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Part 1: Saving the Future
Part 2:  The Thawing
Part 3:  Fire & Ice
Part 4:  Two important DVDs
Part 5: Another viewpoint

Some cleaning up of the originals and a little new comment; reminder never goes astray in dangerous times.

The importance of this is shown by continuing reports of violent weather and earthquake activity as to be expected along with reports of increasing speed of icecap melt.  The pollution build-up danger point is here and Governments pursue confused policies as time runs out.

People working behind the scenes search the evidence to find the truth. But behind all are those influential who seek to gain advantage from knowledge and not want people frightened before their own interests are secure.  Honest observers see that these, using philosophy of deceit, may keep the commonalty confused and deceived indefinitely; but arrogance fights against truth to its own demise.

By the time our original articles finished, enough information was in the public arena (for those alert in search of it) to see the basics and put the story together.  However in uncharted water knowledge advances and can never be totally conclusive. 

What is real, what is lies & confusion?

Global Warming: Warning or War-ing
If our governments had concern for those on whose behalf they claim to govern, "Global Warming" would have been called Global 'Warning'!

El Nino research has greatly added to our understanding of how changing sea currents effect weather patterns, these changes are so influential as to have destroyed the Moche civilization in Peru.  That culture (comparable with the Maya and Aztecs) was weakened to destruction by a long period of violent weather, (earth science confirmed).

The destructiveness was aided then, as today, by cultural behaviour based on worship of false Gods (Philosophy).

All evidence is not shouted from the rooftops; we must realize that a secret war goes on over control of this earth and its population.  The entry of Global Warming must both disrupt and intensify this.

In a war for survival some want advantage of prior knowledge and very few, if any, understand the true situation.  So public debate about Global Warming is pathetic.

Politicians have no respect for each other and no informed viewer can respect them. Serious TV adds to the problem by 'politically-correct' debating as politicians rave about irrelevancies. 

Many are confused about the reality of our situation but those watching the oil companies will have noticed that expensive exploration has already ceased.

What would you do as head of a large oil company when you notice that new oil discoveries have fallen over about twenty years and demand seems certain to rise indefinitely?

What would you do if the threat of global warming then started to appear?  Would you say to your board: "Why waste money on very expensive projects when there is certain to be an oil crisis in a few years because we are not going to be able to supply demand and on top of that its use may be banned or rationed?" 

Would you not suggest conserving your money, letting shortage push the price up and try to get control of new projects for producing clean energy?  Well, although I feel able to convince you that the world has gone mad I still think there are many people who could work that out even if it did not suit those behind scenes who run the world to their own agenda.

Did Globalists (in ownership of the financial system) see the opportunity of using global pollution to eliminate unneeded population without attracting blame? All it needed was to encourage polluting waste in guise of wealth.

"Global Warming" as a title, sounds so comfortable to live with and money means nothing to those who control its printing. Machines, privately owned, print at cost but governments pay face value with our work-value taxes.

The only value of paper money is as it represents the goods (work) of production. When money is printed in excess it produces inflation.  In recent years massive amounts of money have been printed.  Much hidden in bonds plus mega-bucks in cyber-space accounts; the money managers those behind the great depressions, try to hold this play money in artificial balance. You know, from reading here, the economy is a Globalist confidence trick.

Global Warming is the biggest physical threat mankind has faced, if you think it is not going to require significant sacrifices prepare for a shock. First, the price of energy (generated by oil and coal) will (should) increase to a point where users think twice about use! Money saved and tax gained by this should be devoted to clean fuels, with solar and thermal energy, the efficient and technically well advanced, given priority. Rationing essential during restructure!

Leading nations would already have taken urgent action to outlaw war; cease arms production (full inspection of facilities). 

Clean technology would be encouraged (it is already proved that most private car use is suited to electric cars fuelled by sun energy from home roofing). But who owns car factories, oil, and the political parties?

Who fears the problems posed by keeping world population in dream-time ignorance? Who wants control of the earth and wants surplus population eliminated – manipulators will continue to lie.

Stopping international war and arms manufacture would make quick and useful reduction in energy waste and pollution!

Our new need is for armies trained for rescue and repair, not for unprovoked assault with its infusion of fear and hate.

Talk of saving sick living standards, as a priority of research; of constructions needing years before having effect – is crazy! Significant change is needed NOW! A 25% reduction of pollution could, with public understanding, be achieved quickly. Technology is just awaiting funds and intelligent direction for decisive saving.

Steps above would impress on people of leading nations that upsetting the balance of nature attracts real and disastrous consequences. All should prepare for flow-on effects. The technology is already at hand for cutting both pollution and cost but delay and political deceit serves avarice.

Working environmental scientists agree: this is our most serious survival challenge. World political propaganda fits genocide better than it fits suicide. War is used for population control!  Driven by ego and ignorance, quisling governments entrap us.

The "Global 2000 Club", an elite "Club of Rome" organization; exposed its genocide plan in 1980 when the U.S. State Department, and Council on Environmental Quality submitted it to President Carter who endorsed it as official policy (USA Congressional Records). That called for deletion of two billion of us by year 2000.

Malthus saw rising population problems (1766-1834). Globalists see the threat of unneeded people but are blind to upset to balance of nature.

Why does no one warn of the effect of shifting huge weight of water from land to oceans? Signs of increasing volcanic and earthquake activity continue, as pollution melts permafrost, this melting releases global-warming pollutants even faster than human stupidity.

Once out of balance, out of balance multiplies. Just one super volcanic eruption caused by changing pressure on earth's fragile crust could disable even the most powerful nation and have compounding effects on the living areas of the entire earth.  Who gains if public mind is focused on short-sighted issues?

Governments seek to take advantage of warming arctic regions to find oil as though they have no care in the world. Who directs governments?  Do they expect a thousand years of summer fun?

How fast can natural forces build? Recall those extinct animals found in frozen Siberia with temperate area vegetation in their mouths?  Does that leave a fresh taste?  Extreme change can occur quickly and changing climate is mostly violent! Already we see changes that, compounded, will devastate large populations?

Also important: The Economy!  A further crash of the economy by the criminals in control would be immediately disastrous!  It would multiply problems and make it almost impossible to deal with them!

Scriptures foretell human action capable of destroying life on earth. Tiny changes in ocean temperatures can have devastating effects: How or where will these changes act?  End times have been claimed in the past by human vision but human vision is faulty.  Nature now tells us that the end times are here so now is the time to listen.

Farmers need consistent seasons – rain at the right time to plant the crop.  Planted, it may be too dry to grow, or frosted, cooked by heat-wave; at harvest, destroyed by fire, rain, hail or wind: many ways to lose a crop.  Uncertain weather may halve world food.  Will we hoard against disaster – beg, starve or war when crops fail?

Why does vital scientific evidence not have compulsory display on all media? Why does serious research have restraints on distribution?

Humanity is already in a pitiful state; with values corrupted sophisticated populations now have pathetic, child like dependence on public services!  We are led into war against shadows.

When false philosophy fails it promotes violence that alone can destroy civilizations!  No matter the size, balance is always fragile – failures quickly spread.

If the evidence is true, and daily it becomes more difficult to deny, the floating plates of earth on which we all live will have their stability changed as weight moves from earth to oceans. As ice melts, sun's heat, rather than being reflected out of earth's atmosphere, is absorbed.

Modern research explains much in relation to past earth-changes. As a young earth settled to relative stability, events such as super volcanic eruption or meteor strike added pollution.  Upsets to balance further increase pollution and erratic weather.

Even the magnetic poles move. Such progression may end a million years later as the earth settles into a new stability.

But we cannot know the whole story. Earth's development to standards of human occupation is complicated. We now add "ignorant commerce” to instability. There is more to oil than meets the eye.  Melting Siberian permafrost is releasing disastrous additional pollutants (reports below).

Can we chance that, in a few years, we see our languid reforms were just a waste of time? Had we (as entitled) taken responsibility for our own governing, the evidence of global warming could not have been hidden. Misled activists, promoting emotional ideas without understanding, would not have helped confusion.

Do Globalists see evidence and knowledge of global forces as a chance to take advantage or do they misjudge the danger? Do they promote trivia of sports, gimmicks of technology, entertaining fads & fashions to exclude serious matters?

Sport generated air travel creates unneeded pollution of atmosphere!  Industrial production to take advantage of "economic slavery" (to our shame) has made global transport also a significant polluter.

Globalists create injustice, waste, war and terror – drugs are designed to profit from unhealthy lifestyle promotions!  Commerce turns industry to waste health, and purpose. 

All government services serve globalism as Globalist power controls selection of government members through the "party system".  This dictatorship is disguised by incessant mass-media claim of it as 'democracy'. Pretence of' democracy is continually pushed into our minds so we don't think and see through the disguise!

We cannot afford to waste time on quisling governments that combine to deceive us as they serve others. We have legal right to organize to select our own candidates and urgently need to install true democratic government. Can we overcome our dumbing-down to take responsible action? - Top 

Now: new evidence confirms our danger:
Global Warming – 2: 
The thawing!

By Dmitry Solovyov
[Reuters] (Condensed.) 16 Sept. 2007.

Quote: "Sergei Zimov picks up a handful of treacly mud holds it up to his nose..."mammoth dung," he says.

"This is more than just another symptom of global warming. For millennia, layers of animal waste and other organic matter left behind by the creatures that used to roam the Arctic tundra have been sealed inside the frozen permafrost. Now climate change is thawing the permafrost and lifting this prehistoric ooze from suspended animation.

For almost 30 years Zimov, a scientist, has studied climate change in Russia's Arctic. He believes, that as this organic matter becomes exposed to air it will accelerate global warming faster than even some of the most pessimistic forecasts. "This will lead to a type of global warming which will be impossible to stop," he said.

"When the organic matter left behind by mammoths and other wildlife is exposed to the air by the thawing permafrost, his theory runs, microbes ... dormant for thousands of years spring back into action.

"As a by-product they emit carbon dioxide and - even more damaging in terms of its impact on the climate - methane gas. According to Zimov, the microbes [will] emit these gases in enormous quantities.

"Here in Yakutia, a region in the north-eastern corner of Siberia, the belt of permafrost containing the mammoth-era soil covers an area roughly the size of France and Germany combined. There is even more of it elsewhere in Siberia. "The deposits of organic matter in these soils are so gigantic that they dwarf global oil reserves," Zimov said"

[U.S. government statistics say mankind emits about 7 billion tonnes of carbon a year. Mass vegetation in the past thrived on the pollution that now endangers us and just as oceanic life-forms consumed the pollution and earth movement sealed it away, so frost suddenly descending on Siberia, sealed in another great swag of the pollutants that once made earth unsuited to our human development.]
"Permafrost areas hold 500 billion tonnes of carbon, which can fast turn into greenhouse gases," Zimov said. "If you don't stop emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere ... the Kyoto Protocol ... will seem like childish prattle." 

It might be easy to dismiss the 52-year-old, with his beard and ... wavy hair, as an alarmist crank. But his theory is grabbing attention in the scientific community.

"There's quite a bit of truth in it," Julian Murton, member of the International Permafrost Association, told Reuters. "The methane and carbon dioxide levels will increase as a result of permafrost degradation."

"A United Nations report in June said there was as yet no sign of widespread melting of permafrost that could stoke global warming, but noted the potential threat.  [The UN is a Globalist baby; what information do they want to share? Ed.]

"Permafrost stores a lot of carbon, with upper permafrost layers estimated to contain more organic carbon than is currently contained in the atmosphere; the report said. "Permafrost thawing results in the release of this carbon in the form of greenhouse gases which will have positive feedback effect [on] global warming."

"... At Duvanny Yar on the shores of the Kolyma River, the phenomenon that Zimov describes in speeches at scientific conferences can be seen first hand. The steep-sided riverbank, until now held up by permafrost, is collapsing as the ice melts.

Every few minutes, a thud can be heard as another wedge of soil and permafrost comes tumbling down, or a splash as a chunk falls into the river.

"Nearby, Zimov points to an area so far unaffected by the melting - a forest of larch trees with berries and mushrooms and covered with a soft cushion of moss and lichen. Further down the slope the landscape is covered with trees toppled over as the soil disintegrates. Brooks murmur down the slope carrying melted water.

"Elsewhere, places that five or 10 years ago were empty tundra are now dotted with lakes - a result of thawing permafrost.

These 'thermokarst' lakes bubble with methane, over 20 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. ...

Zimov warns that people everywhere should take notice, because within a few years, the knock-on effect of the permafrost melting in Siberia will be having a direct impact on their lives.

"Siberia's landscape is changing," he said. "But ... problems of the north will inevitably turn into the problems of Russia's south ..." [South of Russia].
End Quote.

Is it that bad? Well, it's certainly not good and this is just part of consequences related to global balance. It is in the nature of balanced systems that once forces of balance are broken the forces increase rapidly.  Should we act rather than wait to see if we are wiped out?  Personally I consider it certain that early stages of global warming will grow much faster than is now considered possible. 

If Global Warming causes caring people to think and act in their own defence, that will be the first miracle in a true new age of adventure and life potentials?

We are well aware that climates change naturally – that politically motivated groups make great play of disasters – that animals become extinct. But let's not ignore clear evidence that, by emotional and intellectual trickery, forces of greed and ego now seek to rule our world!

We, seduced with comfort and pleasure to ignore our intellect! Led to behave with incredible stupidity, we disregard consequences – we waste huge resources for harm of ourselves – create huge pollution for our own sickness and early death while we live by philosophies of stagnant dogma to create murderous behaviour at home and abroad.

Truth should be compulsory for prime-time TV! This whole Global Warming mess should be continually exposed and displayed! We should be encouraged to see DVDs like "CRUDE"!

The balance of nature is finely tuned by nature's order! The difference between a natural and unnatural change may confuse our weakened intellect but does not excuse avoidance of fact to avoid response. - Top

Global Warming – 3: 
Fire & Ice.
Changing currents change weather!

Another consequence of Global Warming largely ignored by Globalist-controlled mass-media, is the turning off of the earth's temperature regulating system.

Globalists only admit mistakes to encourage uncertainty, their prize of world ownership seems so near to hand, but their control is not total and the human urge for understanding is not easily suppressed.

Globalists do not dare ignore all that well-established scientific study exposes, however, being expert at deceit, disguise and misinformation, they expose with minimum publicity to sooth our fears.  For lies to be convincing they must be mixed with truth. 

We are overwhelmed as we avoid effective action and suffer our delusions.  Globalists work to arrogant agenda.  Is their tricky security as reliable as they imagine?

It is not explained to the commonalty that changes may occur quickly, violently and erratically. 

Any regions may get hot, wet, cold or dry -- large, extinct animals, found in the Siberian permafrost with temperate-climate food in their mouths, were not the consequence of freak storms!  Had they frozen and not remained frozen, they would have decayed as normal. This area, as we now know, was an area of lush vegetation with soil high in compost.

Breaking down of the earth's climate regulating system may dramatically increase violent weather and switch, over different areas, between warming and cooling before the earth becomes a stagnant solarium. 

All land-based ice-melt adds to sea level rise.  Changes aren't restricted to localities! If the Gulf Stream, taking warm water from the Gulf of Mexico to the north of England turns off, north-west Europe will get very cold for a time before the more general warming takes over.

What will turn the Gulf Stream off?  Flood of fresh water from the melting Greenland glaciers is sufficient.  It has already happened; for ten days in 2004.

Fresh water of glacial melt, lighter than the salt water of the Gulf Stream, can affect the flow.  So don't be fooled that the melting of sea-ice is irrelevant to climate change. Ocean currents are basic to earth's temperature and weather control system. - Top

Global Warming – 4: 
Two important DVDs
Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" opened the door.  The following DVDs are very useful to understanding our world today. The first exposes (again) consequences of our human failure to take responsibility for our own affairs and to use technology for efficiency rather than for profit of self aggrandisement; the second exposes an important point of underlying nature.

DVD 1, "Who Killed the Electric Car", was of personal interest to me because I was once a car enthusiast from a motor sport point of view and now an Electric Car enthusiast from a GW point of view.

According to reports from those who used it, the Electric Car is the most efficient and practical form of personal motor transport so far invented.
As mechanically inclined people can agree, the electric motor is well tried, used in a huge variety of applications and of impressive reliability; it's mechanically uncomplicated and efficient in this use.

Foreseeable advances will make electric cars the personal transport of any possible future.  Even then users claimed to collect enough solar energy with solar panels for ordinary daily use of the prototype mentioned below.  New technology makes solar energy collection more available.

Two Australian technology developments lead the world in this but (2009) get no Australian government assistance.  One of these allows building materials (including roofing iron and glass) to be coated for solar energy collection. This makes for buildings self sufficient in electricity and in many cases allows surplus to be fed back into existing mains.

The other produces heat and electricity cheaply from gas (much cleaner than coal) from small individual units that can be installed in any existing home and also feed back surplus through existing mains.

Both could no doubt have been helped by government funding but even as it is both are expected to begin marketing by 2011. 

Now, well-designed prototype electric car was produced by leading car manufacturer General Motors and SCRAPPED, just a few years before Global Warming became headline news. This car had to have been extensively researched and those produced were tested and loved by a fair sample of US motorists.

So what is of great interest to us is the story of why, despite wide protest by users, it was unceremoniously scrapped and great effort made by its manufacturer to discredit it and destroy all prototypes.

No one was allowed to buy or maintain legal ownership to further display its advantages. Is that not strange behaviour in today's commercial culture? Had it been commercially produced, solar-power development would have been encouraged and the firm saved from its recent economic embarrassment. 

What excuses were suggested?
1. The company could make more profit from the more complicated and expensive cars already being produced. Just stupid; a cheaper, better car sells more at a better profit margin. Nothing there to debate!

2. That it did not have sufficient range. Nevertheless those using the car were so pleased with it that they had to be forced to give it up. For holiday travel and commercial use it is not unusual for a family to use both personal and commercial transport. In any case research solutions to all problems must have been carefully considered before the public trial.

3. That the oil companies, having more financial power, forced/bribed the car manufacturer to withdraw the car. That's a good argument in view of today's commercial morality though (of course) contrary to democratic government. 

In a rational democracy no government would accept industrial blackmail?

Is there a better alternative? Hybrids are complicated, expensive and only slightly reduce the pollution we need to eliminate! Better alternative fuels will take years of development and be unlikely to produce a better alternative than the home powered electric car.  Solar is here now with excellent development prospects! When no rational reason is offered then we must look for the hidden.

Why would any honest national government weaken its international power base – the economic base of the nation it governs, or bow to pressure it only need expose to defeat?

A similar situation occurred early last century when bankers threatened to withdraw services! True democratic government could and would expose commercial blackmail with certainty of full community support for required action.  Action might include: nationalising of offending companies and jailing of offenders.

That was an early warning alarm! It exposed that what was thought to be "our" democratic government was under control of private agencies of unknown allegiance; then, as now, government submissively bowed.  We, the people, still ignore it.

Inefficient industry weakens the competitive position of the nation; no honest government wants that! But it was seen that governments did aid the campaign to kill the electric car; that makes its recall the most bizarre part of the entire event, though perhaps no more so than the demonstrated power of those in control of the financial system.

However it seems, now much more obvious, that the USA is being set up for economic decay with government help?  Globalism is international government! Nationalism is its enemy! The poor quality of parliamentarians makes their realization of what they are doing unlikely.  Globalism infiltrates political parties to control our choice of representatives! Government by blackmail or manipulation, allows achievement of secret goals.

Use of the poor of other countries as economic slaves in unregulated factories, creates huge pollution and economic power shift. Economic mismanagement, at this level, cannot seriously be claimed as responsible by any government working for its citizens! The claim of democracy is obviously fraudulent.

Globalism claims global efficiency as its great human benefit! What is it afraid of – what is of greater importance to Globalists than the welfare of the human community?

To make any rational logical sense there has to be a hidden agenda that is of more importance to Globalism than its public agenda? If Globalism works for human benefit then it will work with public co-operation. No hidden agenda is needed! Does killing of the electric car throw light on Globalist genocide plans?

Note: News 2007: Toyota putting a new internal-combustion/electric hybrid car on trial in the USA.  It claims to have developed better batteries. Its detractors immediately point out that the electricity will come from coal-fired power stations.

A legitimate claim, especially as it uses an internal combustion engine as backup and does not appear to be exploiting the solar power potential. Was it designed to gain commercial advertising advantage? Why did it not go all-electric?

As there is in advanced development already a superior solar-energy collecting technology that can be included in window glass or used as surface coating for steel, by the time electric car production is tooled up we might have cars whose entire surface is energy collecting to extend battery range on the road.  Also cars designed for use with home solar energy collection and hire battery packs to slide out and be exchanged at service stations in less time than it now takes to refill with petrol.

Certainly the service station would not, at present, recharge with solar energy if road transport was also electric, but trucks will take more time for changeover and goods transport needs overall for more efficiency.

Geothermal energy powered stations, ignored by Globalist government, are already in limited use. Its not about jobs, there is no shortage of work needing done!  The main reason for neglect of clean power and the pushing of messy alternatives is lack of political will.  Well we can elect our own government; we do not have to commit suicide in service to treachery.

Why are we allowing ourselves to be led by inefficient, polluting commerce for a slow reduction in pollution when we need, for safety, an achievable 90% reduction?

Next: The DVD called "CRUDE":
This is the story of how oil was created – it is the story that makes clear our danger and further highlights consequences of cultural manipulation.

Our understanding of how crude came into existence is quite recent though we have long known that both oil and coal were formed by conversion of ancient living organisms.  This, of course, refers to basics; new details reveal the consequences of excessive use.

All who care about the future of human life should make it their business to view, and publicise, the story of oil and its creation! Why! Because "Politically Correct" Humanist Globalism has no will for it!

The young earth not friendly to human life in the Jurassic: tormented by huge storms, volcanoes, earthquakes, and pollution. 

Our earth could not support the human development until it could offer its present air-conditioned "Garden of Eden" beauty.  At times the temperature was too hot for ice to form at the poles; the great oceans, stagnant and too polluted for the life of today; no coal and oil for development of human industry.

But life-forms designed to solve those problems appeared! That environment was great for plant life and organisms designed to absorb the pollution and sun's energy.

The ocean-living life forms absorbed pollution in bulk. They died and sank to ocean bottom in great mass to be enfolded in the shifting earth, compressed and baked for a few million years in conversion to oil; on land, plant-life to coal.

This balancing and cleaning of earth occurred five times prior to our period of stability. We do not yet know at what point the balance changes, but we do know that at the time of anoxic oceans the atmospheric pollution was only about five times that of our pre-industrial earth.

Note: That five-times cleaning! Note that we don't know at what level of pollution the switch is triggered. Each time, after those life-forms had absorbed the pollution and cleaned the atmosphere, there came amazing change! Temperature dropped, ice caps formed! With air and water cleaned, the land and oceans gained new life.

To encapsulate: The pollution eating 'plankton' absorbed the sunlight and ate the pollution then carried these energies to the bottom of the oceans!  There, covered with silt they became enfolded in time.

In earth's folds, heat and pressure, turned energy and carbon into oil. With clean water and climate control there came diversity for life and beauty for the eye.

So we now use this convenient energy to drive all manner of transport and machinery. There would have been no problem had we, the people, accepted our responsibility for self-government.

Had we taken note of the warnings related to 'party government systems' and taken responsibility for our own governing as we had set up for ourselves, we would have kept access to the stream of learning open to ourselves!  We would have taken heed of dangers and confined them.

Knowing we were releasing pollution, created by earth's formation and locked away to make earth healthy for human life, we would have limited the volume released back into the atmosphere. 

Intelligence would have directed technology to its life-friendly potentials!  This planet was designed for human occupation and development.  Let's see it in verse:

Then man appeared, took his axe to the tree,
built boats to explore all this great world to see.
In the earth there was coal; we invented the wheel;
with coal and with ore we learned to make steel.

To power our wheels we piped oil from earth's heart
and with flippers and steels took the oceans apart.
Having ventured the depths, then up in the skies,
we saw heaven; then there were stars in our eyes.

Wait! Hold on young man look back while you can,
that dark-blood of earth may be death blood of man.
You have powers to go to the heavens above
but you have to think now of the life that you love.

Look back to the past to know what you are,
take care how you tread if you want to go far.
There are rules there are signs, and battles to win,
truth is life and eternal, look back and within.


However our love of the easy life and desire to avoid responsibility brought us into immoral submission to illegal government and commercial entrepreneurs.

We became happy to believe we could trust those we knew untrustworthy. We lived as prey deceived by fools.

Understood by our Creator, we were warned of this.  So, brought to the test, will the weeds (seed of deceits and lies) sown within the field of the spirit of life, be gathered and destroyed as foretold – will those who love and honour truth reject the bad seed, seek truth, and (free of religious dogma) thrive in development of a future reformed in love of truth?

Well I think that the Creator got the balance right but we will have to wait and see who wants to live and who stubbornly rejects their potential.

The DVD, "CRUDE"; commercially available from ABC TV Australia was not publicised. View at:

  - Top

Global Warming - 5:
Another Speaks Out

Comment of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
The Next President's First Task

[A Manifesto] Vanity Fair
"TRUTHOUT" May 2008.

A useful file to help broaden our Global Warming view!  Underlining and small deletions for clarity and emphasis: Ed.

Quote: “Last November, Lord (David) Puttnam debated before Parliament an important bill to tackle global warming.
"Addressing industry and government warnings that we must proceed slowly to avoid economic ruin, Lord Puttnam recalled that precisely 200 years ago Parliament heard identical caveats during the debate over abolition of the slave trade.

"At that time slave commerce represented one-fourth of Britain's G.D.P. and provided its primary source of cheap, abundant energy. Vested interests warned that financial apocalypse would succeed its prohibition.

"That debate lasted roughly a year, and Parliament, in the end, made the moral choice, abolishing the trade outright. Instead of collapsing, as slavery's proponents had predicted, Britain's economy accelerated.

"Slavery's abolition exposed the debilitating inefficiencies associated with zero-cost labor; slavery had been a ball and chain not only for the slaves but also for the British economy, hobbling productivity and stifling growth.

Now creativity and productivity surged.
"Entrepreneurs seeking new sources of energy launched the Industrial Revolution and inaugurated the greatest era of wealth production in human history.

"Today, we don't need to abolish carbon as an energy source in order to see its inefficiencies or to understand that this is the principal drag on American capitalism. The evidence is before our eyes.

"The practice of borrowing a billion dollars each day to buy foreign oil has caused the American dollar to implode. More than a trillion dollars in annual subsidies to ... producers have beggared a nation that four decades ago owned half the globe's wealth.

"Carbon dependence has eroded our economic power, destroyed our moral authority, diminished our international influence and prestige, endangered our national security, and damaged our health and landscapes. It is subverting everything we value.

"We know that nations that "decarbonize" their economies reap immediate rewards. Sweden announced in 2006 the phase out of all fossil fuels (and nuclear energy) by 2020. In 1991 the Swedes enacted a carbon tax - now up to $150 a ton - and as a result thousands of entrepreneurs rushed to develop new ways of generating energy from wind, the sun, and the tides, and from woodchips, agricultural waste, and garbage. Growth rates climbed to upwards of three times those of the U.S.

"Iceland was 80 percent dependent on imported coal and oil in the 1970s and was among the poorest economies in Europe. Today, Iceland is 100 percent energy-independent, with 90 percent of the nation's homes heated by geothermal and [other] electrical needs met by hydro.

"The International Monetary Fund now ranks Iceland the fourth most affluent nation on earth. The country, which previously had to beg for corporate investment, now has companies lined up to relocate there to take advantage of its low-cost clean energy.

"It should come as no surprise that California, America's most energy-efficient state, also possesses its strongest economy.

"The United States has far greater domestic energy resources than Iceland or Sweden does. We sit atop the second-largest geothermal resources in the world. The American Midwest is the Saudi Arabia of wind; indeed, North Dakota, Kansas, and Texas alone produce enough harnessable wind to meet all of the nation's electricity demand.

As for solar, according to a study in Scientific American, photo-voltaic and solar-thermal installations, across just 19 percent of the most barren desert land in the Southwest, could supply nearly all of our nation's electricity needs without any rooftop installation, even assuming every American owned a plug-in hybrid.

[Note: However today household roof installation would do the job more efficiently.]

"In America, several obstacles impede the kind of entrepreneurial revolution we need.

To begin with: that trillion dollars in annual coal-and-oil subsidies gives the carbon industry a decisive market advantage. Meanwhile, an overstressed and inefficient national electrical grid can't accommodate new kinds of power. At the same time, a Byzantine array of local rules impede access by innovators to national markets.

"There are a number of things the new president should immediately do to hasten the approaching boom in energy innovation. A carbon cap-and-trade system designed to put downward pressure on carbon emissions ... Already endorsed by Senators McCain, Clinton, and Obama; such a system would measure national carbon emissions and create a market to auction emissions credits.

"The supply of credits is then reduced each year to meet pre-determined carbon-reduction targets. As supply tightens, credit value increases, providing rich monetary rewards for innovators who reduce carbon. Since it is precisely targeted, cap-and-trade is more effective than a carbon tax.  ... Industry likes the system's clear goals. This market-based approach has a proven track record."

[Editor:  This is a rare and important comment; it offers realism in a pool of deceit.  My concern is mainly with the part in red below.  Too broad for efficiency; problems already have better solutions.  We need clarify immediate, urgent goals.

For instance ‘Geothermal’ is quite capable of supplying commercial needs of electricity in many countries; 'Solar' power (especially in light of new developments and other home generation in early stage development in Australia) will easily handle domestic power and motoring needs with 'left-overs' to feed into the present electricity system.  With every home able to be energy independent the needs of long distance power transmission will change. 

More attention needs be given to cutting waste of conversion; could there be worth-while saving of production by replacing, in sound vehicles, petrol with electric?
Most urgent to efficiency is reform of both government and the commercial system.  If we are not prepared to live by human morals then within one hundred years the population of earth, without external intervention, will be doomed.]

Quote continues:
“There's a second thing the next president should do, and it would be a strategic masterstroke: push to revamp the nation's antiquated high-voltage power-transmission system so that it can deliver solar, wind, geothermal, and other renewable energy across the country. Right now, a Texas wind-farm manager who wants to get his electrons to market faces two huge impediments. First, our regional power grids are overstressed and misaligned. The biggest renewable-energy opportunities - for instance, Southwest solar and Midwest wind - are outside the grids' reach.  [No longer a problem.]

"Furthermore, travelling via alternating-current (AC) lines, too much of that wind farmer's energy would dissipate before it crossed the country. The nation urgently needs more investment in its backbone transmission grid, including new direct-current (DC) power lines for efficient long-haul transmission. Even more important, we need to build in "smart" features, including storage points and computerized management overlays, allowing the new grid to intelligently deploy the energy along the way.  ...  [Mostly unneeded]

"The other obstacle is the web of arcane and conflicting state rules that currently restrict access to the grid. The federal government needs to work with state authorities to open up the grids, allowing clean-energy innovators to fairly compete for investment, space, and customers. We need open markets where hundreds of local and national power producers can scramble to deliver economic and environmental solutions ...  [Outdated]

"The energy sector, in other words, needs an initiative analogous to the 1996 Telecommunications Act, which required open access to all the nation's telephone lines.  Market-place competition among national and local phone companies instantly precipitated the historic explosion in telecom activity.

"Construction of efficient open trans-mission marketplaces and green-power-plant infrastructure would require green electrons. Businesses and homes will become power plants as individuals cash in by installing solar panels and wind turbines on their buildings, and by selling the stored energy in their plug-in hybrids back to the grid at peak hours about a trillion dollars over the next 15 years. [Now less complex Ed.]

"For roughly a third of the projected cost of the Iraq war we could wean the country from carbon. And the good news is that the government doesn't actually have to pay for all of this. If the president works with governors to lift constraints and encourage investment, utilities and private entrepreneurs will quickly step in to revitalize the grid and recover their investment through royalties collected for transporting. 
[Ed. But to access efficiency we first we have to install true democracy.]

"Energy expert and former CIA director R. James Woolsey predicts: "With rational market incentives and a smart backbone, you'll see capital and entrepreneurs flooding this field with lightning speed. " Ten percent of venture-capital dollars are already deployed in the clean-tech sector, and the world's biggest companies are crowding the space with capital and scrambling for position.
"The benefits to America are beyond measure. We will cut annual trade and budget deficits by hundreds of billions, improve public health and farm production, diminish global warming, and create millions of good jobs. And for the first time in half a century we will live free from Middle East wars and entanglements with petty tyrants who despise democracy ... "
   End Quote.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is president of the Waterkeeper Alliance, a non-government organization that promotes clean water throughout the world.

WRAP-UP   You will have noticed that California and Iceland are mentioned as among leaders in Global Warming but are also now leaders in financial problems.  I am not suggesting that these are connected but want to highlight that we have other problems just as serious and tied equally to a destruction of common management abilities.  Please realize that the odds are that the financial tremors so worrying us today are forewarning of worse to come.

This site is not making a statement of religious dogma; Human guesses as to the coming of the end times have been notorious for error but we are told to read the signs; nature is now shouting loud and clear, the signs of nature reduce potential for error! 

Christian Testaments, world events and moral collapse combine to give cause for serious thought.  Are we about to fulfil prophecy: Matthew 24: 21-22?  We now have potential to destroy all life on earth and Global Warming is only part of it.

"Revelation of John" 17.18 clearly reveals destruction of the "Great City" – the "Great Whore" of commerce – where ego and usury feeds immorality?  Yes, major events of the human future can now be clearly seen when we clear from our minds the Humanist dogma now infiltrating Christian religions.

Now that we know the kind of world we will create by continued abuse of fossil fuels, we should be aware that our human development is being massively deformed in childhood to magnify 'dumbing down' and encouragement to primitive behaviour.

Made intellectually incompetent by massive social indoctrination we are unable to rationalise logical behaviour patterns.  We become frustrated angry and violently destructive as clearly seen today: culturally we are consumed by a madness created by inbreeding of deceit and artificial culture.

The destruction and rebirth of culture!
Though seduced by religion of humanism, don't despair; we can, if we use our gift of intelligence, save ourselves?

As we see our nature so we live our lives! - Top

The Humanist culture now ruling our lives deforms understanding of Christianity:

 and political reality.
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