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imageWHAT IS
And how do we achieve it?

by A.Gourley


What is Constitutional Democratic Government?
Defining responsibilities of government.
The downfall of democracy.
Party systems – key element in deceit.
Our Rights and Responsibilities.
Changing our National Constitution.


In 1215 the people of England had suffered enough of despotic rule.  With signing of a document called Magna Carta they forced their King to accept that he was not above the law.  Over following centuries other documents were brought into force such as a 'Bill of Rights' and the tradition that the Monarch, at Coronation, must swear to uphold the law.

Today, far advanced in technology, have we lost our understanding of the value of what we then gained?

Revised in 1990 to help in the struggle
for true Democracy in Australia. 
Now here in 2010, modestly updated.
Given acknowledgement of source, may be freely quoted.

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Because of deceit and population, our situation is far more serious than in 1215, also people today more readily accept abuse from elected government than from a Monarch.  We are long overdue for the imposition of a Magna Carta to depose corrupt government in Australia but, is a new Magna Carta the answer? 

It is important to know that when Australia was first settled each State was given its own Constitution based on the law of England as of that date. It can be argued that this is still our rightful law unaltered by later changes to English law.

Today the people of Australia have no understanding of that, or of the rights and protections our Constitution and the 'Common Law' system was designed to provide.  This is no accident; all over the world the British peoples have had understanding of their historic rights and laws withdrawn from their education. As a result, nations rich beyond the needs of their people are being brought to poverty of cultural and political ignorance.

We are entitled to government as we have had it best.  If, in the passing of time, mistakes have been made, we are entitled to return to the better law.  To illustrate that point I quote the Elizabethan Statute "De allaglio non Concendendo", 34 El P534, Cap. IV.:"— We will grant for us and our heirs, that all clerks and laymen of our land Shall have their laws, liberties and customs, as and wholly as they have used to have the same at any time that they had them best: .."

The language is archaic but the meaning is as ageless as our human sense of everlasting justice.

While we cannot go into much detail in a small booklet I assure readers that there is good evidence that, by the standards of the law as intended by our ancestors and to which we were (and still are) rightly entitled, most politicians (as members of political parties) might be charged with aiding and abetting high treason.

For this reason alone. most politicians and their quisling helpers, have put in place an entire system for their protection and support – an adaptation of laws and policies to hide or disguise, the true situation.

The 'New Magna Carta' Campaign of 1990 was in the cause of exposing the corruption of our system of government and to asserting the right of the people of Australia to true democratic government.  It failed because we were not then aware of the world-wide enormity of this corruption, or its intended consequences.  The misled could then see no need for change. - Top


Government, in a constitutional democracy, is an assembly of persons given the authority to maintain a human level of cultural order.

These persons, not being superior to their community, are not there to DIRECT thinking or community attitudes. They are there to search for the truth of changing needs and to help MAINTAIN an informed society; to MAINTAIN the AGREED Constitution and to avoid conflict with UNIVERSAL (established principles of) law. Their duties are to REFLECT, and put into effect, the thinking and desires of an INFORMED electorate – to see that the community is kept truthfully informed.

Politicians are ordinary people. If WELL CHOSEN they may be expected to be better managers than the average; to maintain better moral standards and have wider or specialized experience.  Nevertheless they are ordinary people no different from most and, in general, only a little more able than those they represent.

To MAINTAIN ORDER they need authority to make laws within limits defined by the Constitution.  Maintenance of order is assumed to require police and defence services and, in addition, order also involves care of the financial system.  Because money is the oil of industry it should be available in the needed amounts to enable human industry, free of commercial abuse, to run smoothly and in orderly manner.

Law, defense, information and finance are community basics but even here the power of parliament is not total.  In particular laws, order and education are matters of community discipline before government design.  Apart from the primal responsibility to see that the community is truthfully informed, the above are undoubtedly the main, if not the only, legitimate responsibilities of national government.

Today there may also seem a need to add health but given information AND nutritious food, improving health may be best left to public intelligence and enterprise.

Protected by democracy, individual responsibility and local social community can flourish.  Neither the STATE (meaning the national government) nor private individuals should have direct control of finance, law, education, health or mass media.   To achieve this wealth of freedom requires government as innate part of the general community – a true democracy – no other form of government gives effective community control. 

The STATE should have both responsibility and power to set limitations on services as necessary to restrain monopolizing or abuse by deceit as well as ensure common or unified systems, but restraints must be learned and authorized by the community.  Developed public insight allows decision by referendum. - Top


The responsibilities of government are set by a public agreement called a CONSTITUTION.  The 'constitution' is a citizens agreement for the commission and limiting of government.  NO democratic institution can have authority to change or re-interpret the Constitution!  Change must be authorized by an informed public.  If a government uses its powers to corrupt the constitution it is then a dictatorship.

Governments not confined to democratic control will always become dictatorial.  Illegitimate power quickly leads to crime-friendly-law' and social corruption.  From this comes personal frustration, poverty, increasing crime and summary injustice.  To ensure that a government does not take on the powers of dictatorship the people, at all times, must DEFEND the essential working of their democracy.


To ensure that the people always understand the purpose and nature of Constitution Democracy its meaning must he taught in primary school and tested by examination. 

The gather and distribution of knowledge, whether for education or mass media, must not be left to either government or private enterprise but kept always under visible public control.  It is an essential safeguard for human freedom that the community have direct control of INFORMATION and FINANCE.  Only true democracy guarantees this! - Top


In view of most people the ideal government is DEMOCRACY, but today the word democracy is a mythical ideal seeming impossible to achieve: we are led to believe that we have the best possible!  But the best possible is what was aimed for at the time our National Constitution was drawn up.  It failed then because the ruling class knew their hold on power required a plausible insert!  Party-system government proved ideal; it satisfied both greed and ignorance.  We, the people, were never properly informed as to how true Democracy worked.

To achieve the democratic essentials these have to be taught to the CHILDREN.  To ensure that did NOT happen, elitists knew they must control a system of compulsory public education and belittle the truth that might alert the politically innocent.  To survive, the PEOPLE must, before becoming totally disabled by confusion, be educated to adopt TRUE democracy. 

Democratic hopes were defeated before the democratic ideal could become firm in public understanding.  The greedy saw that misled people could be deceived to think that the vote was the important element in democracy – that their vote gave them the vital choice.

Given private control, money could become a trade commodity along with manufactured goods, natural resources and property.  However this is only true if money itself has intrinsic value!  This, as we see was not maintained and the de-coupling of money from its value gave sectional interests ability to print 'fiat' money for usury and to then control humanities development.

When arrogant and unscrupulous people saw a way of aborting the democratic ideal by introducing political parties they did so knowing that new parties could be easily influenced by the corrupting power of a debt economy system.  This, in turn, allowed fiat wealth to control both education and information.

Money, you understand, is now only a convenient token of credit whose value is no more than the paper on which it is written. To be a valid token it has to have a real value related to productive labour.

Goods have value related to the labour required to produce them.  Money, linked visibly to value of labor, can maintain a fixed value to represent labour and therefore be used as a handy substitute for labour and allow convenient transfer of goods and property without inflation or deflation.  

However when money is 'fiat' (has no value backing) it can still be used as though it has value but those in control of it can then print 'fiat' (counterfeit) money for corruption. The unknowing community feels no threat as wealth is stolen gradually; as this money comes into circulation costs of labour and production gradually rise.

'Debt economy' is 'easy sell', workers seem to get more money. It is an extension of the usury that is as old as the use of wealth as a trade commodity. 

With the invention of the printing press and banking, it became possible for moneylenders to create money to loan as a debt on which (by charge of interest) the borrower is taxed under protection of illegal government; i.e. extortion by confidence trickery.  Since ancient times usury has been the preserve of traders and government officials.  Modern devices made it possible to extend this commerce to efficiently and secretly bleed each individual citizen.

Money, created at cost of its printing, then became a ledger entry.  The renting of fiat money at interest has (next to party politics) become the greatest and most successful confidence trick in human history.  However, success of this confidence trick did not come from fooling all the people all the time but from efficiency of 'fiat wealth' in purchase of corruption.

"Mafia" tax can be levied on communities by debt based loans only when government is under elitist advice.  It is an illegitimate tax on every person by a contrived usury.  Honest money must have real value fixed by public control through democratic Government.

Honest government, can issue money as a CREDIT for any legitimate work or production; 'legitimate' meaning: a work or production with LABOUR value, to the community, of not less than the credit issued.  The cost of such credit approximates the cost of accounting and paperwork plus bad debt or error and in a developed democracy ignored.  Its use as a tax should be rejected.

The above is a simple explanation of the use and control of money — it should be a sufficient explanation for an informed rational community and this money, in service, requires no change to everyday convenience.

We do not need robbery by either government or non-government enterprise.  In (1991) this siphoned off a significant part of public wealth!  In (2010) we can see its unlimited consequences with worse to come. 

You do not have to have personal debt to pay dearly for this rip-off because all manufacture or trade includes work cost.  When government taxes and delayed inflation are added, we inherit anything up to world financial crisis with nations bankrupt to pay for fiat money. 

Today, a good part of earnings go to international money-lenders, bankers and credit agencies.  Much of this is used for corruption of government, education, mass media, religion, and any public or private enterprise where CORRUPTION will aid achievement of world ownership by a criminal elite. - Top


The political party system is a key element in deceit.  The party system pleases those made ignorant and dependent on the system because it removes personal responsibility for choosing representatives and gives freedom from all need to be informed of cultural essentials.

The party system makes of politics a childish GAME!  TEAM loyalty 'RIGHT or WRONG'; all safe in the hands of the 'party'!  The elector just chooses a team and give blind support blissfully ignorant that political parties are controlled as easily as formed and discouraged from understand essentials of human culture.

For elitism: parties conveniently concentrate power! Just a few people need be manipulated to work as a 'Punch & Judy' show.  These maintain image of opposition to each other but consolidate power to the overlord.  This system of manipulation, called "Hegelian Dialectic", was introduced under 'communist' disguise.   

Apart from the obvious fault of giving power to control government into the hands of 'behind the scenes' manipulators, the party system also has the disadvantage that it, by nature, is government by minority.  There is no intelligent dispute of its natural illegitimacy.

The party system naturally favors an electoral system that favors the party system.  Over the years political party conniving has made election of opposition rare.  Political parties don't want other minority groups rocking the boat in service of opposing interests.

A democratic electoral system will give fair representation to minority groups. ALL people arc, IN SOME WAY, members of minority groups. Community chosen representation with referendums to decide important issues – most truly represent all and will allow our parliaments to operate as intended when the Australian Constitution was approved.  This no doubt, applies in substance to most English and European nations.  It also, in use, exposes the silliness of the 'antagonist' system.

Oppositions must oppose, good or bad, all the governing party presents (apart of course things secretly agreed in service to their common masters).  In present form, in its designed operation, parliament divided against itself encourages popular division.  Less than half its true potential can be harnessed, but that serves its purpose.

In a parliament of community chosen members, leader and cabinet would be elected from the COMBINEDrepresentatives.  Those not part of this executive would then be a majority needing to be convinced legislation is in the national interests before approval.

Old habits die hard, though a trend to form factions may remain, understanding of democracy and selection would negate this; a WHOLE of democratic parliament is always engaged in government.

If you do not think that would work, then how do you think any large business or sports club operates?  Be assured, they do not have an executive and permanent opposition each trying to tear the other apart and denigrating any GOOD IDEA the other may have.  No they don't!  They work as a team to achieve the best result for the social unit that they represent, as also the UN and the true World Government.

In a democracy ALL elected MPs are available for cabinet positions during the life of the parliament and despite inexperience and ignorance, an embryonic democracy did work in the interval before it was hi-jacked by introduction of the 'party system'.

The confrontation type of parliamentary system is just as inefficient and silly as a debt-funded monetary system – or having a reserve sports team running alongside the playing team to obstruct and criticize each move made. - Top


We, the citizens of Australia, along with those of other countries, are entitled to know the truth of the world situation so as to make logical decisions for future of humanity and nation.  Action to retrieve our rightful heritage is not complete unless we also expose that humanity is in a life or death situation.

If white ants are eating your home will you not do something about it?  Well, the white ants we are concerned about are not just eating the home, they are eating the intellectual ability of family and friends along with health and free will.

If you are not going to do something about this – WHY NOT?  Are we already so be-mused by TV entertainment and novelty that we can no longer distinguish between pretense and reality?  We need to expose that we humans are now being animalized into zombies.  Action can no longer be put off and still leave us a fair chance of success.  Switch that TV OFF, it was years ago shown to create a form of hypnotism.  Read!  Think!  Discover!  Break the spell!  We have nothing to lose but our inability to act in our common interests!

To hide the tragedy of disastrous social and economic management the parties purchased the comfort of the electorate with foreign debt of fiat money.  When the money-lenders make final foreclosure, our ability to make rational decisions will decide our survival. - Top

CHANGING our NATIONAL Constitution

The Australian Constitution gives Australians access to, and the protection of, all British Statutes and Bills (including Magna Carta) that made up the English 'Common Law' system when the States were born (over 100 years ago). 

We have been fortunate in rejecting a political push to give Australia a new (deceitfully revised) constitution.  Many, lacking all understanding of constitutional protection, are happy to swallow any plausible idea that we can protect ourselves with a new constitution when our only problem is that we ignore the protection our present constitution offers.  Will those who deceive us convince us to throw out the gold for the tinsel – exchange the unused nutrient for the poison?

Our trouble is that not one person in a hundred has any real idea of what the present constitution offers – or what could be lost as a result of sly changes.  Unless we make an effort to understand our situation, we will pay with our lives for ignorance.

Our present constitution, with Common Law defense gives us refinement born of generations of experience – things we agreed to before we, over generations, were brainwashed with false philosophy to believe that (what was previously seen as high treason, we now see as loving concern for others)!  Can sly deceit serve us better than the democracy we can now, legally, elect?

We now have Constitutional right and duty to elect our own representatives; this creates true democratic government.  No written document can give us more!  If the new explains what we need, then it explains what we have.  But, given a few simple changes, it can lock-in our enslavement!  We have rejected one offer; let's not allow another chance of being misled; let's secure permanent liberty as humans.

Already, without public understanding or constitutional legality,  'our' political parties have signed hundreds of foreign treaties giving power to overrule our common law rights.  Those involved, obviously, fear exposure. - Top


Is there actual evidence of political parties uniting to deliberately defy Australian Constitution and people?

Is there actual evidence of political deceit?

Is there actual evidence that our Australian sovereignty is being transferred to foreign interests?

Is there actual evidence that legitimate financial arrangements will bring economic justice?

The answers to all those questions is absolute and YES!  See the www sites listed below.  Remember, the problems we face in Australia reflect a world government plan! 

Also know that we, in the race for freedom, are in danger of becoming enemies of those who, having suffered more from crude forms of government, are now enabled to see the truth more easily.

 George Orwell (an awakened communist) in his book "1984" likened the New World Order to a boot stamping on a human face forever – but the choice is still in our power to make.


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