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Part 1 – Left for Dead

Part 2 – Your life – Cultural conditioning

Part 3 – A Surgeon Reports

Part 4 – Humanity: A development process

Part 5 – Know your enemy! Find your true self:
Part 6 – Our Worst Crime in all history

Part 7 – A Revelation for Our Times


YOUR LIFE - Part 1:



As a young teenager, I read of a man who had made an important human discovery but needed time to explain it.  Well he neglected his health for his work: death won.  I decided then; that would not happen to me.


However I saw early that my heart, at times, seemed to have a mind of its own.  As I aged, its 'individuality' increased doctors had no answer.


"Left for Dead" is a book.  I came across this book about a man with a family history of heart failures and himself has a heart attack at age 42, I decided to read it.


We bypass the preliminaries and gory details to this in part 2.

Quote: "Truly a remarkable performance by remarkably skilled people working together like a precision drilled team, in an extraordinarily equipped operating theatre at a cost of many dollars and much pain.  Too bad it doesn't help the patient."


Then this comment at time of his six-month check-up:
"I couldn't believe he would suggest something that had already failed and left me an invalid. ... I told him I was not coming along fine as he had told me over and over; I was dying. ... Something had to be done now. Something new.

"What do you expect he indignantly demanded.  They took your heart out of your chest, stopped it, cut it and sewed on it.  You can't expect it to run right." I was an ignorant fool to expect to be "as good as new" just because he told me I would be. ... Important people like him can lie any time they want." ...  "I had counted on him. ... Go away and die. He [now] seemed to say. I was left for dead. I was shocked and angry. ... " I was a failure because I was dying.  He wanted to sell another angiogram and bypass ... . It didn't work the first time and I was too disgusted to ever consider it again.  "At that moment ... I realized it was entirely up to me to heal myself."  End Quote.


Well that realization was his lifeline.  Dick had been told about Cayenne Pepper during his convalescence but had dismissed it as nonsense.  How could a simple grocery item be relevant, he had access to the greatest medical system in the world and its dedicated carers?  But that was then; he now saw the Emperor in true nakedness, with nothing to lose?  On way home he bought a can of Cayenne Red Pepper for 69cents at the general store and, at home, filled three [gelatine] capsules and swallowed them.


Well, to cut this story short the Cayenne worked like magic and after about 14 years of normal life and study of herbs he wrote this book.  He knows that all people are different; that plants differ.  But he also knows that nature offers all the nutrients we need for a healthy life; we just have to find what we are missing. 


Life was designed to live in the natural world and having changed this world we have to find what we are missing; not only from our physical diet but also from our intellectual diet and our way of life.  That is, if we want healthy enjoyment and progress of life


Question 1: Why does the medical system not teach doctors about the base for a healthy body: Natural nutrition?

Question 2: Why does the government empower agencies to outlaw natural health-remedies?  Why force on us unnatural chemical compounds (drugs) that are dangerous or at least, over long use, unhealthy?  Why are unhealthy and dangerous medical services and lifestyles forced onto us?

We now find, and I don't need quote from the book, that government agencies such as the FDA are, after years of effort, making headway in Europe, the USA and nations of the old British Empire, to force herbs to be listed as drugs and so have them come under control of the agencies wanting them limited to farcical small doses, over-priced or outlawed.


Criminals are gaining authority over the food of life, clearly not to share.  Political authorities give increasing powers to the pharmaceutical industry – agencies such as the FDA are being given life/death power over us.


Dick Quinn has this to say of it.  "I had a double coronary bypass about 14 years ago – four times longer than a bypass is supposed to last. The comedian Jackie Gleason had his first bypass the day I had mine. He subsequently had three more. Then he died. The poor man!  He had so much money they cut him to death.  According to "modern medicine" I should be dead by now, but I am very much alive thanks entirely to "ancient medicine".

My bypass was actually a failure from the very first.  It closed within a week.  Herbs reopened my arteries and saved my life.  I bet my life on Cayenne in 1978, and won health and energy.  I won freedom from debilitating, expensive, addictive drugs and from impotence, constipation, depression and pain.  I've escaped angina, headaches, leg cramps and flu. ... Drugs haven't damaged my kidneys.

If I die tomorrow, that's OK. I'm already a winner. ... It's my miracle. ... I make the decisions because I'm doing the dying.  I have a right to the information I need to make those decisions, but there are powerful businesses and government people who want to deny me that right.  They don't want you to know either.  But I'll tell you. ...No human being in any position has the right or authority to deny me knowledge and medicines I need for my own health.  Certainly not a government agency like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. ...

"Your doctor should study herbs in medical school ... but that won't happen.  It costs important people too much money to save the lives of people like you and me.  For a couple of years after my operation, I got letters from the hospital asking, in effect, if I was dead yet. I answered every one with my message about Cayenne.  They weren't interested.  I realized then that we patients and victims must care for ourselves because the care-taking establishment doesn't care.

Coronary bypass surgery happens in America 380,000 times every year [1992] because its incredibly profitable.  Most patients have health insurance that pays about $40,000 per hit.  With any kind of complications, the sky's the limit.  It's a dream business opportunity.  Everyone benefits but you, the patient.  You are a very valuable piece of meat.  They don't want you to go to the health store for treatment. ...

[Editor: for myself I have actually tried and rejected at least two prescription medications that were subsequently banned and others found to cause bad side effects.]


It was fortuitous I stopped using the Diazide ... A1991 study showed ... actually causes heart attack.  In 1981 I found the book "Capsicum" by Dr. John Christopher.  Christopher was a genius from Utah who discovered incredible things Cayenne can do and used it as the primary ingredient in his herbal formulations. ... Improved circulation is the key to better health in many ways ... Cayenne improves circulation all over the body.


Nutrition is the basis for the prevention of illness, and herbs are the most nutritious of all foods ... you can take them every day forever." End Q.


Well that is the message; you can buy the Dick Quinn book on the Internet.  It also tells about other herbs.  Our site includes information about health and culture because if we are to save ourselves from a criminal NWO then we need our health and we need understand our social situation.  As Thomas Jefferson said: "If a nation expects to be ignorant and free it expects what never was and never will be."


We are deceived to misunderstand the nature of our creation so we live contrary to our true nature.  If we continue this, what are the natural consequences?  Let's connect with intelligence: Why do governments (world wide) so blatantly support commerce and give the worst of its crimes protection of law?  They make illegal some herbs that save lives and enforce additives such as fluoride that are poisons and injections of dubious value!  If governments encouraged healthy living then even plagues would do less damage than do the approved 'artificial' defences.


People are deceived to act against their own best interests even to the extent of war's mass murder – by deceit we are led to sickness, and self-destruction.  Is it really money-talk or love of power, ego and control?  Have you ever wanted to stand for parliament?  Despite that you might make a good representative and can see that those in parliament lie to and deceive you, chances are your answer is no. 


Why?  Is it because you just don't want the responsibility or because you are not an arrogant or pushy type hungry for power or position?


Whatever! You (most likely) are like most people.  If you can help someone in trouble you are pleased to do so.  You would not knock down and rob even if starving.  A lot of people are like that and a lot not like that; murder is not confined to the poor. 


Are those who push for power and authority over others the kind we should elect?  Why let special interest groups choose those you must vote for?  Why do we elect those chosen to act on the advice of alien interests?


Scriptures advise that we look to both old and new for guidance.  As creative order is organised from chaos by intelligence, progressive creation must be an intellectual progression.  We need use intelligence to see best direction.  We create in the truth of creation and intelligence grows with use! - Top



The power of cultural conditioning & the Stockholm Syndrome.


In Part 1 a strong link between sickness and politics was found. When we see advanced nations work in unison we are seeing that OUR 'democratic' governments represent a Hydra-headed International management.


So now to some history to see how we were herded into this corner. Why do we trust political parties?  Why do we fail to act on problems dangerous to our future even though we know of them? 


Knowing is a primitive-level under-standing, to improve understanding we look to history. The U.S.A. was part of the original British Empire and though families argue about Democratic rights we live in a common heritage. 


Is true democracy possible?  King Edward 1st of England formed our first 'democratic' parliament, in 1295.  It became known as the "model parliament" as it became the model for those following.


Our political parties began in the reign of Charles 11, 1630-85.  It was not all downhill from there but we became culturally conditioned to party loyalties as sides-taking tribal loyalties. Consequences only became obvious to alert people in the 20th century and imminent social disaster is now clear to those concerned enough to challenge their social conditioning.


In USA Republican democracy began in 1787.  Those who framed the Constitution seemed aware of the threat from factions, nevertheless subversion by "parties" began with their introduction to the USA in 1797: (Webster's new reference Library). 


One faction, "Democratic Republicans", may have marked the beginning of the modern party system where two parties work (Hegelian Dialectic) under a secret-power head to manipulate the public rather than act as genuinely separate factions?


In Australia Federation was incorporated in 1901 with proclamation of The Constitution.  By that time parties were already operating in State Parliaments but most States had about 30 years of party-free government up to 1890. Nevertheless the Australian Constitution made no mention of parties and no doubt its founders were aware of their evil reputation.


Examples: Roman historian Livy, some 2000 years ago: "The struggle between parties is and will always remain, a worse misfortune for the people than war, famine, plague or other manifestation of God's wrath."


Or, "Plato: The Laws". When offices are filled competitively, the winners take over the affairs of state so completely that they totally deny the losers ... share of power.  Each side passes its time in narrow scrutiny of the other, ... Of course our position is that this kind of arrangement is far from being a genuine political system; we maintain that laws which are not established for the good of the whole state are bogus laws, and when they favour particular sections of the community, their authors are not citizens but party men


Or: Roman Emperor Diocletian: on elitism "Raging greed blazes on without limit and, with no respect for mankind, races after its own gains and profits ... the sole desire of these insatiably greedy men is to disregard completely the public good." That Emperor would know!


A great description of Globalism with its even-handed manipulation through 'opposing forces' as per the "Hegelian Dialectic" system of public control now so happily combined with the manipulative power of commerce.


In days when our National Constitutions were formed, educated men still learned of these things. However founder's efforts failed: democracy, in Australian National government, was aborted within twenty years and party system government gained control.


We love parties because they offer to rob other factions on our behalf.  Social indoctrination excuses and eyes are closed to future consequences. Just choose the party claiming to represent your interests (your tribe) and leave it to them.  Shallow morality, lies and shady behaviour does not worry us; we are encouraged to follow the drifting standards of those we elect: greed and immorality is thereby infused into our way of life.


So our behaviour became slyly fitted to the belief that there is no Creator and no meaning to life.  Given careful dumbing down we accept tribal confines.


To advance we need faith in truth's living rewards; remember: Christian is faith in a living truth not a demand of dead religious dogma.


Yes primitive tribal emotion is used to maintain our dependence on self-serving leaders!  “Humanism” now uses this to disguise its inhumanity as it gives loyal service to Communist, Capitalist, Fascist or other form of control-freak totalitarianism. World ownership is an ancient dream; social-class division and pillage of communal wealth keep the dream alive.


Let’s repeat a quote from ancient “Indian Philosophy” by Radhakrishnan: “One of the leading principles of the mystics was the sacredness and secrecy of self knowledge and the true knowledge of the gods.


This wisdom was, they thought, unfit for, perhaps even dangerous to, the ordinary human mind; or in any case, liable to perversion and misuse, and loss of virtue if revealed to the vulgar and unpurified spirits. Hence they favored the existence of an outer worship, effective but imperfect, for the profane.” E.Q.


Arrogant leaders reject their humanity and, even in our age of reason, still use the lock of primitive emotion to cage us securely in beliefs of ignorance.


The Stockholm Syndrome:

As seen with Global Warming, the muddle and deceit of present level media discussion makes no real sense until we look back to where the present threat had its origin and see what the cover-up is about.


So now an example in modern history:  Highlighted by an incident in Stockholm (1973), was the seeming strange behaviour of hostages after (as readers may, if only vaguely, recall) a botched bank robbery resulted in hostages who did not seek release and subsequently tried to defend their captors.


The "Stockholm Syndrome" was so named because of that incident but this behaviour, strange though it may seem, is not unusual.  In fact "battered wives" display a similar strange need to be loyal to abusive husbands and often resist appeals to escape or take other defensive action.


Most common of all, we refuse to accept actions, experience and reason when it shows 'our' government to be promoting our demise.


We refuse to act as individuals because we love the power of the mob and tribal loyalty is a primitive force.  We reject the advantages of intelligent behaviour for emotion of primitive loyalty and needs with roots in tribal security.


The syndrome could be more correctly called the "Tribal Loyalty Syndrome". Many people, when captured by forces that they feel impotent to resist, admire the animal strength and seek to either join it or appease it.


Basic survival instinct.

To understand why people may act as if blind to enslavement, by 'political forces', we need to appreciate the primitive in our nature; once we see this, we may consider our position with human logic to see we are enslaved by emotions that, though once advantageous, now stand in the way of progress and survival.


Though our masters, hiding behind control of the party system, encourage our emotions we, to see manipulation, only need ask: "Why are the leaders we vote for of such poor quality?"


In an age of reason our safety depends on intelligent regard for truth. Our development gives us new options; survival now depends on using our human intelligence to discard primitive habits and ego driven leaders.


In fear to face our problem we complain, protest, and become agitated but the way of escape is to trust in use of our human intellectual abilities – to understand and accept responsibility – to act and escape our primitive bonds.


Captivity by primitive social dogma has been the fate of almost everyone during the whole of our political maturing.  If we think that we are not caught up in some form of slavery (in particular, slavery to implanted beliefs) just look at different cultures! Each represents beliefs; each sets the limits to cultural behaviour and actions.  Don't be blinded by variety, all represent dogmas.  Take a baby from one and raise it in another – it takes on the loyalty of its raising!

In earlier times, when a strong leader emerged in rebellion the majority would hang back. "How will we live without our masters to feed us? Where will we shelter?  Who will protect us?"  "How can we govern ourselves without confusion?" 


Such feelings, encouraged by slave-masters, were then often justified concerns; today they are delusions; knowledge is available to us. Self-sacrifice (of belief to better understanding) is the fuel of intellect.


Our ability to sacrifice desire or dogmatic conviction to intellect will confirm our humanity.  Politics now works on primitive loyalty instinct but, seeing with the eye of reason gives freedom to logic and progress.


Technology may liberate but can also enslave – good and evil share life. Today we have a rare and unique opportunity to escape primitive bondage – to access knowledge and manage our lives in a way that, even as we begin, would serve us a far better future than will our slavery.


We now have an alternative to leaving our children in the shadow world of half-life – to death in false service and ignorance of what might have been.


Today our access to knowledge gives freedom from animal instinct and tribal loyalty. We have human potential; let our loyalty be to humanity.


Let's recall again the wisdom from Thomas Szasz; quote: Every act of conscious learning requires the willingness to suffer an injury to one's self-esteem. That is why young children, before they are aware of their own self-importance, learn so easily; and why older persons, especially if vain or important, cannot learn at all. E.Q.

It is difficult to sacrifice ideas on which we have based our lives and actions  – even more so when our arrogance is encouraged rather than disciplined by cultural philosophy! 


When our philosophy denies truth but leaders claim it, our convictions no longer serve survival.  Let's now accept: it is the human ability to self-sacrifice that leads to wisdom.


My grandfather, once a sailor, told me that in China people paid their doctor to keep them healthy. When sick they stopped paying until made well again.  In our 'advanced' cultures we pay government for health care; government pays doctors but the "cause and effect link" is broken.


Grandfather also told me:  ..."a plumber was busy when an urgent call about a leaking roof came in.  The apprentice fixed it.  The master chastised him: That woman has paid me each year for ten years to fix her roof, you now fix it properly; it may be ten years before we get another call ".


The lesson: no matter if plumber, doctor, or politician, little dishonesties are easily seen as perks of the job and the bigger the pay and more important the position the bigger the perks.  When culture changes the base for beliefs our morals of truth and justice may become servile to law and allow inefficiencies to grow beyond our ability to service!


But the true disaster is when the ego-driven gain power: they care not for the welfare of those enslaved.  So who must be deleted when wasted resources, pollution and over-population threatens elitist families? 


Why should we be surprised that President Carter signed that population control agreement in 1980? Can you wonder that this has been neither rescinded nor publicised – never put to public referendum or proclaimed?  Should we wonder why dumbing down has intensified since science noticed the Global Warming problem?


So from auto-makers in the USA to pub owners in outback Australia come daily reports of severe social consequences resulting from foolish decisions by people in every walk of life – judges, doctors, business managers, bus drivers, children – signs of social distress are epidemic.


Why? Because our ability to reason logically (that should be triggered early in life) is now confused; nurture is now undermined with promotion of emotional humanist caring by parents.


What we see in open-mouthed amazement, we now, in mind, quickly turn to denial – our leaders are 'ours'; we vote for them, they cannot betray us!


We hear public debate and believe it serious but its just distracting enter-tainment.  We are told that both sides must be treated equally because all opinions are equal but ignore that truth and lies cannot be equal in value. 


When educated to deceit all opinion is meaningless to intelligent action. 

When meaningful discussion is based on desire for truth then contestants look to learn.  Today truth is pretend; neither side listens, conclusion don't matter. - Top


Part 3. 

A Surgeon Reports; & Letters


Of hospitals: inefficiency, dedication, exhaustion and tedium. A Surgeon reveals some frustrations.


"The weekend resident surgery shift at the Victoria Hospital lasted just that – the weekend 'Work' and 'not work' seemed to blur and you were constantly tuned to your ever-present companion, the beeper.


The residents of previous years had discovered a small cupboard in the respiratory lab where someone had set up a camp-bed. Unfortunately, we shared the room with the blood gas analysis machine.


Whirr, whirr, whirr, beep, tush, tush, tush, dit dit dit... It lasted perhaps 10 seconds, but long enough to wake the dead. Every 10 minutes it sprang to life, calibrating its measures and printing out a report on a dot-matrix printer. The noise cut through the night and pierced your existence. ...


I had gone around the wards making sure every last request from the night-shift nurses had been attended to: Panadol for bed 4, a sleeping tablet for bed 6. Bed 9 needed ... antibiotics and it had to be given by a doctor. By the end of the first day there was inevitably a dull ache in my knees that often gave way to shin splints and then shot straight up into hip pain. Migraines were a common occurrence for me and I would be constantly popping anti-migraine tablets. By midnight even the smallest request seemed immensely tedious. No brain power was required for most of a resident's work, so it was possible to keep going on and on, from charting tablets to admitting patients to the ward, from giving the first dose of antibiotics to pronouncing people dead.


It was all stuff that could be done by the brain-dead, which was what we became after the first 36 hours of our shift.

Nurses could make life hell or heaven. If you had a shift of experienced and sensible nurses then life was easy. The alternative was the nurse straight out of university, who saw herself as the custodian of quality, the barometer of good care in our hospital system. The majority of these ... were bureaucrats rather than carers ... the new breed, the norm.

In old days, nurses trained in hospital. They had breaks to rapidly imbibe theoretical knowledge, then returned to the hospital to learn from the best educational system ... invented – workplace training. They learnt and absorbed from those with more experience and more skill. Slowly, they taught others. ... By the time they graduated they had seen a lot of illness and health and certainly knew what a nurse does for a living.

In today's university ... educational scheme, the nurse spends a lot of time being taught to be compassionate (as if this is a skill that can be taught). They do a multitude of role-playing activities and video each other in simulated patient interactions. They study behavioural sciences, pharmacology, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and come out knowing very little about what it is to be a nurse...


They are told that they ... are the controller of quality. No one tells them that they are actually the difference between life and death for patients.


Hospital-trained nurses knew that making a bed without creases meant that bedsores were minimised. Bedsores could turn into ... infections. University nurses feel it is beneath them to make beds. ... The hospital trained nurses knew that rolling a patient over, washing them thoroughly, cutting their toenails, feeding them and caring for their wounds prevent complications that could result in significant morbidity or death. Many university nurses feel that filling out the latest quality-assurance survey, making sure the notes are up-to-date and taking their breaks on time are paramount.


... what university does not teach them, is that patients are "nursed", not "doctored" back to good health. It is no secret that the experienced, hospital-trained nurses in theatres are life-saving to both the trainee surgeon and the patient. There is nothing so lonely as operating in the middle of the night when you are slightly uncomfortable and yet do not want to disturb the sleep of the specialist in charge. The experienced nurses help you. "Doctor ... usually uses a figure-of-eight stitch for this closure," they might say with a knowing look.


Some nurses could be absolutely pitiless. Ward rounds used to be a collective effort where the nurses and doctors worked as a team, sharing information about patients and determining the best course of action for an individual. The charge nurse knew everything about the patients –how they had slept, their overnight temperature, the fact that their cousin had visited yesterday ...


Most university nurses see ward rounds as an unnecessary part of their day's activities. Walk into any ward today and ask the nurse sitting behind the counter about a patient's condition. They are unlikely to know. The nurse looking after the patient is on a break, the notes are in the treatment bay, the patient is not in the ward and they do not know where she is.


A compounding problem for this disastrous and failed experiment in nursing education is the system of promotion for nurses in hospitals today.


The only way for a nurse to progress in status and pay is to be promoted to administration. Take a really good clinical nurse. How does the health system reward her? It makes her part of the clipboard brigade. One of the most tragic events I remember in the Victoria Hospital was seeing a great clinical nurse promoted to assistant director of nursing. One night, as I left the hospital through the back entrance, I glanced across at a lit office. There was Sister ..., entering patient occupancy figures into a spreadsheet on the computer. What a waste.


Of course, there are still those nurses who take pride in their work and the care of patients, but their efforts can get lost in a sea of mediocrity and buck-passing.


WHIRR, WHIRR, WHIRR, BEEP, TUSH, My beeper went again. Ward 6.  God ... there was a university nurse in charge tonight ... Ward 6 was where the neurosurgical patients were. ... where the long-term comatose patients spent their days being cared for and kept alive despite the fact that their chance of recovery was nil.

Bed after bed of bodies who used to be mothers, fathers, sisters, girlfriends, football heroes were now bedridden, lying in strange and unnatural postures, arms contorted in the classic extended finger and thumb pose ... wrist and the elbow bent. Eyes closed.

Mason ..., a 26-year-old former athlete ... The nurse looking after him was one of the new breed ... more interested in the paperwork to be filled out than the patients to be cared for. All she wanted was to be able to put in her notes, "Resident aware". That cleared her of any medico legal liability in case this blew up into a more complicated situation. It is far more important in these days of medical litigation to ensure that your back is protected before providing quality care. Making sure the paper trail was complete was, for her, more important than taking responsibility for any decisions.

Mason was running a temperature ... best to report the abnormality,...This way, the resident took responsibility... I examined Mason by the book. ... I needed to do a femoral vein tap. ... Of course Mason did not react. He gave no indication of pain. His brain was too destroyed to monitor a minor infraction upon his body.

I took 20 millilitres of blood and then asked the nurse to put pressure on the site while I emptied the blood into various tubes in measured amounts and labelled each. I looked up to see her leaving the cubicle. "Sorry, I'm on break now," she said from behind the curtain.

I reached across and put pressure on the femoral vein before we ended up with a bruise the size of his thigh. This is the problem with taking blood from this vein: it continues to bleed unless pressure is applied. Ten minutes by the clock. All I could hear was the sound of the various vegetables breathing, most with the assistance of ventilators, nurses feel that filling out the latest quality-assurance survey, making sure the notes are up-to-date and taking their breaks on time are paramount.

There we leave Dr., now Professor Khadra.

Congratulations: this Dr. now has more authority and the Australian Prime Minister promises to return nursing training to the hospitals if re-elected.


He wasn't!  But don't bet on promises, even if re-elected the possibility of useful upset to the Global/Humanist program awaits a public uprising. Now some response to the Doctor's article, can we learn from these?


Immediate response: Letter 1, Destruction of Nursing:
"I nearly cried reading the [Surgeon's] article 25-26/8. As a registered nurse, who started her apprenticeship 40 years ago, this September, I can so relate to it.   Nursing as such does not exist anymore; it is all paperwork, "clinical pathways" and meetings (to decide on more paperwork). I thought I should cut the article out, highlight the important quotes and hang it in our tearoom, but I soon realized I would have to highlight it all. Of course I am looking at it from a nurses point of view but it proves the flow-on effect to doctors.

He is also spot-on on the issue of promotion of nurses. A few years ago I thought I'd apply for a promotion. I was told that as I had "only" a diploma I would have to be willing to do a degree and be prepared to do rosters and attend meetings – in short, join the clipboard brigade.

I am not against change, as long as it is change for the better, and not just because the bureaucratic pencil pushers are running out of things to conjure up.

Professor's ... article should be compulsory reading for the powers-that-be at universities where they try to train nurses. I feel sorry for the new breed of nurse and I worry about who'll be looking after me. And, though I love what I am doing, I am glad that neither of my daughters has chosen nursing as their calling. S.Q."


Letter 2.
"I just can't wait to hear all the screams from all the academic nurses squirming in their academic seats after reading "My life as a Surgeon". I could not agree more ... I have been a nurse for 26 years, hospital trained, and have seen nursing die a very rapid death due to university training. Nurses are no longer taught to nurse.

Very few have any idea how to look after a patient, not to mention the staf-fing crisis in every Australian hospital. Oh well, so long as the academics are happy and have destroyed nursing while supposedly giving it the professional standing it deserves, I guess I should be happy too.


What it has actually done is, in my opinion, destroy the once respected place we had in the community by allowing poorly trained and often dangerous nurses into the health system. E.S.T."


Ed: My view as a patient: Between seventy and eighty years ago I had spells in various hospitals.  Over the last eight years I have had four spells in three hospitals. The change is dramatic.


Seventy years ago there were male and female wards: the embarrassment of mixed wards was not forced on the sick. General wards were also bigger and might hold ten or more patients; the ward was able to act as a little community with friendships forming and mutual caring. Nurses at each level were distinguished by uniform; patients knew instantly who was nurse, head nurse, matron, doctor, visitor or cleaner.


In our old-time hospital patients knew the nurses and nurses both knew patients and understood their problems.


Today, more so in larger hospitals, nurses are roster'd around the small wards. Without distinguishing uniforms in under-staffed hospitals recognition is avoided; friendly care comfort is dead.  Pushed out as soon as possible, a patient seldom sees the same nurse twice.


No one takes responsibility, no one can be blamed; fault has no owner.


Everything is now designed impersonal!  You never know your attendants as people; they act as programmed robots. They only know you from your 'board' and are too busy maintaining their 'busyness' to have time for that.


All comfort of personal trust is gone.  You may be rolled onto the wrong side or asked to do things you shouldn't.  Night shift nurses may be hired from the labour exchange; overseas backpackers seemed favoured.


I expect the "Politically Correct" factor of humanism", by itself, reduces the quality and efficiency of hospitals by more than 25%.  Meaning 4 have to be paid to do the work of three and this inefficiency applies community wide.


Add lifestyles bound to denatured food spiced with unhealthy additives of artificial colour, flavour and sweetness; that may more than double the workload of hospitals and doctors.  So failing health and increasing crime is now passing the ability of the healthy to manage!  Huge human effort is wasted in the cause of false 'Philosophy'.


Old time: everything spotless!

Today: Big Sydney hospital; dirt there when I arrived still there when I left a week later, cleaner in, quick swipe at the floor, left.  Old days: Matron would have sacked him (or her) on the spot.


But that is only a small point. My personal experience fits perfectly with what the quoted Dr., the "Left for Dead" author, and old-time nurses-letters, say.  In my Sydney hospital next to me a woman, probably in her sixties with a bit of weight on: recovering from a hip replacement a fall on a concrete path had broken both wrists.


My hip replacement was not causing pain but lying on my back I found very uncomfortable. Sleeping little I buzzed for nurse if others needed help.


One night neighbour needed the toilet.  Nurse, told: "Can you walk?" Patient: "Yes, if helped to my feet".  Helped. Nurse: "Well off you go" (about 7 metres). Nurse starts to tidy the bed. 


Patient reaches the toilet, can't open door, calls nurse.  Nurse opens the door and helps patient get seated; back to the bed.  In a few minutes patient calls nurse back; "I need a wipe" she says". Nurse: "I don't have gloves on, you will have to go as you are."


Faults: Old lady should not be allowed to walk alone; imagine the disaster had she stumbled.  Nurse should have known patient would be unable to open the door and need help at toilet.  Gloves in a dispenser by the ward door! 


I would expect, and probably get, better caring in a third world country.  Total lack of foresight is now the norm!


Opposite an immigrant lady!  Not speaking our language she often didn't seem able to do as the nurses wanted; perhaps in pain, but whatever, they treated her as a trouble-maker. 


Petty contempt is hard to explain but dogs are treated much better! 


Seven years later such complaints, seem trivial; patients in extreme distress now die in waiting rooms and women miscarry in waiting-room toilets!


What caused such dramatic change?

These complaints all result from the "politically correct" attitudes that Humanist philosophy now imposes worldwide; many (older people) have contempt for it but don't understand its implications.  It pretends multi-cultural caring but is a secret war designed for takeover of our misled and trusting culture.  Humanists are not aliens but they are certainly good imitations.


Humanism pretends to be modern but in progress to its ultimate goal it sees no difference between human and animal; it pretends science but indifference to human needs leaves no logic for efficient organisation.


Political correctness is imposed in service to creating a culture of entirely artificial values to serve an entirely selfish arrogance intended to re-birth humanity to an animal servitude and destroy!


World ownership is the ancient and entire goal of this arrogant New World Order! 


Problems are created; solutions create more problems. There is a place for specialist training: technical efficiency can be improved for those wanting advance to administrative positions AFTER learning the fundamental needs and discipline of the work.


Humanism – an animalist religion, scorns intellectual development.

Religions always serve elitism and though some call themselves Christian they never follow Christian principles quite so well as they follow dogma and humanist ideals. 


Christianity is a love of truth; it's ideal is to advance in life's truth.  Religion is stuck-in-the-mud dogma and its energy must be directed to maintenance of its dogma. In pretence of humane caring it replaces truth with personal preferences.


Christianity foresees the future and gives accurate advice. I.e. "I am the way: I am the truth and I am life; no one comes to the Father except by me."


Humanism promotes animal passions to bypass intellectual advance based on truth!  It aborts human progress. We need faith in truth to gain the benefits of our created potential. - Top


Part 4. 

Humanity: a development process


Some are now beginning to see that this is so; if we think for ourselves the logic of truth is overwhelming. Governments may pretend they can change humanity but, the only alternative to the truth of order is chaos. Truth and deceit carry opposed creative values!


Lowered education levels have, for years, been visibly dumbing-down the commonalty. The well-off may see it as advantage to their children; in middle class some worry, even protest; the rest trust 'their party' to care for them and ignore reality as human ability withers.


Dumbing-down is to control culture and allow reform to private desire.  It ends with self-destruction because the animal cannot survive without intelligent mind to take it beyond its designed limits.


Only intelligence can create!  Only by intellectual foresight can change continue without drifting into 'Dead Ends'. Selfish living destroys potential for intellectual self-development.


Intellect develops to meet challenge and to be effective intellect needs a practical view of its origins.


Humanist upset of environment could destroy Humanity but our true enemy is selfishness.  If we want life to survive and advance we must accept our responsibility to build culture in the order of human truth.


Behaviour reveals that our dumbing-down is deliberate.  Language failure is now becoming critical; a highlight in a recent TV discussion was that (in the recent financial melt-down) some financial services suffered because of inability to understand reports delivered by leading institutions.


Failure of language in spelling, CAP'S use and grammar is now obvious. 'Change agents' carry this to new and unnoticed levels of refinement. 


Warned of in the book 1984 by George Orwell, language mutilation has specialised to the extent that clever users can speak in ways that allow varying interpretation, this enables the manipulator to claim his words were misunderstood: very convenient!


How many lives must we watch drift to ruin; how many sacrificed; how long must we deplore events we could prevent? When will we find in ourselves the will to sacrifice our folly in favour of intellectual potential?


Intellectual spirit is developed through challenge!  Creation is not by magic as dogma bound religions lead many to believe.


Our sufferings reveal our mistakes and pressure us to new effort.  True creation can only exist within laws of order – an insight revealed in the Christian Testament!


I live, I can learn: you live, you can learn: with trust and faith in the logic of the truth of our being, we can save ourselves.  I act in the security of knowing that 'truth' is my desire in clear preference to: my desire is 'truth'.  You, with your will, are free to develop the potential of your nature.


Education, before age seven is ideally a parental responsibility.  To that age learning responsibilities should be family but with potentials now limited by universal dogma, our development is deformed.


A child's right to learn from nature needs defending with encouragement of reading and language!  Parents, not indoctrinated and crippled by deceits or led astray by artificial enticements, will not be overwhelmed by concerns and time wasting non-productive work!


Born animal but with potential to learn – to understand life's laws – we are given human spirit to grow in humanity.


As we grow our abilities we develop our humanity. As we learn to live in truth, we maintain beliefs in truth.  Truth is a vital!  Humanism undermines human freedom by deviant philosophy. Our situation will decay until we accept philosophy in service to truth.


Behaviour is now based on philosophy; we may call it our religion. Until such time as we understand our nature and control our animal instincts then professional change agents will turn faith in truth to faith in dogma.  Life's progress needs the freedom and faith to love truth. - Top


Part 5. 

Know your enemy! Find the true self:

It is very difficult for people to come to grips with the fact that there is a hidden world government; that National Governments give more authority to greed of wealth than to human need.


The hold of World government over National was consolidated with power of finance then securely chained by deceit of humanist philosophy (see books).  It is now being set in concrete by language deformity.


Do not think that World Globalism believes the false philosophy beyond that primitive philosophy allows control of those in service.  Inhuman planning (to cause the death of millions of their own kind) is set by simple greed for wealth and is not acceptable to human development!


Philosophy disguises reality to create by deceit comforting alternatives needed to reinforce the deceit.  This site shows the difficulty of explaining, in logical terms, the resulting confusion.  Unless our eyes are open to the Globalist manipulation, then the truth is unwanted and explanation emotionally rejected.


Health, to me, is one area where conflict with logic is most glaring; evidence of bestial contempt for responsibility is visible in so many areas. Medical services in leading nations have training dominated by big pharmaceutical companies built with fiat money. 


Unless we see that education, finance, commerce and governments, are now all directed by Globalist world ownership ambitions, then belief in a secret war to destroy population by poison of health and deformity of mind causes us to doubt our own humanity.


Globalism had to concentrate first on seduction of the USA because, as the most powerful economic and armed force on earth, it must be first sedated. Control by 'cuckoo' of party-politics made it easy.


Australia, Canada and Europe followed, but Europe, with longer cultural history, and recent experience of cultural abuse, lags a little.  This shows in their greater trust of traditional natural medications.


Asian rebirth brings new complication! Life is built on natural principles and by obeying our construction we live healthy, satisfying and productive lives. As often pointed out, we are what we eat; the health of bodies depends about 90% on what we put into them.


But after years of less than the best and growing health problems, you need more regular vitamin and mineral supplements; as each situation, life and body is individual, answers differ.


I suggest you add appropriate Vitamins and look for trace elements such as may be found in kelp, natural sea salt, and colloidal minerals. No need to take loads of everything but don't stint on variety.  Bodies, you can be sure, were designed to live a healthy lifetime of about seventy years on natural diets available in different situations over the expanse of our earth.  The closer to ideal you get the longer and healthier your life will be.


It is equally true (and should be equally obvious) that the health of our behaviour depends on what is fed into our minds. The essential mind food is Truth but philosophy and religious dogma can be used to deceive us. 


All entitled to the term "human" have a philosophy or religion. Those who deny it just change those names to "beliefs". Different cultures operate on different belief systems.  If brought up in a different culture we would accept it as naturally as we accept what we have.


So far as physical health goes there are many doctors in the USA who are progressive, courageous, and free minded enough to investigate beyond the common teachings. However mass media, compulsory education, humanist philosophy and law are, united, in a more compelling power.


Humanism ('ism' meaning like, or fake) restructured our beliefs.  Manipulation and redirection progressively encourage animal nature; our natural human instincts and abilities were progressively misdirected and subdued.


Knowledge-corruption in all areas of life, enslave us to the extent that leading cultures, worldwide, now face economic collapse.  This gives excuse for enforcement of the violent legal restraints needed to control revolution as population reduction proceeds.


By deceit, subversive philosophy locks us into stagnation and as climate change wrecks havoc angry populations may face biological weapons set to defend vested interests.  As human health and welfare declines so caring also dies. - Top


Part 6.

Our Worst Crime of all History


There is growing talk about child abuse, but truth is not popular!  Never in human history have so great a proportion of children been so badly damaged as by abuse channelled through humanist philosophy.


Not just parents, everyone must accept some responsibility for giving the worst of mankind the power of government.  Nor are national governments the deliberate culprits, they are the instrument of its introduction and legalising; they are the used, not the users in Globalist-culture war.  Children from the earliest age are now saturated and soaked in artificial sexual stimulation and greed for self-aggrandisement!


Premature sexual development appears further deformed by growth hormones (given to speed livestock growth).  Now limited but, as it is planned, action comes only after the damage is done. 


New problems appear as damage expands; drugs; confusions of culture and philosophy; separation of child and parent; addiction to, and time spent soaking in radiation now delivered to drive increasingly novel technology.  All this has the effect of reducing contact with natural life and opens the door to "forced medications".


It was not until after WW2 that I met someone who used a banned drug or had a homosexual pointed out to me and probably be another ten years before publicity promoting immoral sex and drugs (largely disguised as warning against) became massive.


Remember the wise old saying "All publicity is good publicity"? Drugs and promiscuity, as though by magic, became street-wise lifestyle.  Deformed attitudes, apologists (thinking themselves liberated) moral crimes called 'victimless'.  This, as time now proves, was desire driven deceit.  The deforming of human behaviour, by whatever means – in whatever form –  (include most advertising) is a crime against humanity that is now visible in growth of serious effects.


Christian scriptures warn against leading children astray, it warns that those who do so would be better off tied to a stone and thrown into the ocean.  Today, in many towns and once respectable city suburbs, children as young as nine or ten are getting drunk and little girls 'laid' at binge drinking parties. What, forty years ago would have been known as pornographic, is now, not just family TV viewing but massively promoted as smart lifestyle.


Sodom and Gomorrah: is now re-lived within what we today cal the "City of Commerce" this, driven by its own corruption, is set to destroy itself.


Corrupt structures, mechanical or human, slowly but surely disintegrate.  Although children below age 16 may be legally denied a right to immoral activities, this now, in many ways, is encouraged.


The cultural deformities now inflicted on children not only force premature sex development but, helped by unneeded caring, abort essential maturing years to create immature, frustrated, violent adults.


With maturity curtailed few can reach their full potential; growing numbers fail to become competent adults and many glory in vandalism. Those older just remain blind to the cause of child violence and cruelty.  This, too late, is now beginning to be admitted in public.


Result: we can no longer afford to pay or even find enough people to maintain health-care, law, public works and essential services at a human standard.  Like oil: as needs grow and waste increases, demands exceed falling reserves and pollution contaminates.


We become incompetent because we are not inspired to understand more than we are forced to learn while, on the other hand, we have no incentive to understand our need to honestly share productive effort.  - Top



A Revelation for Our Times


"The book of REVELATION"

We should now realize that Christian Revelation challenges doubters and confirms that intellectual development is a designed potential essential to our purpose.


As intellect develops understanding develops.  Given logic of intelligence we develop within limits of language and community.  Scriptural inspiration need not be perfect but must retain meaning to challenge us until its purpose is achieved or there would be risk of needed inspiration being lost.


The human requires a long development whereas common animals can only develop within design?  Language and understanding is now far advanced from that of ancient times but having allowed ourselves to be deceived many are now easily deterred from trying to understand the impossibility of such complex programmes being either chance constructions or the simple ideas of wishful thinking.


We try to avoid understanding of truth because it is painful to find that what we think we know – what we have been taught to believe – is just childish nonsense.  We then become frustrated and angry to hurt others and vandalise a culture we can't understand


This problem is basic to all religions; to any philosophy that aborts development of logic and those early years designed for our development.


We are now challenged to see that "Revelation", (as in the New Testament) is logically related to the cultural lessons in New Testament Parables and other Scriptures.


We should love truth: If we love truth we will always work to know truth better.  Truth is not a thing to be grasped in its entirety; Truth is the substance of life's infinite development.


We are now in the time of the parable of the farmer in whose field an enemy had planted seed of weed where the farmer had planted seed for harvest of grain.


Here we find a farmer telling his staff to wait for the crop to ripen before pulling the weed and burning it. To logical intellect this is clearly the same harvest as ripe for harvest in Revelation.  We are now enabled to understand that this is a harvest of human development at a time when the weed of deceit will be gathered and destroyed.


So now, nearing the end-time of this development, we see that the evil sown in our minds will be terminated. We can also see that the planting of this evil in today’s world is achieved through the "City of Commerce" a social structure that lives off us by usury and turns us to confusion and corruption.


This city, we are told, will be brought down – that the traders and Captains of ships will be devastated by how quickly the "City of Commerce" (the Great Whore of Revelation) is brought down, we see that now beginning.


We can now see that the abortion of natural childhood that results from our indoctrination into humanist religion, is having disastrous consequences for this generation.  Read for yourself Revelation 18, in your language – read the whole New Testament with new understanding.


For some enlargement on this see "GNIEB><BEING", no need to repeat here.  If we do not learn lessons from false philosophy then humanity will be unable to do anything to save itself from coming events.


Understand that the "Word" of Scripture refers the intellectual "Plan" for the Creation.  The creation plan could develop in no way other than by intelligence! The human creature is designed, in every aspect, to achieve intellectual development.


We have eyes to see and ears to hear! We can observe that Biblical Revelation (deformed by time and human preference) becomes easier to interpret as intellect develops. To develop intellect we avoid stagnant dogma and search for truth! Learning discloses that every THING – every bottle, every chair: every seed every hair; only exists in the truth of its order. Christianity is a living progression not stagnant dogma!


Lacking truth in order, nothing survives – energy, free of order, is dead and will disintegrate back to chaos.  Chance has no individual order of being and can neither conceive of order nor create it.  Natural selection can select no order by chance other than that which is set by the plan on which it operates.


Some forecast in "Revelation" is now clearly applicable to us today and only in simple ignorance can we believe that, so long ago, any human could have the knowledge and understanding of human development for such forecast. 


To present this so that it was neither obvious before its time nor discarded as nonsense, would, if related to human ability, be miraculous.  When "Revelation" was written our nature and situation today was quite beyond human belief or understanding.


So let us seek to know truth better, for truth is the facilitator, the Mother of life!  Only love of truth leads to physical life and its development. 


These matters should now be sufficiently covered; it is not for me to try to convince those of contrary nature who want to destroy the human development.  We should be afraid of truth only in our denial of it – truth must be ruthless in destroying the untruth if physical life is to achieve its purpose.  We only suffer from it in not loving it enough to always want to know it better.  As Revelation reveals it: if we value this life we must forever bow to truth.


We no longer have excuse for believing the nonsense woven into today's culture by those ignorant authorities blinded or deceived by greed.  Let us be alert to the reality of our potential and our responsibility to defend it.   We can free ourselves of suffering and hasten the rewards to be achieved by development in truth. - Top

*       *       *

Support for this report:


1. The DVD called "CRUDE"

Available commercially from ABC TV Australia.  You can access it here at: or in the "VOCALS" file. 


When you know how oil was formed then you should know more of Global Warming than those given access to public media and government.  Let's also appreciate that the Creation was neither by chance nor by waving of magic wand.  The creation, as we now know, is far too complicated to be formed other than by intelligence. delete


Creation is achieved by intellect setting elemental matter into mathematically correct order and harmony.  It has purpose and is based on the same force of logic as we humans use to create cars, TVs, clothing, etc.  If left unrestricted global warming may take a million years to work through a natural cycle and return our earth to its present liveable form and it is unlikely any animal life would survive.


If left to nature the first hundred years – violent weather, earthquakes, volcanoes, starvation and wars for survival – will probably decide our fate.


2. "Your Money": (Radio interviews) now also in the "VOCALS" file:  Criminals control the money supply and rule the world.  For control they force us to futility by bribe, deceit, ill-health and ignorance.


Why are they creating financial havoc now?  Well you have to ask those we here call Globalists – they who have tricked the world into selling its most valuable assets for worthless paper?  The 'MONEY' interviews explain it well, don't miss it, laws of cause and effect give us clues.


Timing is vital: Is financial chaos a final assault aimed at control of earth and mass elimination of population – their answer to pollution – or a feint?


The big difference between my insight and the investment specialists is that they think this is a war about money!  They see the present system continuing in the future, I see need of a total rebirth of finance and culture.


Yes, it is essential that government takeover the monetary system; that is a must.  But rule of money cannot allow true democracy.  Though takeover of the monetary system will allow government to service debt in an orderly manner; this will not occur unless democracy is installed first.


There is no argument with the fact that financial power is today based on fraud.  Criminals can not be left free to use the wealth attained by fraud!  All debts of fiat money must be cancelled and legal money distributed relative to what has been honestly earned.


For human re-birth we first need public control of government (democracy).    For security of this we need to understand the nature of democracy and the legitimate use of money.


The illegality of the present system and its trickery used is exposed in the talks about Your Money to support what is on site. 


There is also revealing comment on money near the end of Book 4;         "The Great Escape", also further supported by on site comment. DEL

We no longer have excuse for believing the nonsense woven into today's culture by criminals driven by greed. Let us be alert to the reality of truth together with our urgent need to defend it.


Let us be alert to the reality of our potential for health, advance and prosperity, and our need to defend it in the cause of our own survival.  So listen closely to Alex Jones: Info Wars as accessed at "VOCALS".


For easy understanding of today's human problems read all files on this site.  It is well within our power to achieve true democracy; we still have enough ability of logical understanding and it is our democratic Constitutional DUTY to choose our own political representatives. 


Giving power of government to self-interest groups is our crime!


Why do we complain and vote for those who make promises they are cannot deliver?  Why do we now see ourselves as an inferior class having to vote for, or choose, between those our oppressors offer in bare-faced pretence of democracy? This is the behaviour of slaves.  Read "What is Democracy" for realism. - Top


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