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Enlightening about what's Frightening:
Parts 1 2 & 3.
With selected quotes by
William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.
Terrence McNally, AlterNet.  &
Investment guru Jim Rogers.

First: T. McNally. Quote; E A:  Sad but true: Intelligence is a political liability in the US. The Author of 'The Age of American Unreason', Susan Jacoby explains why. "It's like these guys take pride in being ignorant."

Though a successful political and electoral strategy, the ... stand against intelligence has steered them far off course, leaving them - and us unable to deal successfully with the complex and dynamic circumstances we face as a nation and a society. ...

American 15-year-olds rank 24th out of 29 countries in math literacy -- this stuff would be funny if it weren't so dangerous.  The political right and allied culture warriors actively ignore evidence and encourage misinformation. ...

A former reporter for the Washington Post and program director of the Center for Inquiry-New York City, Jacoby is the author of five books, including Wild Justice, a Pulitzer Prize finalist, and Freethinkers: A History of American Secularism. Her political blog, The Secularist's Corner, is on the Web site of the Washington Post.

In the 2004 election, nearly 70 percent of Bush supporters believed the United States had "clear evidence" that Saddam Hussein was working closely with al Qaeda; a third believed weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq; and more than a third that a  substantial majority of world opinion supported the U.S.-led invasion, according to the Program on International Policy Attitudes at the University of Maryland.

The political right and allied culture warriors actively ignore evidence and encourage misinformation.
End quote.  Emphasis added.

[Ed. That attitude is also becoming common in Australia; opposition to all that can be considered normal or rational.  That a culture could be anti-intellectual, even in relation to a minority of school children, tells us that such culture is anti-human. 

Any normal child, raised in a normal human environment, would learn to use its intelligence to enough logical purpose that, in later development, it would see that intelligence has survival value.

When primitive cultures survive for thousands of years it is because they reach a slightly higher level of truth in their cultural philosophy than their opposition; in this advantage they become dominant.

As rival cultures develop philosophies more accurate to truth of cultural order, the less efficient succumb.  Life exists within truth of its order; life and culture will only be at its best when fully in life's order.

As our times show we are not born complete; as our history shows we intellectually develop.]

So a timely lesson from Dr. Douglass.
Quote: I’ll admit I spare no opportunity to lay into modern parents and teachers for buying the notion that "self esteem" is the single most important thing to kids’ development.  … this concept is not based on science at all.   It’s just a tonic for parents to avoid the heartache they’ll feel when they discipline their children — a way for them to backhandedly give props to themselves! …

As a preface to the proof, I’d like to point out that this "sovereignty of the self" school of child-rearing has risen in more or less lock-step with things like child depression, drug addiction, medication, suicide, obesity and under-achievement since around 1969.
[And its no surprise it was at about this time that Humanism became dominant in world educational philosophy along with wireless & TV. Ed.]

A recent expose` in the February 19th issue of the typically uber-left New York magazine summarizes how a stunning amount of rigorous research all but proves that those ego strokes today’s parents lay on kids are doing nothing but ruining them!  …
[And that is just what those who promote it intend. Many, having digested information on this site, have learned to understand the why and the wherefore of this cruel trick.]

As it turns out, the competition-free, trophies-for-all, everyone’s-a-winner, I’m-OK-you’re-OK, blameless, goal-less, discipline-less way most of the pointy-heads say we should raise our kids is turning them into timid, neurotic, underachieving, narcissistic junkies:  …

Basically, the findings of both new research and some more rigorous analysis of existing research, concludes that telling kids how smart, gifted, or special they are does NOT spur them to greater heights of achievement — it can actually cause them to fail, (not try) and ultimately underachieve. …

According to the New York piece, over 15,000 "scholarly" articles were written between 1970 and 2000 about self-esteem and its ramifications for every aspect of life — grades, professional achievement, personal relationships, even sex…

But in 2003, the Association of Psychological Science asked one leading proponent of self-esteem-based psychology (Dr. Roy Baumeister) to review this massive body of research. His conclusion: That all but 200 of these 15,000 papers featured studies that did not meet his standards for scientific rigor.

In other words, the underpinning of self-esteem theory was mostly JUNK SCIENCE.

Beyond this, he found that these 200 studies that did pass muster indicated that high levels of self-esteem did NOT translate into higher grades, greater career success, less alcohol consumption, or even a reduced tendency toward violence.

Remember, this was the conclusion of an ADVOCATE of self-esteem-based psych-ology… Or rather, I should call him a former advocate. Now, he’s on the right side of the child-rearing fence.  These days, he’s writing about how excessive praise retards academic performance ... modern parents’ compulsion to worship their children is nothing more than an exercise in self-congratulation."
[Ed. In most parts of the world we have heard NOTHING at all of this research! Logical intelligence can only conclude that dumbing-down is planned.]

"For the last decade, a team of Columbia psychologists studied praise’s effects on kids in a dozen or more New York public schools. Their marquis research focused on 400 fifth-grade students. 

After offering these kids a choice of whether to try a hard or simple puzzle, the Columbia researchers then challenged both groups with a puzzle they’d ALL FAIL. The purpose of this was to set up round 4 of the test — in which they all were given a puzzle that was just as simple as in the first round (the round in which everyone performed well).

And here’s the real kicker in all this: After a forced round of failure, the “effort” group still scored an average of 30% better on this last simple puzzle than they had on the first one — which was identical in difficulty. The “smart” group performed 20% worse!

Bottom line: Kids who are programmed by their parents and teachers to believe that they are “smart” reason (intelligently, I might add) that they shouldn’t HAVE to expend effort to complete a challenge. They become convinced that if they can’t do it easily, it’s either impossible or beyond their intelligence, and they give up.

That’s a textbook recipe for underachievement.  It means that children who are conditioned by their parents and well-meaning teachers into believing they’re gifted (even if they are) are more concerned with maintaining their own bloated self-images and demoralizing possible rivals than they are with actually achieving anything or improving themselves. These aren’t desirable personality traits".

[No they certainly aren't the desirable traits but how common they are today when so many people of intellectual capacity flatly refuse the challenge of beliefs clearly shown to be wrong.  

Our failure to act in our own defence is not a failure of democracy!  False philosophy has done its work; deliberate deceit is at the heart of our problems today.]

"Only very young kids (age 7 and under) take praise at face value.  By age 12, children perceive praise from a teacher not as a sign that they did well at something — but that they actually lack sufficient skill at it and require additional encouragement.
Teens that don’t get criticized perceive themselves as having reached their full potential in educators’ eyes, however mediocre that potential may be.

In other words, maturing kids pay attention not to parents’ and teachers’ words, but to underlying meanings. End Quote.

[Ed. But by this time early training and natural appreciation of logic has been deformed.   Fortunately it is also clear to reason that our more sincerely caring people may well lead the way out of this trap and readers will find here a continual reference to the false philosophy that has allowed a few families (of non-human morality) to gain influence over advanced nations in disguise of co-operation and peace on earth. 

Indoctrination of false philosophy has inserted such deformity into our nature that we now face destruction by mental pollution.  People see suicide (the human bomb) as a weapon of despair with no other way to express their hate of the imposed injustice.

Now a submitted insight on social change.  Examples of artificial caring]

SCHOOL-1958 vs.2008:
A/ Jack goes hunting before school, pulls into school parking with shotgun in rack.
1958 - Vice Principal discusses hunt with Jack.

2008 - School goes into lock down, FBI called, Jack goes to jail loses truck and gun.  Counselors called in for traumatized students and teachers.

B/ Johnny and Mark get into a fight after school.
1958  - Crowd gathers. Mark wins. Johnny and Mark shake hands and end up buddies.  2008  - Police called, SWAT team arrives, [Both] charged with assault, both expelled even though Johnny started it.  

C/ Billy breaks a window in his neighbor's car; Dad  whips him with belt.
1958 -  Billy, grows up normal, goes to  college, a successful businessman.

2008 - Billy's dad is arrested for child abuse.  Billy removed to foster care and joins a gang.  State psychologist tells Billy's sister that she remembers being abused, dad goes to prison.

Examples are many but the great change resulting from false philosophy is in the millions of small changes that make the major abuses appear acceptable and applauded.  Fifty years ago children walked alone with safety!  House keys were left under doormats!  Huge change!

We now need to know that some have long understood that truth is the key to life and that the young are open to deceit!  The deceived in turn deceive their children as the deceivers knew humans are born with emotions that can be used to lock in false beliefs; these then will refuse to face clear evidence as long understood. 

Quote: "I know that most men, including those at ease with problems of the greatest complexity, can seldom accept even the simplest and most obvious truth if it would oblige them to admit the falsity of conclusions which they have delighted in explaining to colleagues, proudly taught to others, and which they have woven, thread by thread, into the fabric of their lives."--Leo Tolstoy.

They tell; we are blind.  Danger, to be avoided must be both feared and faced.  For in-depth understanding read carefully; you will find many examples and quotations on this site to confirm what is exposed.  In doing so you see the struggle of our age and find that humanity is now facing its final challenge before advance to maturity.  Force of intellect directs truth of order and the anti-life force is an eternal challenge that forces intellectual growth.

This site was set-up to help explain a life view more accurate to needs of human progress.  Our first need: to be honest with ourselves.

In development the essentials we work on are combined in some way into what we call our philosophy or religion.  Once we have a base in our mind we build behaviour and life plan on it.  But the artificiality of today's culture has reduced the early formation of logic and we now have to face that 'chance creation' philosophy leads to disaster. 

Intelligence is needed for creation of life's order.  Order is unnatural to chaos, chaos is formless, and when order is imposed on chaos there is, by nature, conflict.

Disorder of chaos and order of intelligence are opposites!  Obvious to reason we, given time and experience, gain understanding to see it; can you imagine anything so simple as "nut and bolt" being fashioned by chaos? 

Contradictions must be resolved!  That order can only be created by intelligence is beyond logical challenge as demonstrated several times on this site, and chance cannot exist until intelligence creates order.  

We have to face the reality that animals, vegetation, even the universe itself, all exhibit order, and order is in opposition, or "unnatural", to chaos.

So intelligence is the creator of order:  truth of order is the reality in which we exist:  Chaos is unnatural to order and is destructive of it as anyone observing the results of an accident can see!

The ultimate order of the universe is order of mathematics, quote: "Maths gives you a way of looking at the world that values evidence, logic and clear deduction" says Will Morony, executive Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers.

Chance philosophy failed because the humanist alternative is antagonistic to human, they are in natural conflict – emotion of chaos and order of logic are incompatible.  Emotion may seem a small force but is huge in consequences because of emotion's power to warp intellect. 

Creation requires ability to look into the future and visualise something not already there; but even earlier it must visualise a need for creation.

No created life-form other than human has human ability yet "human" is among the youngest of the life-forms on earth.  So, we now find that attempts to 'improve' the creation (by seeing mental ability as no more than the emotion of animals) could lead to our extinction.

This deliberate experiment for profit, aggrandisement and control has exposed how dangerous emotion is to life when it is used to replace "truth" in philosophy.

So now clippings from an interview with a leading investment guru!  Money, if pursued with such devotion as to ignore logic, is a disease; we love the emotion of it but many fail to see its need of logic and discipline.  Jim Rodgers does not make that mistake.

Rodgers is not expert on social culture but an intelligent person who, by taming his emotions and mastering the highly complex stock market forces, has learned to use his intelligence to make $millions for himself and his followers. 

His cultural concerns related to politics, philosophy and commerce therefore offer a rare independence of insight.

Thoughts and comments by leading investment guru Jim Rogers for additional insight into the financial mismanagement that is causing so much heartache in the world today.

Part 2 of:
Enlightening about what's Frightening

Jim Rogers: [August '08].from an interview by "Money Morning" investment adviser.  Quote: "The U.S. financial crisis has cut so deep - and the government has taken on so much debt in misguided attempts to bail out such companies as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac - that even larger financial shocks are still to come, ...  

The end of this crisis "is a long way away," Rogers said. "In fact, it may not be in our lifetimes." During a 40-minute interview during a wealth-management conference in this West Coast Canadian city... , Rogers also said:
* That the U.S. national debt ... essentially doubled in the course of a single weekend because of the Fed-led credit crisis bailout deals. ...    * And that the average American has no idea just how bad this financial crisis is going to get.
Rogers first made a name for himself with The Quantum Fund, a hedge fund that's often described as the first real global investment fund, which he and partner George Soros founded in 1970. Over the next decade, Quantum gained 4,200%, while the Standard & Poor's 500 Index climbed about 50%.

It was after Rogers "retired" in 1980 that the investing masses got to see him in action.  Rogers traveled the world (several times), and penned such bestsellers as "Investment Biker" and the recently released "A Bull in China." And he made some historic market calls: Rogers predicted China's meteoric growth a good decade before it became apparent, and he subsequently foretold of the powerful updraft in global commodities prices that's fueled a year-long bull market in the agriculture, energy and mining sectors. ...

(Q): What would Chairman Bernanke have to do to "get it right?"
that's not going to solve the problem, either, because the basic problems are that America's got a horrible tax system, it's got litigation right, left and center, it's got horrible education system, you know, and it's got many, many, many [other] problems that are going to take a while to resolve. ...

But this is academic - ... the best thing for him would be to abolish the Federal Reserve and resign. That'll be the best solution. Is he going to do that? No, of course not.
(Q): What would you tell the "Average Joe" in no-nonsense terms?

Rogers: I would say that for the last 200 years, America's elected politicians and scoundrels have built up $5 trillion in debt. In the last few weekends, some un-elected officials added another $5 trillion to America's national debt.    ...  I don't know why it doesn't sink in. People have other things on their minds, or don't want to be bothered. Too complicated, or whatever.

(Q): ... How can our leaders think they're making the right choices?
Rogers: It's mind-boggling. Here's a man who doesn't understand the market, ... basic economics. His intellectual career's been spent on the narrow-gauge study of printing money.  That's all he knows.
(Q): This could be the end of the Federal Reserve, ... This would be the third failure - correct?
Rogers: Yes. We had two central banks that disappeared for whatever reason. This one's going to disappear, too, I say.  ...

Before World War II, Japan's yen was two to the dollar. After they lost the war, the yen was 500 to the dollar. That's a collapse. That was also a bottom.

These are not predictions for the U.S., but I'm just saying that things have to usually get pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty bad.
(Q): That's going to be terrifying for individual investors to think about.

Rogers: Yeah. But remember that America had such a magnificent and gigantic position of dominance that deterioration will take time. You know, you don't just change that in a decade or two. It takes a lot of hard work by a lot of incompetent people to change the situation....
End Quotes: Underline Emphasis Added!

All investment is now dangerous because those who control finance have stepped further beyond their understanding and become more erratic!  Forecasting has never been more dangerous.  I repeat, if you care, look wide, look deep, work on the rational consequences of the big picture! 

Jim, like most, thinks this system will recover in time, the nature of finance and commerce will go on forever, but though natures cycles seem eternal every step of human development has an end!

Rodger specializes! That's his business.  But if he did the logical sums on the facts of his observations he would see that the nature he knows is dying and that in a more advanced culture he may have to find a way to catch a fish or gather grain for a bowl of porridge.

Like so many others this man has no idea of the consequences of the social realities he so clearly sees.  He may yet have to fight for his right to eat at all.

Let's look at those underlined quotes again. 
"America's got a horrible tax system, it's got litigation right, left and center, it's got a horrible education system"

So tax favors dishonest business; law promotes litigation and social division. Education: helps government pretension of democratic culture and is in contempt of all human nature because it indoctrinates ideas of an inhuman culture as a likeness human. 

That single honest observation alone should tell us that the USA is in the hands of deceivers – not receivers; there is no long-term potential of salvage.

"abolish the Federal Reserve and resign" Long time readers will recall my essay on the banking Casino – Book 1:  Simplistic, you may have thought then, but now we see the Casino owners in our world now have all of value brought into the game. 

Having 'run' the Government and through it the education system, it now has the people too 'numbed' to understand what is happening – having created un-payable debt we pay them for our losses; they can close the casino and laugh.  (See Book 4.)

"I would say that for the last 200 years, America's elected politicians and scoundrels have built up $5 trillion in debt. In the last few weekends, some un-elected officials added another $5 trillion to America's national debt.   ... I don't know why it doesn't sink in. People have other things on their minds, or don't want to be bothered.  Too complicated, or whatever..."
End Quote.

Just so!  Two hundred years of mind-warp and about sixty years to empty the most powerful nation on earth of human values and to bring it both financially and intellectually to bankruptcy.

How clearly he sees!  But he has to be honest with himself to make money.  Social consequences are not his problem. 

He then says of the head of the Fed. Reserve: "a man who doesn't understand the market, who doesn't understand economics - basic economics. His intellectual career's been spent on the narrow-gauge study of printing money."

Yes this Fed. Reserve has for years been behind a begging of 'not just homebuyers' but of financial institutions worldwide to take on loans or collateral with total disregard of backing.  Artificial values and fiat money has been woven into security with obvious designed results!

Part 3.
Enlightening about what's Frightening:
Where lies the burden?

Now reader, given access to any logic you must see that this great dumbing-down (that has effected people in every walk of life from government to business and science) was not a product of chance.  And the fact that the new head of the Fed.R. knows no more about money than printing – is no more a coincidence than are its consequences.

So how was the entire world dumbed-down without its being noticed?  See literature on site.  In Part 1 of this essay Dr. Douglas drew our attention to the effect of philosophy in home and school and marked it's beginning at around 1969.  We note that something else very unnatural was entering the home around that time:  - TV.

Before TV the minds of children suffered little from any severe form of unnatural nurture.  But around that time labour saving devices and radio were becoming dominant in a world awash with an enthusiastic, emotional, feel-good takeover by humanist philosophy. 

So what effect would we expect all this to have on children in early years of life? 

What is usually ignored is that babies and young children learn very quickly and by nature get a surprisingly good grip on logic (cause and effect) the very basic structural formation of their intellect. 

The new life learns to crawl and walk with very little need of help and as it learns these complicated skills it is also, at every little step, learning the very basic nature of cause and effect: i.e. logic.

But the humanist parent (full of feel-good intentions and aided by all the artificial trappings of technology) takes over the learning experience to help the baby and protect it from hurt.  The falling child is caught and comforted rather than nature take its course, so rather than setting principles of logical response in its mind the opposite may be set.

This universal mollycoddling promoted by humanist philosophy (see Part 1) resulted in increasing frustration and despair being displayed by the young and, over recent generations, also a rapid world-wide decline in irrational adult behaviour.

As you read these Essays you will find that there are many influences designed to disable or dumb-down human intellectual ability: microwaves; medications; TV; misinformation's; nurture; financial forces and directing it all, is humanist philosophy.

One mistake may happen by chance, many, working co-operatively reveals organization.

Scriptures make a clear point where Satan suggests that Jesus throw himself down from a high place to prove He is who He claims; scriptures say God will protect him from harm.  Jesus replies: "But scriptures also say: Put not the Lord your God to the test!"

We are given intelligence to take care of ourselves and we will not learn if we are protected from consequences. To see our path to self-destruction and reach a life-view more accurate to needs of human advance we must be honest with ourselves.  Failures reveal our simple way of progress; safety, without learning, undermines progress.

Today people are increasingly seeing animal life as equal to human life!  The misguided thinking that is destroying us leads some to think we should treat animal life as equal.  However what they ignore is that this nature (indeed all order of the universe) was created by intellect. 

Causes  & Consequences:
1.  Without intelligence to maintain the universal order, then all life – indeed all order in the universe will, by nature, disintegrate back to primordial chaos.

2.  The maintenance of intelligence, even that little we humans now exhibit, will mean that very soon we will be able to re-create lesser species as needed.

3.  If we destroy ourselves intellectually all potential disintegrates (we see it already in early stages)!   Order decays and no life is  more than the options given it at creation.

By self-enlightenment can we maintain ourselves as designed to do.  In the designed order of life, Truth is our God, but the arrogance of ignorance is unlimited.  So let's stop fighting against our nature and co-operate in progressive advance.

While we may not know the origin of our existence we can appreciate that as order cannot exist without intelligence, there may have been a time when, to our nature of understanding, no-thing at all existed other than a spirit of intelligence.

Without "order" of energy no "things" exist.   Did mind find its own BEING so, from the existence concept, did it find a way of dividing what we consider to be nothing so as to create energy, and from this energy create the order which brought into existence all 'being' we know of today (the physical 'universe')?

Did mind feel lonely and create animate life and us?  These are mysteries that may never be solved but reveal timeless development.

An important aim of this site is to show that it is the creation of the order of life that decides what is best for us in our behaviour, our health and our nurture.  In this order we also find consequences of behaving contrary to our design. 

Good behaviour is no more a way of life forced on us by a demanding parent than driving your car responsibly is a need imposed by the person who designed the car. 

Your person and your car are designed for your convenience and the designer assumes that you will use intelligence in use of your assets.  You cannot intelligently blame the designer of your car because you want to drive it through a tree or under water and you cannot intelligently blame your creator for the fact that you suffer consequences if you ignore your given intelligence in the way you use your physical life.

So, while common life lives in accord with limitations genetically built-in, and possibly in ways of which we are not yet aware, we, as humans, were given the ability of independent intelligence to develop and use in the advance of life.

It is therefore reasonable to assume that development pressure by natural forces is essential to our welfare.  We develop in facing and overcoming the difficulties and pains life poses.

So we here look at living in relation to science, behaviour, and nurture.  From there it follows we also need look at consequences related to how we live to achieve life's needs.  We need understand consequences so we need to develop understanding of all related to living: industry, education, etc.

Philosophy is a key critical to behaviour!  It is a directive by life's endeavour!  We now see that the philosophy of humanism (though it suggests human affiliation) it is counterfeit.  Our problem is cultural decay! Humanist attitude to life results in consequences that include Global Warming.  We have not learned the lesson of Easter Island!

The enormity of the mess we are in today rests with humanist philosophy and the simplistic idea that life could be created by chance and living based on emotion.  So by deformity of nature we disable children in the nursery and consolidate with pandering to emotion in early learning at kindergarten and primary school! (See parts 1 & 2).

Unnatural childhood causes bias of logic!  If logic is undermined in the developing mind this has consequences in every sphere of life from housekeeping to business; from government to war

CULTURAL DISCIPLINE: Governments do their best, but to what end?  Situations are deliberately made worse to achieve a secret agenda – social disintegration serves the false philosophy to which we are indoctrinated?

Cultural beliefs are basic to our behaviour and we find it very traumatic to admit false beliefs.  But mass murders in schools plus government support of campaigns to turn people from the natural discipline of their children, makes clear the depth of our cultural sickness. 

As social trauma spreads worldwide we cannot ignore cultural corruption.

The trouble with winning this rat race
is that we remain rats.

Many older people still recall that discipline is the essential for happy childhood.  It results in intellectual growth and satisfaction with life – totally natural to organisms designed by intellect it is now backed up by research in line with huge evidence of consequences.

An early consequence of false philosophy was Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This became almost epidemic among children in 'advanced' nations in line with the introduction of those Humanist child-raising ideas that insist on emotion as substitute for discipline.

In my youth most parents used intelligent, natural, fair discipline, as guide to child-raising.  They knew no generation gap or childish rebellion!  Transition from child to adult was smooth.  But some foolish parents did (what was then called) 'spoil' their children; results served as a warning that 'spoiling' doesn't pay.

Few abused their children and of those abused few became real outlaws in the manner of so many spoiled by emotional misguidance today.  It's not, of course, that parents should not love their children but that parents should love them enough to be firm with discipline and justice.  The spoiled child is an unhappy child and the spoiling culture, as now seen, breeds' frustration, violence and vandalism.

A child instinctively expects its parents to know best and in most cases even accepts unjustified punishment. Physical discipline pains parents more than it does children; that explains the happy blindness of parents when offered excuses for spoiling.

That the vandal was so rare in earlier culture shows clearly that spoiling (as backed by law today) is a far worse and more common form of child abuse than unjust punishment.  Growing vandalism, drugs and violence shows why the disciplined caring of the meek (not the undisciplined self-love of the arrogant) will be the humanity that shall inherit the earth.

When a child is told it is wonderful to make it feel good; that it has done well when it has not even tried; when it learns it can fool its parents and when their back is turned feel free to ignore their threats – it feels it is smarter than its incompetent parents and teachers – authority can be ignored in its 'apparently' irrelevant, life.

In this sad lonely situation a child, already damaged in its logical mind formation, is led into contempt for all authority.  It seeks the comfort of drugs and risk-taking excitements.  How can we intelligently, honestly or logically, expect otherwise?

Misled from birth and given instruction confusing and contradictory of life's nature; why should we be surprised that our cultural costs go beyond our ability to pay?  

If some come to hate home life and, before suiciding seek to destroy others, is that so strange?  All this is helped along by the so-called medication used to suppress the early damage of sophical childcare. 

As Dr. Douglass reports: drugs used to treat this problem are classified as Schedule II, as are morphine, cocaine, and other dangerous narcotics.  Quoting Travis Thompson, Ph.D. Uni. Minnesota, and Klaus Unna, M.D., Uni. Illinois, he says:
"side effects of such drugs should scare the ... off parents: they include psychosis, a severe mental disorder, drug addiction and increased risk of suicide".

Add that to an adolescent mind that is already frustrated and feeling its parents have so little love for it that they don't care enough to insist on humane morality!

Do parents want to be pushed into giving their children drugs that alter brain chemistry?  On this Dr. Douglass writes an eight-page article but we don't need wallow in the pain generated by false philosophy!  Let a whiff be enough!

We also need to understand the background and ambitions of those making vast fortunes  from legal drugs and see that their financial power gives huge influence in politics, mass media and medical training!  This goes beyond conspiracy: this is war for ownership of the earth.  Only when we see this can we understand the deadly inhumanity of it.

Can We Recover? (Sept.7 '08)  At date Australia is the latest English-speaking nation to elect a party of its 'divide and conquer' political system.  It goes from a comfortably 'live with it' party to one full of reformist zeal for change and progress.

But, even with the best of intentions, rapid advance in wrong education and dramatic change based on false beliefs, only rush us into greater problems.

Meaningful reform needs moral leadership: that means installing a leader who has demonstrated competence in defence of human rights rather than wealth!  That needs an educated public.  Which means it is up to "we the people".   Will the people of the USA elect a respected people-chosen candidate or one chosen by money power?

Don't think you can trust the Mass media.  Journalist Dick Davies opened eyes with his book "Flat Earth News", even reporters are inclined to feel ashamed but will we get more like the following comment on the USA election:  Quote: "Indeed, the disconnect between the reality of this campaign and how it is perceived and presented by the mainstream media is now a major part of the year's story. The press dysfunction is itself a window into the unstable dynamics." Now:  ...

How can we possibly believe that the biggest and best Banks, Businesses and Industries of the world's richest and most advanced nations can suddenly collapse under mountains of debt and need their expert management bailed out with 'squillions' of money to bribe them to keep working for us? 

"A way to the Future:" Quote from Steve Weissman.  For ... hopes to become real, America needs an independent progressive movement that is bigger than even the most inspiring political leader, and powerful enough to counter the inevitable onslaught from Wall Street ... foreign policy hawks ... and an army of highly paid lobbyists.

... Big Oil will not slip into the sunset; arms-makers will not beat their swords into ploughshares, and managed-care conglom-erates will not make serious health care a higher priority than their corporate profits.
Change we can believe in, change that we need, requires a mass movement we can count on. But the missing movement is not [a politicians fault] organizing is not their job; it's ours!  E.Q.

To gain democracy we first have to build
a free, inclusive progressive movement.  Minorities need the protection of legal rights and leaders must be subject to a common law as initiated by the ancient
Magna Charta.

We don't need more rights we need more humanity –
more will to take responsibility to uphold the rights we have.
"Don't Fraternize – Organize."

By living in accord with life's truth we will prosper
"and the truth will set you free!" 
If we will not help ourselves can we live with the burden of guilt?

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