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Since first written the evidence for climate change, as a result of misguided human activity, has dramatically enlarged.  Also consequences, such as my warning that shifting the weight of ice and water would cause increasing volcano and earthquake activity, a point I have yet to see made by any other service.   People, where possible, should avoid living or holidaying near earth fault-lines.

In advanced cultures we now detect a movement away from the cities.  People are beginning to see that the offerings of city life have been reduced to junk and squirm!  They seek for clean fresh reality called a sea-change as most move along the pleasant coastal strip.

Strange as it seems, the Christian Bible tells us that this old world will disappear and that the commercial empire ruling today will collapse!  A new world will be a world of living perfection that we cannot now imagine; a world where we live by intelligence rather than as animals and plan of petty control-freak manipulators.

Those of us who've lived to a 'ripe-old-age' may remember (with some nostalgia) an old-world that was also a very different world from that today. 

In that world people were more honest and, compared to today, had a strangely, more humane caring, attitude. 

In that world, when shopping or visiting, the key was left under the doormat so friends could let themselves in.  Children, town or country, could roam freely, meet new people and neither they, nor their parents had fears so overpowering today.

Though they did not have our wealth of possessions they had contentment now rare.  I suspect we were then much nearer to the new world of tomorrow than now.

Are people beginning to awaken to the falsity (should that be "false city")?  Could we now imagine the passing of the crippled life attitude of today and the rebirth of humanity to a really new vision – a world of trust and caring not quite imaginable and today seeming an impossible dream?

But if we want to go there, then we have to think about it today!  We can only go there from where we are.  There is so much noise, mindless confusion and danger here, with everyone passionate about their beliefs and no-one knows what they are talking about because life is based on principles now hidden from us.

The average citizen still fails to see Global Warming as a serious problem – maybe some day?  It seems now in our nature that most are rather shy of taking responsibility for what we do.  A little meek is a good thing; we now have the excuse that we know not what we do, but let's not kid ourselves.  Overpopulation will meet hunger, dwindling resources and the death potentials of climate change, mass-deceit and scientific war! 

Wake-up world.
Misleading philosophies have changed child raising and made world cultures very sick.  We need truth to help us see the light; or should I say – the dark; for we are already lost in the dark and without knowing dark for contrast we see nothing.

Without light of truth in creation of order we could not exist!  Without the dark side, we miss the benefits of existing!

These things now need understanding; just reading is just not good enough!

Simple research shows that principles of mass population control have been understood for thousands of years; we have its statement from Machiavelli. Quote: "One of the great secrets of the day is to know how to take possession of popular prejudices and passions in such a way as to introduce a confusion of principles which makes impossible all understanding between those who speak the same language and have the same interests."  End Quote. 

But the Machiavelli statement seems unreal to our dumbed-down thinking and I found it sticky until I saw need to write:  "World government will win any contest against a commonalty denied human cultural knowledge.  It will create divisions and increase regulation because one section of the community can be played against another until all are confused, divided and totally at its mercy". 

With language suited to our times, historic reality becomes clearer.  Modern context awakens, but we are still bound by our indoctrinated ideas as mind-manipulators play our minds between emotion and logic.

Reminders fall on reluctant ears: James Madison (Former US President) told us:
"Knowledge will forever govern ignorance: and a People who mean to be their own governors, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives."

The shoulders we stand on carry the wisdom of ages.  Our problems began with the “Watchers” of ancient times (see Of Truth) and progress was even more slyly sabotaged than the detour of human development seen by Winston Churchill though his foresight was nevertheless exceptional.  Quote; 1922: 
"From the days of Sparticus, Wieskhopf, Karl Marx, Trotsky, Rosa Luxembourg, and Emma Goldman, this world conspiracy has been steadily growing. 

This conspiracy played a definite recognizable role in the tragedy of the French revolution.  It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the 19th century. And now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their head and have become the undisputed masters of that enormous empire”.  E.Q.

Bythe time of Churchill's death that secretive power effectively ruled our world; “Party politics” is its servant.  Let's not forget the past because knowing our enslavement is essential to freedom and our responsibility to ourselves!

We now know more of the New World Order; more of social sciences; more of the potential for war that includes genetically modified diseases (able to be delivered as preventative compulsory inoculations); more of what is at stake, and more of the lengths to which those self-centered egomaniacs will go.  We have to awaken to this knowledge and use it. 

The caring try to awaken us, but those manipulators from the dark underworld control the sound system and we, having let ourselves be led astray, remain astray.

So the puzzle of the Global Warming debate must be approached in the knowledge that we, for generations, have been controlled by the principle of Hegelian Dialectic – "Thesis; Antithesis" (the division that invites the synthetic conclusion) and leaves us with the "Synthesis" our social engineers plan.

The World at 350:  A Last Chance
for Civilization.

By Bill McKibben, 11th May '08 Quote:
(Adjustments for emphasis)
"Even for Americans, constitutionally convinced that there will always be a second act, and a third, and a do-over after that, and, if necessary, a little public repentance and forgiveness and a Brand New Start - even for us, the world looks a little Terminal right now.

It's not just the economy. We've gone through swoons before.  It's that gas at $4 a gallon means we're running out, at least of the cheap stuff that built our sprawling society. It's that when we try to turn corn into gas, it sends the price of a loaf of bread shooting upwards and starts food riots on three continents.   It's that everything is so inextricably tied together. It's that, all of a sudden, those grim 'Club of Rome' types who, way back in the 1970s, went on and on about the "limits to growth" suddenly seem – how best to put it – right.

All of a sudden it isn't morning in America, it's dusk on planet Earth.  There's a number - a new number - that makes this point most powerfully. It may now be the most important number on Earth: 350, as in parts per million (ppm) of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

A few weeks ago, our foremost climatologist, NASA's Jim Hansen, submitted a paper to Science magazine with several co-authors.

The abstract attached to it argued - and I have never read stronger language in a scientific paper -- "If humanity wishes to preserve a planet similar to that on which civilization developed and to which life on earth is adapted, paleoclimate evidence and ongoing climate change suggest that CO2 will need to be reduced from its current 385 ppm to at most 350 ppm."

Hansen cites six irreversible tipping points – massive sea level rise and huge changes in rainfall patterns, among them - that we'll pass if we don't get back down to 350 soon; and the first of them, judging by last summer's insane melt of Arctic ice, may already be behind us.

So it's a tough diagnosis. It's like the doctor telling you that your cholesterol is way too high and, if you don't bring it down right away, you're going to have a stroke. So you take the pill, you swear off the cheese, and, if you're lucky, you get back into the safety zone before the coronary.  It's like watching the tachometer edge into the red zone and knowing that you need to take your foot off the gas before you hear that clunk up front.

In this case, though, it's worse ... we're not taking the pill and we are stomping on the gas - hard.  Instead of slowing down, we're pouring on the coal, quite literally.  Two weeks ago came the news that atmospheric carbon dioxide had jumped 2.4 parts per million last year - two decades ago, it was going up barely half that fast.

And suddenly, ... methane, another potent greenhouse gas, ... has unexpectedly begun to soar as well. Apparently, we've managed to warm the far north enough to start melting huge patches of permafrost and massive quantities of methane trapped beneath it have begun to bubble forth.

And don't forget: China is building more power plants; India is pioneering the $2,500 car, and Americans are converting to TVs the size of windshields ... Here's the thing.  Hansen didn't just say that, if we didn't act, there was trouble coming; or, if we didn't yet know what was best for us, we'd certainly be better off below 350 ppm of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. His phrase was: 
"... if we wish to preserve a planet similar to that on which civilization developed."

A planet with billions of people living near those oh-so-floodable coastlines. A planet with ever more vulnerable forests.  (A beetle, encouraged by... temperatures, has already managed to kill 10 times more trees than ... previous infestation across the northern reaches of Canada this year.

This means far more carbon heading for the atmosphere and apparently dooms Canada's efforts to comply with the Kyoto Protocol, already in doubt because of its decision to start producing oil for the U.S. from Alberta's tar sands.)

We're the ones who kicked the warming off; now the planet is starting to take over... Melt all that Arctic ice, for instance, and suddenly the nice white shield that reflected 80% of incoming solar radiation back into space has turned to blue water that absorbs 80% of the sun's heat. Such feedbacks are beyond history, ...

And we have, at best, a few years to short-
circuit them - to reverse course. ... scientist and economist Rajendra Pachauri, who accepted the Nobel Prize on behalf of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change last year (and, by the way, got his job when the Bush administration, at the behest of Exxon Mobil, forced out his predecessor): "If there's no action before 2012, that's too late. What we do in the next two to three years will determine our future. This is the defining moment."

In the next two or three years, the nations of the world are supposed to be negotiating a successor treaty to the Kyoto Accord. When December 2009 rolls around, heads of state are supposed to converge on Copenhagen to sign a treaty - a treaty that would go into effect at the last plausible moment to heed the most basic and crucial of limits on atmospheric CO2.

If we did everything right, says Hansen, we could see carbon emissions start to fall fairly rapidly and the oceans begin to pull some of that CO2 out of the atmosphere. Before the century was out we might even be on track back to 350.

We might stop just short of some of those tipping points... because "doing everything right" means that political systems around the world would have to take enormous and painful steps right away.

... no more new coal-fired power plants anywhere, and plans to quickly close the ones already in operation. (Coal-fired power plants ... are, in global warming terms, as dangerous as nuclear plants melting down.)

It means making car factories turn out efficient hybrids next year [all electric much better], just the way we made them turn out tanks in six months at the start of World War II.  It means making trains an absolute priority and planes a taboo.

It means making every decision wisely because we have so little time and so little money, at least relative to the task at hand. And hardest of all, it means the rich countries of the world sharing resources and technology freely with the poorest ones, so that they can develop dignified lives without burning their cheap coal.

That's possible - we launched a Marshall Plan once, and we could do it again, this time in relation to carbon.  But in a month when the President has, once more, urged us to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, that seems unlikely.  In a month when the alluring phrase "gas tax holiday" has danced into our vocabulary, it's hard to see ...  And if it's hard to imagine sacrifice here, imagine China, where people produce a quarter as much carbon apiece as we do.

Still, as long as it's not impossible, we've got a duty to try.  In fact, it's about the most obvious duty humans have ever faced.
A few of us have launched a new campaign, Its ... goal is to spread this number around the world in the next 18 months ... in the hope that it will push those post-Kyoto negotiations in the direction of reality.

After all, those talks are our last chance; you can't do this one light bulb at a time. And if this campaign is a Hail Mary pass, well, some of those passes get caught.

We do have one thing going for us: This new tool, the Web which, at least, allows you to imagine something like a grassroots global effort. If the Internet was built for anything, it was built for sharing this number, for making people understand that "350" stands for a kind of safety, a kind of possibility, a kind of future.

Hansen's words were well-chosen: "a planet similar to that on which civilization developed." People will doubtless survive on a non-350 planet but those who do will be so preoccupied, coping with the endless unintended consequences of an overheated planet that civilization [humanity]  may not.

Civilization is what grows up in the margins of leisure and security provided by a workable relationship with the natural world. That margin won't exist, at least not for long, this side of 350. That's the limit we face".  End Quote.

Bill McKibben, co-founder of <> is a scholar-in-residence at Middlebury College.
His most recent book is
"The Bill McKibben Reader".  From Site:

Whether we have three or thirty-three years the above is important – we don't have time to waste!  People think: "Oh these things happen over thousands of years but those who have read no more than the Global Warming articles on this site know change can be much quicker.  Latest research shows areas of historic climate change of 6 degrees in 10 years; that would spell disaster!  The Gulf Stream has already slowed 30% and stopped for a short time!

When the Gulf Stream stops much of Europe will quickly become frozen wasteland.  That in itself will mean a large reduction in food production and a large movement of population. 

Scriptures warn that we will make the planet unlivable!  Yes, and we can with help of combined greed and warfare.

Climate Change means unknown weather and food shortages on a planet populated to bursting with dumbed-down people focused on money and having no discipline and toughness to face hard times – riots and life/death fighting between cultures could, by itself, end us? 

As hinted in previous articles, this world could be in shambles of disease and violence with this civilization wiped out by the end of the 21st century.  Now:

Comment from David Wilcock (
Emphasis added. How much is climate influenced by galactic environment?
"That the Sun's magnetic field is over 230 percent stronger now than it was at the beginning of the 1900s, and its overall energetic activity has sizably increased, creating a frenzy of activity that continues to embarrass NASA's official predictions. 
In the last 30 years, Earth's icecaps have thinned out by as much as 40 percent. Quite inexplicably, just since 1997 the structure of the Earth has shifted from being slightly more egg-shaped, or elongated at the poles, to more pumpkin-shaped, or flattened at the poles. No one at NASA has even bothered to try to explain this yet.

The glowing plasma at the leading edge of our Solar System has recently increased 1000 percent. Russian and NASA data has confirmed that the front end of the Sun's magnetic field has become over 1000 percent brighter in the last 30+ years.

We know that if you rub a piece of metal fast enough, you create what is known as friction, and the metal will begin glowing red-hot. In the same manner, the extra dust and energy in this new galactic energy zone is colliding with the Sun's magnetic field, causing friction and creating a visible static charge of plasma energy at the front that is rapidly increasing in size and brightness.

As of 1997, Dr. Aleskey Dmitriev and other Russian scientists observed that the Galactic space we are now moving into is showing significantly higher concentrations of matter and energy, including charged particles of hydrogen, helium and hydroxyl, in addition to other new combinations of elements.

In August 2003, an ESA/NASA experiment ... launched with the Ulysses satellite in 1990, has discovered that there is 300% more dust entering the Solar System now than there was throughout all of the 1990s.
If this item is an accurate assessment, then "global warming" has a cosmic cause; and the present acceleration of catastrophic weather (melting glaciers and polar ice, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, wildfires, earthquakes) cannot be blamed only on earthly causes, such as SUV exhaust emissions!"  End quote.

INTERESTING!  Not much public media about solar plasma and magnetic fields in relation to Global Warming.  Without evidence it may not follow that this is significant but we do have firm scientific evidence to understand our situation.  The conclusion above may be based on desire to escape responsibility than of logic.

Warnings, you may also notice, may come from unlikely people: Example: "Rajendra Pachauri, who accepted the Nobel Prize on behalf of the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change last year."

The U.N. pretends concern but this site explains that as anti-life Globalists now control the media; they don't need worry about truth.  They are confident of their control of the public mind.  Controlled exposure gives them credibility.

Globalists do not believe in life created by intelligence or that an awakening commonality is a threat to them!

We have the numbers to win but need to unite and pull together far more effectively.  We have to stop trying to sit on a non-existing fence; there is no neutral ground between good and evil (life and death)!  Too often we choose our 'facts' on emotional 'feelings' to avoid effort.

The comment on the changing shape of earth is of interest as it is explained by the melt of the ice caps and rise of sea level.  The forces involved must change the shape of the earth because solid weight is moved from the ends of the earth where mainly under the force of gravity to the more southern-central: here the oceans dominate and centrifugal forces have greatest effect.

Earth's crust is under forces of gravity and spin; forces that move our earth's fragile crust to devastating effect.  Movement of this crust will bring increasing volcanic and earthquake activity: already visible.

Warming (by manmade pollution) is already releasing earth-bound pollution, and if volcanic action increases, that will add to it.  Though the immediate effect of ash and dust in the air is cooling.  The long-term effects of the melted elements and excessive carbon of earth's formation, add this to the pollution we now release and that caused warm-stagnant-poisonous oceans in the first place.

That equation has worked through five cycles over some millions of years.  How much evidence do we need to prove that the balance is critical?  Why, if man continues to return this pollution to the atmosphere would it not again upset that frail balance? Why are leaders not doing anything realistic to control it?

All the early signs say it is happening but because we (in mass) have been dumbed down and because those doing the dumbing down concentrate on self-interest, they are also driven by selfish interests.  Do they see climate change consequences, as do scientists involved?  Is their concern to turn it to their personal emotional interest?

There are many points of confusion!  Because an earth change event may take thousands of years to work through, people tend to think there is no urgency!  They think it will be many generations before the earth becomes un-livable to man. 

But emotion is not science, there are known times where weather change has wiped out civilizations.  Earth changes take thousands of years but first comes climate change; climate change is our life/death challenge today?  This delicate balance could decide our fate!

The carbon tipping point is delicate.  Upsets such as increased volcanic action or meteor impacts were the most likely starting points of earlier reversals.  When an over-populated world needs artificial and genetically modified foods that increase health problems; then add unnatural child-raising that creates irrational behavior to further magnify labor costs!  Situations are created that have unknown consequences to combine with population movements and reduced food production.  We already have problems leading to further and greater problems.

When communities behave with animal instincts in a high technology world, population destruction compounds – do we lose 30% or 75% of people within a generation?  Will nature, and wars using diseases as weapons match torments forecast in "Revelations of John"? 

By continuing to pollute the atmosphere over the next ten years a cyclical event that might be normal every thousand years may well become a full-fledged major earth cleansing set in a millions of years cycle to work through.

Would people be so reluctant to face up to their responsibility if not misled about truth and the nature of creation?
Another point of confusion is that of "peak oil production":  Arguments about whether we have reached it or not are misleading!  We are driven by hysteria of rising cost to think our problem is oil when it's our behavior that is the real threat.

"Hegelian Dialectic" is used to confuse and misdirect action because the needed action would cripple and destroy the "Great Whore" of commerce and also upset long-laid plans.

So now a clipping from
"Peak Oil and Politicians":

by Kelpie Wilson published 17th May 2008.  Follow it up at "TRUTHOUT".  Quote:  "In 1956, M. King Hubbert, a petroleum geologist with Shell Oil, presented a paper to the American Petroleum Institute that predicted US oil production would peak in the early 1970s.  He got a call from his bosses at Shell, who asked him to "tone it down."  His reply was that there was nothing to tone down.  It was just straightforward analysis. 

He presented the paper, unedited.  ... Since that time, the oil industry and its political supporters have done everything they can to tone down the message that oil is a finite resource and that we will run out of it some day.  Why would they do that?  To further the short-sighted, short-term pursuit of profit.

In 2004, Shell finally got caught in a lie about the size of its oil reserves. The company had inflated the stated size of its oil reserves to keep stock share prices high because who wants to invest in a company - or an industry - that is going the way of the dinosaurs?

Since 1956, the world economy has proceeded under a sort of oil company spell that has woven the illusion all around us that oil depletion is so far into the future that we don't need to worry about it. That belief was essential to support the aim of an endlessly growing economy.

The pro-growth faction reacted quickly and scathingly to the idea that there could be limits to growth. The MIT scientists were treated like Cassandras in academia and in the press. ... "Ever since then, it has somehow been "not polite" to talk about limits to growth. Today, despite sky-rocketing oil prices, most politicians still avoid the term "peak oil." Most of the media still treat peak oil advocates with skepticism, using epithets like "fringe " and "so-called" to describe peak oil theory.  [Note: Just as they did with conspiracy.]

Even a plateau is a big problem for a world economy that is based on growth. In a world where 850 million are still going hungry and 3 billion out of 6.5 billion live on less than $2 a day, stagnant oil production means an end to development models based on economic growth. The statistics show that oil production has been flat for more than two years now".
End quote

Report of a huge new USA oil field is very convenient: Would more cheap crude save us or destroy our last hope?  We can argue to death but to save ourselves we, the people, must take political control!  Our urgency is for democratic access to truth and action.

Those who trust truth and followed the reporting on know that "Peak-oil" is only a consequent of our problem.  Energy is not our problem!  Deceit and usury of people by commerce for its own glorification is the problem!  What's running out is TIME.

We have proven cheap clean energy resources; sun and geothermal for example.  Even with existing technology it is proven that we could have (and probably still could) avoid the endangering pollution.  Building hybrid cars and cleaning coal are not solutions, they are just prolongation of the agony.
This is a time for serious action, it is peak manipulation that is destroying us and stopping adjustment to available energy.  Globalism looks to its own interests!  To them the problem is simple: 'eliminate the surplus people'. 

Make them sick and keep them sick! 
To delete the polluting masses offers world ownership and survival; the best possible outcome.  The force choking off logical response to life problems today is a power so mysterious that the few seeing it fear trying to explain it! 

A reading of the literature for and against climate change shows deliberately confusing influence.  Governing principles of creation reveal the need for truth in order – including order of life.  All creation represents reality of order of truth.

Looking at the arguments about warming; or the truth of human responsibility for it, we see that those who accept responsibility look to serious science, while those who seek to avoid responsibility put the blame on nature and fix attention on the science of plausible emotional argument.

So while there's no doubt that natural cycles occur over a variety of time-spans and that we may be now in a natural warming cycle, it should also be clear that this cycle is being pushed far beyond natures rhythm by misuse of natural elements that act by cause and effect.  This artificial stimulation is by forces of human arrogance such as lust, pride, sloth and deceit!

Those are the influences and attitudes behind the huge growth of excessive pollution.  So the PUBLIC argument  should be between the truth of logical/natural order and the desires of unnaturally stimulated emotion.

So let's just summarize this essay:
Those seeking truth, having read information on this site and the books in set order, will realize that everything in this essay is well supported.

It is far beyond coincidental that the nature of creation and its challenges turn out to be as forecast by Christian revelation so it is time we accept adult status and give up the Santa Claus god of chance creation. Our Creator is the Intelligence that creates in the order of truth!  John 14-6 "I am the way, I am life, I am Truth."

A good forecast of our time seems to be from Revelation of John which forecasts increasing torments at judgment.  Will we suffer until all who may be saved admit to truth?  If not will we lose our chance to see the error of our ways?

An entire human culture has been misled and now has its chance to gain the mind-freedom of human maturity!

Who will take their opportunity?
Peak oil is used by manipulators to decoy the mind away from true dangers!  Evidence is carefully divided to create conflict and produce wanted outcomes.  It's time that is running out!  Greed, in an overpopulated world directs wrong use of resources!  Soon Global Warming will severely cut food production! 

Read the thoughts of humanities best brains from every continent and from ancient times to our times in relation to scriptures to see the logical original WORD and dismiss the silly intrusions by human arrogance and misunderstanding during its history of revisions!

The creator of life is not concerned with trivia!  Warning that we will endanger all life on earth is not about wasted resources!  It is that we allow those who profit from deceit to seduce us into ignoring our intellectual gift in favor of animal instincts such as emotion, sex and greed. 

As result, when a pressure such as climate change causes destruction and famine we are driven by irrational behavior to war with weapons (biological and chemical) having capacity to destroy all life.

The less we understand the more divided we become!  If we don't understand the forces of climate change or creation then we can believe whatever plausible story we prefer. Child raising ideas of the last thirty years have produced increasingly sick, violent and contentious children.  As adults we follow the given path; but we can change.

The literature is not just a collection of interest.  Item are related to build up a realistic picture of our human situation – of life's creation, its meaning and nature.  These things need to be understood and related to the extent of our ability; simple reading and remembering is not enough!  is the first site to expose how the civilization being formed by the European peoples, over nearly two thousand years, was negated by a growth of scientific understanding that began as a social directive force in service of wartime defense. 

Having learned how the human mind works in its necessary accompaniment of emotion and logic, it was (on the very verge of gaining the humanizing powers of true democracy) turned in service to a seduction and deceit designed to redirect our great civilizing movement to its own destruction?

Powers of persuasion and propaganda, as developed by Bernays, were used by control freak elitists to gain control of commerce, finance and government.  They recruited and trained social engineers in the great universities to mind-warp, program or entice, the great mass of European humanity to selfish commercial and political desires.

We were directed away from our own human-natural freedom-loving-nature and democratic desires to confused belief in a simplistic culture of animal sex and emotions.  Are we, the people, still mentally normal as we are driven by promotional deceit to the very verge of insect-like socialization?

Was the final purpose of this to serve the elimination of the great mass of these unwanted people in a "painless to themselves Genocide that would give ownership of earth?


The answers to these questions are to be found in this site.  It is best read as a single book. Save paper by PDF printout direct from the Internet.

This site covers matters in a depth needed to allow the understanding required for planning effective action.

True Democracy gives the people access to truth but to gain the progress of genuine human democracy, we must learn the disciplined need to choose & elect our own representatives as our Australian Constitution intended. 

To act effectively in our own best interests we need true democracy of the people, by the people, for the people!

True Democracy is not satisfied with just 'what others want you to think: plausible garbage' the kind of deceit now handed down by World Government 'people-shapers'.

What is truth?
What is money?
How did life originate?

Truth is the science of reality!
That Love is the science of sacrifice!
That plausible is the science of seduction
wisdom the science of understanding!

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