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Do we regain our human potential or perish?

Essentials of "Re-birthing" for those who live for love of life.


To avoid catastrophe our civilization needs urgent rebirth!  We have been led into a trap by arrogant forces; will we be too stubborn to admit the errors now adopted?  Will we change our ways to ways true to humanity?  The direction is clear but pride is our burden!  Intelligence could ease the burden but that needs goodwill and the courage to challenge comfort.  


Our indoctrination is now based on the fact that, those confident of getting away with it, kill for money.  Led to believe that inefficient medications are about money we see life's motivation as greed and science clings to comfort of stale dogma.  Will truth challenge common attitudes?


2009:.  During the last year or so you have probably found the following notice in your letterbox or at hand one way or another.   Quote:

"Unwanted medications can seriously harm the environment, so don't throw them in the garbage, flush them down the toilet or pour down the sink.  All expired and no longer needed medications can be returned to your pharmacy for disposal."


Have you given it thought?  Have you wondered why your government encourages you to take medications that, leftover, need be treated as toxic waste?  Have you thought that when you take medications it's your life – when you dispose of them, it's their world?  We are now so used to the herding fashion in every aspect of our living that we ignore implications.  Even those few who do see the iniquity do no more than complain to others like-minded.  


As our lives become more stifled we ignore that fifty years of complaining has not helped.  First hospitals sent us home early because government couldn't afford our care, now we see them so over-loaded that they cannot service demand! 


We feared to look to the real cause of our problems because its too personal to face that our life is our responsibility; so now its do-or-die personal.  But don't despair!  We have been taught to believe we are just animals descended from apes; but this is just old un-scientific "plausible dogma" and, though education indoctrinates, that could never be accepted as science.


Accident destroys order!  Natural selection has no foresight or survival instinct!  Order is only created by intellect: every chair, mountain, the air we breathe!  Life forms cannot evolve!  Only intellect can design order and this is reflected in what is created.  Creation has purpose.


So far our human generation has been in adolescence!  What have we learned as we came to face challenges of maturity?  The gift of intellect needs be used in love of truth


So much of news today is a deceitful reconstruct by trained people-shapers.  We take the easy way and believe as emotions desire!  Do those who control news media know how to manipulate emotions – that is their work!


Re-birthing news:  Evidence to support these claims is on site but first wake-up is needed. 


Eyes should now be open to understanding how the most powerful people in the world today have become so misguided as to try to limit population growth by secret poisoning.  They consider us animals and though their plotting is secure it hasn't worked very well. 


In their confusion they continue.  What they do apes the false philosophy they have forced on the world and it deforms logic.  However it is difficult to explain more clearly or simply for caring readers than does this essay.


Most difficult to understand is why those who do see through the frail veil then, rather than just expose the truth so that we can re-gain our health and defeat our oppressors, join the oppressors in usury (so obvious in relation to health) they want payment for their insight.  But there's hope that growing numbers, in love of life, may soon be prepared to help their fellow humans.


To understand why we turn a blind eye to the unconscionable killing of millions, we need face that elitists have been in continuous control throughout our history.  In early times there was excuse; we had to stand behind strong leaders for survival and, in so doing, learned to see this as our way of life.


Will this change?  To understand why activities as mentioned above are allowed, even encouraged, you only need add basic logic to the evidence on site.  Conniving of generations cannot be exposed and explained in a single sentence but, though understood, I still find it hard to accept that humans may fail to retain sufficient intellectual morality and logic, to see that our situation is serious – natural survival instincts should awaken.


When the system and government becomes so ineffectual, and the community so uncaring of itself that the authority of its leading literature can be corrupted virtually at will, (see original on site) then, as a culture, we have obviously been stripped quite bare of our human moral defences.  Surely we are able to see and understand this?


Greed knows no limits; soon boundless wealth was not enough.  Greed turned to accumulation of power and when some saw that THEIR earth was becoming over-populated and resources destroyed, their intent became directed to owning the earth and further eliminating excess population.


Obviously, explaining the problem to gain a human solution did not suit the mean minded.  It was a simple step to detail how the human mind works and to then accomplish refined subversion and take-over.  After all, if (as shown on site) you can control governments in the most advanced nations, then all else becomes simple.


So now lets leave the health consequence and get to know the HOW & WHY of it.



Well that's the story of "Hegelian Dialectic".  Hegelian dialectic has its roots in a power principle called "Divide and Conquer", or "playing both ends against the middle".   Then, for real kick-in-your-teeth contempt it became "Outcomes Based Education".


Originally exposed and accepted as a socialist principle for cultural change, Hegelian Dialectic was not, in the democracies, connected with "White Knight" Capitalism.  But of course Capitalism and Communism became the first big divide in the "divide and conquer" plan.


Humanist ambitions: humanism, as a name, is clearly in pretence of "human". 

While there is no public evidence that a huge Secret Service is assembled in humanist service, we note that this vast elitist economic force (ruling by imposed philosophy) pretends peace. 


So it must be obvious to logic that Globalism employs an army of professionally trained "People Shapers" to indoctrinate deformities, integrate rumours and reshape truth as needed to balance their divide and conquer programs.  Control of education gives credibility to elitist pretence.


The Hegelian Dialectic Principle:

Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis! 

Thesis is any idea (it may be factual).

Antithesis is opposing argument.

Synthesis is the designed outcome.


The game is first to restrict opponents to stubborn futility and then manipulate to acceptance of the outcome desired by those behind the program.  I.e., Globalism creates problems and then generates solutions to its advantage. 


Evidence is that, by trickery and threat, Globalists have ruled us through corrupted national governments for generations.  You may find that hard to believe but if you love truth the evidence shows it beyond logical doubt. 


That vast interlocked system could not form by chance!  Few today have basic understanding of Global Warming (its origin and potential)?  Of Nature of money (finance)!  Of legitimate Political systems (illegality of Party Politics)!  Or of anything important to human culture.  The indoctrination of culture is not quantum science!


These matters can be understood from information on site and only by use of the deforming power of Hegelian Dialectics could we be reduced to present level of inhumanity.


Biased education has needed 100 years to dumb-down humans so that we continue taking sides in blind partisan support of what we now selfishly value as "our side".  That, as we now see, is what most do!  Without this, Elitist philosophy of deceit could never achieve or maintain power.


Sides-taking loyalty is a primitive survival instinct now 'un-naturally' encouraged through party politics and professional sport.  Sides' taking is a great substitute for understanding and a basic force behind Hegelian Dialectic control.  Combine with dumbing down of logic; what do you get?  Confusion, frustration and violence!


A free human mind appreciates that moral human social behaviour is a human essential that is well within our natural ability.  Nevertheless bankers and financial planners have embraced a system (of clear confidence trickery), which must lead to consequences that are obviously without safe conclusion.


So if Hegelian Dialectic and Humanist animalism are myth, why the partisan discussion?  Why the fierce, futile loyalty without resolution or understanding?  Why such pride in 'my side' on Global Warming; sports team or political party?  Don't talk of truth, justice or mercy; what has that to do with anything; my ideas are me!  Winning is the game! My dogmas are my heart and soul!   As a chance creation I AM my desire!


Climates do change continually; change leads to earthquake and erratic weather with capacity to make this overstressed and overpopulated earth (even without our help) lose large population! 


Only when knowing that both sides are misled in order to achieve dominance by a third party do we look for what is hidden!  We then appreciate that climate change cycles may extend over millions of years even without the human activity that upsets balance of nature and recycles massive pollution.


So now, having been led happily up the garden path of animal freedom for pride of animal pleasures, will we challenge this DEATH TRAP with intelligence?  Will we take responsibility for our living and not submit to emotions' dead-end? With debates balanced neatly on deceit, does neither side want the truth?


In our homes and streets we see violence increase in line with social problems as we argue!  Sides-chosen leaders are trusted to guide us; but these know no more than others and people-shapers easily herd all into fashion created attitudes of self-destruction.


Bombarded with ideas of multiracial beauty we ignore reality! People-shapers know cultures never merge without ingrained animosity!  With troubles (even generations later) come cultural violence; the stronger blame and kill the weaker!  We see examples in our own lifetimes yet still give loyalty to emotional manipulation!


As Global Warming brings hunger and hardship, immigrants will be bait for riot and murder.  So, having instilled insatiable need for pleasure (to create meaning in lives made meaningless) how easy now to lead people to death with sly help of designer disease?  So smoothly goes the planning!


Most saw "Dumbing Down" as a silly extremist idea.  Well laugh, lighten the air, but also see that trouble and strife now envelop human culture.  Know that dumbing-down worked – that cultural reform is now urgent.


Our plight is now life/death!  Our situation has been described as like two people, looking at a horse and arguing as to whether it was an Antelope or a Gazelle.  Though anyone knowing a horse could never be in doubt, the ignorant may argue forever because neither understands enough to explain the flaws in the others argument or expose that there is another option.


Globalism promotes itself as humane  but consequences of its toxic deceits surround us as violence!  We breathe its putrid philosophy and as we breathe our culture sickens!  We know how it gained rule of our developing culture and we know how to end it – the political Achilles' heel!  Relax; think a little: will you forsake your human heritage of future life?


Others have news to help you avoid the traps and confirm this cultural review.  We need guard our health against attack.  (Note: Dr. Sears mentions telomere lengths: telomeres, newly discovered, are vital in life's design.  Attached to genes, they guide our physical life in its limits. 


Each new discovery confirms what true science has long known: intellectual foresight is essential for life's creation!   A creative force must see need – feel desire, that is called God.  Evolution was designed to deny all need of a creator, but creation without mind is logically impossible! 


To forsake intelligence and live by emotions means we can neither foresee needs of change, nor adapt for them.  So even at that level life would not survive natures challenge.


For Love of Life:

We need do more than learn – help others find truth.  Our situation is now adequately exposed and explained.  As long-time readers of this work know, this re-birthing snapshot is little more than a highlighting of past evidence


A few years ago campaigning produced books and within a decade 70 thousand (not counting booklets) were sold in Australia without publicity other than person to person!  This, to me, reveals that people were then more conscious of their humanity and the need to defend it, but understanding of the situation in greater depth was still needed.


Print-out helps!  Hard copy is important!  Assembly of evidence is important.


Though the despised dumbing-down has been effective some have overcome difficulties and noticed.  For instance: as reported by Susan Jacoby: Author of 'The Age of American Unreason': "It's like these guys take pride in being ignorant.


Yes!  Many of the young now seem ashamed to use their intelligence – seem to feel a need to take pride in stupidity as if stupidity, being now in fashion, is something to be proud of. Changed philosophy has divorced them from culture; they no longer understand it or themselves and are lost and angry.


We do our best! Information, in PDF paper-saving format, is now open to all on the Internet.  What nation will lead?


Important! Democracy's usurpers have a political Achilles' heel!   


As reported on site, it is just a matter of each electorate setting up its own Electoral Commission to choose one of its own more honest and capable citizens as its representative.

Even at first attempt this will be better than electing representatives chosen by vested interests (parties) in self-service.


Desire of greed does not give us democratic right to oppress others by vote for group advantage! 


Those in power have taken illegitimate power in pretence of democracy; so they have no excuse for forceful suppression if we use power for legitimate, lawful purpose.  We are responsible for our government and lives.  Honest democracy will not force sick medication or deceitful information on itself but will naturally aid its members in human right to honest culture, wealth and understanding.


Work in the spirit of human life is for all who want to serve life and develop to live life at its highest level; we cannot in good will, consign some to blatant deceit.


So, ding-ding-ding-a-ling, wake-up world; time for adulthood!  Hopefully the human situation is now clearer and access to cultural truth easier.



Gain Your Freedom! 

Save Your Future!


Health, finance, politics; all are in dangerous disorder.  Why do so many close eyes to pollution, population and the finite nature of resources?  "The Doomsday Report" is Globalism's answer!   

Is it yours?


We are in this mess because of what 'THEY' have done to us!  Right? – Let's look:  Where did that idea originate; and why?  Who is the real culprit hiding in our back garden?


Those who control the financial system; the government and through the government education and mass media – you know, those villains who produce the artificial medications that seem to help for a while before creating worse problems than you had to begin with –these are those who create such suffering and expense as they sedate you to death!  We all know it's 'THEM" don't we?


But No!  It's not 'them'; not those who run “Party system” governments!  These are just convenient scapegoats to hide the real villains! 


No, not their agents, the people-shapers who choose the dummies we vote for; groomed to perform like DVDs with buttons so polished that advisers, at a glance, can change their program – even leaders themselves do not know that their financial luck was arranged so that pride satisfies their arrogance and self-confidence shines like a beacon as they lead parties in our name – no, not them or other stooges.


Well who is it that has so carefully led our grandparents, parents and we into this trap?  Who is it that has so carefully groomed us to blame the invisible 'them' for our woes so the real culprits would be ignored?  Who is it that blinded us to the simplicity that if WE were not prepared to take responsibility for our own lives then ignorant raving against 'them' would allow 'THEM' to use us as in slavery?


We have so ground it into our consciousness for generations that it now seems an immovable certainty – it has to be 'THEM'!


Well, you may not believe this – at first!  But of course this trick had to be performed very neatly because, if we glimpsed the obvious we would never submit!  You see: It is WE who are OUR OWN WORST ENEMY!


We avoid taking responsibility for our own lives and don't like cheating but its OK if others cheat for us – we who happily vote for OUR Party to get us more than we honestly earn. 


So What?  So 'THEY' would not have had free rein to run and ruin our lives had we not persisted in loading OUR responsibility for democratic government on to others! 


We are the ones who so happily avoid responsibility -- who given a little blind-siding close our eyes to the obvious and are happy to imagine voting creates our own M.P.s for OUR parliaments and binds them to serve US!  


We are the ones who happily pass responsibility to any who promise to get us a little more than our fair share – OUR "Party".  If told our National Constitution requires we choose OUR OWN representatives, do we feel we cannot trust our neighbours to support those we hope will steal for us?


To escape responsibility do we cut-off our noses to spite our faces and ignore that the system now serves foreign masters – NOT us. 


So no matter how inefficient and amateurish our first attempt to take responsibility for our own lives might be, it would then serve US, in HONESTY, so much better.



Who are those inhuman beasts who charge us huge prices for unhealthy medications; create unhealthy foods to feed the starving millions; lead us into fighting unjustified wars, deny us our inheritance, twist culture to confusion and violence: include children: rob us of our human inheritance – and lives?


I have cancer.  It has been known for years that our bodies have natural defences that take care of start-up cancers if given just a little help from good diet.  But medical education ignores nutrition and most 'cures' today, by both professional and alternative health, are the easy ones well nourished bodies can defeat.


The point to make is this: when I pass on it won’t be because of cancer or heart failure, it will be because (although they say the choice is mine) my government does not allow me my right to choose (or import) cheap effective medications.


Not only does 'my' government not allow me free choice it does everything in its power to prevent responsible citizens knowing of their best choices.  This is because the politicians we elect are chosen and advised by those who want population reduced.


We give government power because we want the 'party' advantage even though its danger has been well known for over two thousand years.  This, yearly, causes misery and death of thousands!


Why?  Just because no one, and I mean no useful percentage of us, cares enough to inform themselves honestly and tell others the human benefits of the truth of our situation.  


The responsibility is ours because those we now elect, when faced with BIG money; Big Business or Big industry, don’t understand or care about the issues we need dealt with. 


They bow to the glamour and power of wealth! Their weakness is the reason they are chosen by others to represent OTHERS, BEFORE offered for 'party' election by "the people".


The first choice is the one that matters.  It is the people behind those who control governments who hold ultimate power!  WE give THEM power over finance and government so they control education and mass media.  Then, through these ‘reins’ set the bridle ‘bit’ of false philosophy in our minds.  Were information as strictly regulated as car drivers licences, many millionaires would be poor and many now dead – alive!


So if government is not acting as OUR National Constitutions required, how can we blame it for the mess made of lives, health and family relationships?


We, the people, unthinkingly obey those who set fashions and feed us.  Given clear responsibility we vote to elect representatives chosen by others and these, through understanding of how the human mind works, control what we think and what we think about: our self-destructive behaviour. 


It’s the people given power who pull the strings – these who plan to rule and own the world along with all that’s on and in it:


But, who gave 'THEM' the power?

Behind all: WHO is the CULPRIT?


Well you probably know someone who points the finger at a religion, power group, industry or political movement.  Or some secretive sect such as the Illuminati!


Morally criminal, Mafia-type groups of families gladly accept power but, how can you not notice, all have one thing common!  All are composed of PEOPLE just like you, our neighbours and me.  We, in majority of thousands, give power to the arrogant.  Why does our Creator allow it?


Our Creator allows it because to be human we must be free – free choice means full range of choice including negatives – to  advance we need learn to subdue our negatives.


Have you read the little story on site about the old American Indian telling a boy about the two wolves that live inside us (one good, one evil) that fight for control?  Recall that the boy asks, "Which wolf wins?"  To which the old man replies, "The one you feed!"


Yes!  When it comes down to it, who gave the egomaniacs power of control?  Who refuse responsibility for their lives in such fatalistic ignorance that they happily elect those, who, in service to others, scorn us as mindless animals?


Can we now fail to see how it is that, in preference to organizing our electorates so we can choose reputable people to represent us, we, the people, prefer to vote for those who lie to us; offer to unburden us of responsibility – those who represent our dark side and offer us gain over others.


Yes!  Humans are quite capable of understanding what life is about!  Our kind, in different cultures, saw our honest options centuries ago. We are quite capable of human appreciation, human need, understanding and reform. 


We have power of numbers while those we empower have mere image of glamour.  Bowing to this image costs us dearly.


So, look closely friend; look inward mate and buddy; be not shy about who ‘THEY’ are for they are US!  


Our enemy is within; it is the wolf we feed that sets the tide of our human welfare, our endeavor and future!


In truth we now fail shamefully but, given a clear view of the consequences of our failure, we now know we have been given a mind that can both feel regret and seek reform.  We don't need ask our creator for help because we have already been given all the help we need – we just need prove our humanity and GROW-UP.


Let's not confuse ourselves with animals!  Animals are limited to set programs and set genetic variations.  We have great advantage over these!  We can examine the logic of a situation and change our ways.


Having done this, be assured, we, the meek, in unity of love of life, truth and justice, shall be enabled to inherit this earth.


But first we need inform those caring enough of the human future to unite with us in change – those who put the common welfare above desire for dishonest mind-set.



Early in life I wanted to know the truth of life for my own sake.  All humans naturally want that for we cannot make rational decisions without truth. 


When read the "Robinson Crusoe" story I found it interesting and asked: is it true?  Told no, I said in disgust: "Well what's the use of it then!"  Children not indoctrinated to false philosophy may see clearly.


Though I came to see a value of fiction (then more realistic and not flooded with Humanist-brainwash-propaganda as today) my love of truth remained.  So, reading in Scriptures, "I am the way; I am the truth and I am life; no one comes to the Father except by me.” I saw it was based on understanding beyond this world.


As you will see I have little time for religious dogma.  Religions are filled with the stagnant mental fixations of man and many followers, ignoring the reality of historic evidence and vision, are horrified by claim the entirety of the Holy Bible is not from God. 


Blind dogma, prevents any thought that part can be separated from the whole and creates fear of unwanted responsibility. But even the New Testament was assembled from generations of passed on memories. Study of those times exposes pollution and the human weakness warned of. 


We must realize that the Creator of all order (as represented by the universe and its living component) must be intellectually supreme. Understand this and we easily see that silly or irrational content is human.  If in doubt, suspend judgment!


We are warned not to change the Word and are given the intelligence we need to reject its pollution.  Contamination confuses vital understanding and emotional decisions carry great risk.


We don't need agonize over this problem!  Just save statements of clear truth from the pollution and you have all you need know of God.   Or as [New English Bible] Romans 1-19,20;puts it: "For all that may be known of God by men lies plain before their eyes; indeed God himself has disclosed it to them. His invisible attributes, that is to say his everlasting power and deity, have been visible, ever since the world began, to the eye of reason, in the things he has made." Yes: "to the eye of reason in the things he has made"!  So let's clear the air of adolescent input to honestly face the intellectual reality of the creation of life and of living.


This summarizes important points made in "Re-Birthing Culture" It also introduces the underlying message of these sites.  Once we see the large picture, then current events and solutions clarify. Governments are trying to talk-up the economy knowing well that (for the next three years) the trend in USA based economies will be (at best) seriously down.   For enlargement see:

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See also companion file called "Democratic Government"