer into the center of our failing health system. Last week I wrote about how most of their "new" drugs are really old drugs at five or ten times the price.


Maybe that wouldn’t be so bad if the drugs — new or old — actually worked. But they don’t.


The Great Placebo Crisis

Many prescription and OTC drugs perform no better than a placebo — a sugar pill. As you may know, the FDA doesn’t approve a new drug until it’s been proven better than a sugar pill in a minimum of three human trials.


All the drug company has to prove is that the drug is better than nothing.

The corruption starts right there. A drug company can run as many trials as it wants until it gets three successful ones. Eight trials, ten trials. Doesn’t matter.


So the new wonder drug may have lost to a placebo five times — who knows? — while beating a placebo only three times.  That’s no different from flipping a coin eight times, getting three heads, and then announcing that you have a "new, improved" coin that comes up heads more often than tails. In other words, it’s utter nonsense. It’s not science.


In spite of the FDA’s lax standard for beating a placebo, most new drugs STILL can’t do so. The placebo problem has actually become a crisis in the drug industry. The placebo effect is very powerful and, typically, 20 percent or more of patients improve if they merely think they’re receiving a treatment, even when they’re not.


This should prompt the medical community to look at our minds and spirits as ways of helping us heal. But of course, there wouldn’t be much money in that.


Again and again, new drugs are unable to beat placebos and win FDA approval. And many of the drugs that win approval didn’t really beat a placebo at all, as I just explained. And please notice that a new drug doesn’t have to be proven better than older, cheaper drugs. The new drug you’re taking may be no better than a drug that’s been around for years. Nobody knows. They don’t test for that.


If you have to take a drug for, say, diabetes or heart disease, you’re almost always better off taking an older drug than the new "wonder drug" that’s advertised all over the place.


For example, the most expensive cholesterol drugs are no better than the older ones that are now off-patent and available as generics. But the new ones cost several times as much.  Your doctor knows all this, or should.  They have effects, just not the ones you want.  Although they’re often ineffective for the condition they’re supposed to treat, drugs DO still have effects — side effects. Usually bad side effects.


Antidepressants are among the worst offenders when it comes to being no better than a placebo while being loaded with side effects. The natural alternatives are at least as good for depression — often better — and they’re definitely cheaper and safer.


The most popular antidepressants are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRI’s. This category includes brand name drugs Prozac™, Zoloft™, Paxil™, and several others. Annual sales of the group exceed $14 billion per year.


A major study by the FDA itself showed that 80% of the improvement that patients experience with SSRI’s is due to the placebo effect.


Dr. Arif Khan, a psychiatrist in Bellevue, Washington, reviewed the data from dozens of human trials conducted on 9 antidepressants including the leading SSRI’s. In more than half these studies, the placebo relieved the patients’ depression just as well, or better than, the drugs.


But I don’t want you to think the drugs have no effects. SSRI’s and other antidepressants have dozens of side effects, including many that are dangerous.  The same is true of drugs in other categories. A major study in Canada found that finasteride, a leading drug for male prostate problems, was little better than a placebo.


Does that mean the drug does nothing? You wish. The patients on the drug developed sexual impotence at twice the rate of those on placebo. Finasteride is marketed under the brand name Proscar.


This isn’t to say all drugs are no better than a placebo. Some do what they’re supposed to — reduce blood pressure, get rid of acne or whatever. But too often, the side effects are worse than the disease — and too often, patients don’t discover the side effects until it’s too late.


The acne drug I have in mind causes cancer in lab animals and induces mental illness in some youngsters. But it’s very effective at clearing up acne, and hundreds of thousands of kids take it, at horrible risk to their health — maybe cancer, fifteen or twenty years from now.


This whole issue of safety could fill a book. I just want to touch on a few safety issues right now. You may think the FDA at least makes sure drugs are tested for safety before being approved. Not so. The required human trials are just enough to prove patients won’t keel over quickly, within a few months.


Drug companies aren’t required to demonstrate long-term safety. The human phase of testing only totals about three years and generally no single patient is tested for more than year or so. That’s not long enough for long term side effects like cancer and heart disease to show up.


That’s why you’re always hearing that some drug or other is being pulled off the market because it’s associated with heart disease. The "experts" don’t know the heart risk until the drug has been on the market for years and millions of people have taken it. THEN the long-term effects show up.


As for cancer, rarely is any drug pulled off the market for that, because it’s so hard to prove cause and effect for this disease that can take decades to develop in humans.


You’ve probably heard of the famous Vioxx case — the painkiller that was pulled off the market because it was found to be associated with heart problems. Less well-known is Rezulin, a "new generation" diabetes drug that was recalled because it causes liver damage. Some people died and others required liver transplants.


Rezulin is one of a whole family of diabetes drugs. Its relatives are still on the market and millions of people are still taking them.  The New England Journal of Medicine reported that another member of this family of diabetes drugs, Avandia, increases the risk of heart attack as shown by 42 human trials.


A later study cast doubt on those results, and the drug-maker is fighting it all the way.


So here’s where things stand: significant evidence suggests Avandia damages the heart, a related drug is known to damage the liver and has already been withdrawn — and yet doctors go on prescribing Avandia. I think the drug will eventually be pulled off the market.


Frightening risk of cancer

Here’s one of the scariest studies I’ve seen: A review of 242 prescription drugs found that 42% of them cause cancer in lab animals, according to information provided in the drug packaging!


This is an old study from the late 1990s. It should have set off alarms all over the place and led to more studies. But as usual in cases like this, the medical profession didn’t follow up to learn more.  They don’t want to know. And, anyway, most medical research is funded by the drug companies and they DEFINITELY don’t want to know.


The same is true of the most famous study proving deaths and injuries from the use of prescription drugs. You’ve probably read about it in other alternative health publications. I’m talking about a 1998 University of Toronto study showing that 106,000 Americans per year die from the effects of medications.


Two million more are hurt seriously enough to go to a hospital. And the study didn’t compile figures for people who were sickened by their medications, but not badly enough to head for an ER.


That study is the main proof that medications are the #4 cause of death. But there was no follow-up. Nothing was done. That’s shocking in itself. The medical profession shows no interest in finding out more about the #4 cause of death.


In fact, medications are almost NEVER listed as the cause of death on a death certificate. The profession is either not interested or wants to protect doctors from lawsuits. Their whole attitude, "It’s not us. Don’t look at us."


Guess what: It’s them. Think twice before you accept their advice.

Kindest regards,  Lee Euler; Publisher."  End Quote - Top



Gain Your Freedom!

Save Your Future!


Health, finance, politics, philosophy; why are we in this dangerous mess today?  Why do so many of us close our eyes to pollution, population and the finite nature of resources?  See article "The Doomsday Report"!


It's because of what 'THEY' have done to us: Right!


Well – let's look:  Where did that idea originate; and why?  Who is the real culprit hiding in our back garden?


The people who control the financial system, the government and through the government the education system and the mass media – you know those vile people who own the pharmaceutical system and produce all those highly refined artificial medications that just seem to help for a while before they create worse problems than you had to begin with – that create such suffering and expense as they sedate you to death!  We all know it's them don't we? - Top


Well it is not THEM; they who own the “Party system” are just convenient scapegoats to hide the real villains!


Nor is it their agents (the people-shapers) who choose the dummies we vote for – you know, those polished to perform like DVDs with buttons so shiny that their advisers only have to look at them to change their program – those groomed so carefully that even they themselves do not know that their financial good fortune was arranged so that their pride satisfies their arrogance and their self-confidence shines like a beacon as they lead parties in our name – no, not them or their stooges.


Well who is it that has so carefully led our grandparents, parents and we into this trap?  Who is it that has so carefully groomed us to blame the invisible 'them' for our woes so that the real culprits would be ignored?  Who is it that blinded us to the simplicity that if WE are not prepared to take responsibility for our own lives then our futile raving against 'them' would allow ‘THEM’ to use ‘US’ to their advantage?


Well, I know you are not going to believe this: well not at first!  We have had it so ground into our consciousness for generations that it now seems an immovable certainty – it has to be 'THEM'!  


But of course this trick had to be performed very expertly because if we glimpsed the obvious we would not submit!



We like to avoid taking responsibility for our own lives and don't like cheating but its OK if others cheat for us!  We happily vote for OUR Party (right or wrong) in hope that ‘IT’ will get us more than we honestly earn. 


So What?  So ‘THEY’ would not have had free rein to run and ruin our lives had we not persisted in trust of tribalism and unloading OUR responsibility for democratic government on to those who love power!


We are the ones who are so happy to pass responsibility for our lives on to others that, given a little blind-siding; we close our eyes to the obvious and are happy to imagine we are choosing our own representatives for OUR parliaments in belief they MUST serve US!  We are the ones who happily pass responsibility on to others – especially on to others who we think will get for us a little more than our fair share of the takings – meaning – our "PARTY". 


Obviously, if we did set up some selection system we could never make such good choices as 'they' make for us?  Of course we can't!  They have hundreds of years of refining experience with their secret selection and grooming process.  We could never match that!


How can we ignore that amateurish attempts to choose our representative could not match the efficiency of their choice, but we DO ignore that their efficiency is to represent THEIR masters – NOT us.


So no matter how inefficient and amateurish our first attempt to take responsibility for our own lives might be, it would serve US, in HONESTY, so much better. - Top



Who are they?  Who are those inhuman beasts who charge us huge prices for unhealthy medications; create unhealthy foods to feed the starving millions; lead us into fighting unjustified wars and mislead us about everything of human importance so as to enslave our minds and rob us of our human inheritance?


I have cancer!  Not just any cancer, established bone cancer that I have been battling for over a year.  Start-up cancers have many cures.  In fact it has been known for years that our biological bodies were given natural defences that take care of most cancers if given just a little help from good diet.


So most 'cures' claimed today, by both professional and alternative health, are the easy ones well nourished bodies would themselves heal.


I have also had erratic heartbeat for years, and now overcome something that has all the symptoms of emphysema.  The point to make is this: when I pass on it won’t be because of any of these, it will be because (although it claims the choice is up to me) my government does not allow me my right to choose (or import) effective medications.


Not only does it not allow me my choice of medications it does everything in its power to prevent responsible citizens knowing of their lifesaving choices.


We give government power because we want the 'party' advantage even though its danger has been known for over two thousand years.  This causes misery and death of thousands, every year!


Why?  Because no-one; and I mean no one or more percentage of us, cares enough to inform themselves honestly and help others expose the truth.


WHY?  Because those elected, when faced with BIG money; Big Business or Big industry, ignore issues we elected them to deal with.  They bow to the glamour and power of wealth because this weakness is the reason they are chosen by others, to represent others, BEFORE offered for 'party' election by the people.


The first choice is the one that matters and it is the people behind those who control governments who hold ultimate power of decision?


Once hidden people have been given political and financial power, they control mass media, education and, through these ‘reins’ set the bridle ‘bit’ of false philosophy firmly in our lives. Were health as well controlled as aircraft replacement parts there would be less millionaires and more in prison?


So if we give power to a sham democracy – to government that is not bound to act as OUR National Constitutions intended – how can we blame it for the mess made of our lives, our health and family relationships?


We, the people, unthinkingly obey those who groom in fashion and feed us in devious pretence that this relieves us of responsibility.  But still, no matter how we look at it, we HAVE clear responsibility! We gave others power of selection!


Yes!  Through scientific understanding of how the human mind works some may control what we think and what we think about; so they direct our self-destructive behaviour. 


Yes!  It’s ‘THEM’, the people behind the scenes who do the dirty work; these are they who pull the strings! It's these who plan to rule and own the world along with all that’s on and in it: - Top


But, who gave 'THEM' the power?

Behind it all: WHO is at FAULT?


Well you probably know someone who points the finger at a religion, power group, industry or political movement.  Or some secretive sect such as the Illuminati that arose from just such a combination of influential people!


Morally criminal, Mafia-type groups of families do play an important role; but how can you help but notice; all have one thing common!  


All are composed of PEOPLE just like you, our neighbors and me.  We, in majority of thousands, give the arrogant the power to look after us.  This, even though we all know that those arrogant will, if given the opportunity, quickly do the things we complain of. 


Why?  Because it is the natural reverse side of human nature, a nature that, to give free choice, must allow full range of choice – including its dark side – to  advance, we must learn to understand and subdue this.


Have you read the little story on site about the old American Indian telling a boy about the two wolves that live inside us (one good, one evil) that fight for control?  Recall that the boy asks, "Which wolf wins?"  To which the old man replies, "The one you feed!"


Yes!  When it comes down to it, who gives those dreadful egomaniacs power to control our lives – who refuse responsibility for their own lives to such fatalistic animalist determination that they happily vote to elect those (chosen by others) who consign us as to animalist service?


Can we now fail to see how it is that, in preference to organizing our electorates so that we (the moral majority) choose our own representatives (from people we know are of good reputation) to represent us fairly as humans in democratic parliaments, we, the people, prefer to vote for representatives chosen by the dark side to represent our dark side in hope to gain for ourselves advantages above our common democratic rights and earnings?


Yes! We ignore that if we use our intelligence rather than emotion, we are quite capable of understanding what life is about!  Our kind, in various cultures, saw our honest options centuries ago. We are quite capable of human appreciation, human need, understanding and reform.  Having power of numbers and working together, we can achieve so much more than we gain by thieving from each other!  Those we empower only give emotion in an image of glamour.


So, look closely friend; look inward mate and buddy; be not shy about who ‘THEY’ are for they are US!  Our enemy is within; it is the wolf we feed that sets the tide of our human welfare, our endeavor and our future!


In truth we now fail shamefully but, having a clear view of the consequences of our failure we now know we have been given an intelligence that can both feel and understand regret; can appreciate that working in unity we can achieve much more to our common benefit; can see that if we serve selfish emotions we, as other animals, achieve no more than a dead end.


We don't need ask our creator for help because we have already been given all the help we need – we just need prove our humanity and GROW-UP a little.


Yes we are the meek, so shy of taking responsibility for our own lives that we have let ourselves be led to elect those who serve our shallow, selfish desires.


We were given great advantage over common animals!  We can examine a situation and change our ways.  Having done this, be assured, we, the meek, in unity of love of life, truth and justice, shall become entitled to inherit this earth we live on.


But before we can do this we have to give information to those who care enough about the human future to unite in change – to our kind who know that only mind can advance the common welfare beyond the stagnant limits of selfish emotions.


So lets finish off with a quick review of some important points made through the files on this and companion sites. - Top



Early in life I wanted to know the truth of life for my own sake.  This is in the nature of humanity for we cannot make rational decisions without truth.  When read the Robinson Crusoe story I found it interesting but at end asked if it was true?  Told no; I said in disgust: "Well what's the use of it then!" 


As we have seen and uncovered by investigating, Children, not indoctrinated to false philosophy, may see clearly.  Though I came to accept a value of fiction (it was then more realistic and not inset with the lavish Humanist-brainwash-propaganda of today) my love of truth remained, so when I read in Scriptures, "I am the way; I am the truth and I am life; no one comes to the Father except by me.” I saw it was based on understanding beyond this world.


As you may already have seen, I have little time for religion; it is taken over with the stagnant mental fixations of man.  Even the New Testament was not written until a couple of hundred years after the event; study the area and you will see those times debated and polluted with the human biases warned of at its origin.


Many Christians, ignoring reality of simple historic fact, are horrified by claim the entirety of the Holy Bible is not from God.  Given closed eyes the very thought that part can be separated from the whole gives unwanted responsibility.


However, we must realize that the Creator of all order (as represented by the universe and its living component) must be intellectually supreme.  Once we understand this then we can easily see that childish, silly or irrational content is human! 


Contamination confuses vital understanding!  Emotional decisions offer reward of pleasure without lasting benefit or vision of consequences; action based on emotion without thought carries great risk.  We are warned not to change the Word but are also given the intelligence needed to reject its pollution. 


We don't need agonize over the Christian Testament! Just save that of clearly superior logic from the petty and confusing. - Top



You then have all you need know of God.   Or as [ New English Bible ] Romans 1-19,20;puts it: "For all that may be known of God by men lies plain before their eyes; indeed God himself has disclosed it to them. His invisible attributes, that is to say his everlasting power and deity, have been visible, ever since the world began, to the eye of reason, in the things he has made." Yes: "to the eye of reason in the things he has made"!  So let's clear the air of childish magic, trivia and human ego to honestly face the intellectual reality.



Among basic points we have now found:

1: The simplicity of moral behavior. There is no intellectual difficulty involved in understanding the basic needs of moral behavior!  For example: the need (as our national Australian Constitution demands) to directly choose our own representatives for OUR parliament before we elect them to power. 


2:  There is no complication preventing our parliament reminding people (as part of education) of need to honor truth or explaining simple moral need in advertising, health care, behavior and entertainment. 


3: There is no great expense needed to have it explained to citizens how the pollution of earth's creation was turned into the energy deposits of oil and coal, or the need for responsible use as understanding advanced. See the DVD "CRUDE".


4:  Though it may take a little logical reasoning to appreciate the technical impossibility of complex progressive order forming by chance, the basic nature of chance is visible (to the eye of reason) in the everyday chance destruction of order.  This reveals the true nature of chance.  


5: What excuse allows the evasion of our human rights and responsibilities in relation to health, government, philosophy and finance?  If we allow world financial collapse without understanding we will find ourselves helpless in suffering!  Consequences of such abuses have power to mark the murder/suicide of humanity!  


6: Truth is the Reality of the order in which physical life exists.  That is a statement of simple and sound logic. Some try to analyze truth to extinction but even if another order (in which life could exist is possible) that would not be relevant to our order, or of ours to it. 


7:  We are the main cause of our distress and a child given natural learning and discipline can understand that! But by humanist philosophy we pretend caring!  So as to avoid giving the child physical discipline we prefer to deform minds!
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To conclude this file: If we are to re-birth our humanity one thing we must understand is that there is no magic in creation.


We now act as if animals with fixed abilities, but unlike common animals our abilities, whatever they may be, have vast potential for development and (as with our combined potential) these are ours to develop or deform. 


There is a cause for every effect!  1 + 1 = 2!  Every murder, rape, road accident, deception – each evil, or good, has a cause!  Our present disorder is caused by the false philosophy we live by.  The entirety of creation only exists because mind created that order out of energy.  The natural state of energy is rest, in this state it is invisible to us but it is detectable, our science calls it dark matter.  If an order of energy is not maintained by the spirit of mind, then the spirit of energy will return it to chaos.  That is the eternal battle.


Order creating out of energy is called truth!  Ordering of energy in the truth of life creates life.  So, “Truth is the Reality of the Order in which WE exist”, by nature every reality must have its alternative, it cannot exist alone.  All creation, to succeed, must obey nature’s laws of order.


No matter how we may confuse issues each individual future rests in hands attached to mind – our combined potential is in our hands!  The creation of the universe gave us the gift of life and each individual has a personal choice to continue or escape the amazing challenge of order V chaos.  Most choose life’s adventure and that decided the human view of good and evil.


For additional details confirming how culture has been abused, changed and deformed – for further understanding of culture so that its order can be Re-Birthed – see other literature on this or companion sites.


NOTE: Print-out PDF files being the last assembled may have small changes for formatting or improvement.

Thank You!

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6th April 2010
Re-Birthing Culture 1 2 & 3 (pdf download in booklet format)

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