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Today, in what is supposed to be serious politics and media reporting, there is so much total nonsense spoken that it is refreshing to hear a few actual voices talking sense.  Politicians speak of doubling population in a nation such as Australia; of making plans for transport, water conservation and increasing food production as if they have never heard of Global Warming or world financial crisis.


Readers should be assured that the twin evils mentioned above, are each alone capable of catastrophic consequences so, if my writing alone is not convincing, listen carefully to the voices in the file below.  Plans for populations and agriculture as little as ten years ahead may well be entirely irrelevant even before they are completed.  A plan to double population in 50 years may even, within that time, find itself faced with a population halved, angry, violent and hungry.


'Experts' talk as though standing at the foot of Niagara Falls watching boatloads of people come crashing down; they plan how to save them from drowning and seem totally incapable of asking, "Why are they behaving so stupidly?" 


But general stupidity, and growing mindless violence (even among school children) is easily explained by what is ignored.  The clear cause of growing problems is the false philosophy that has been wormed into leading human cultures over recent generations; its effects are now in flower.


Listen carefully to voices; read me, to understand those who confine themselves to effects rather than to causes.  Though some of ‘voices’ is included with the literature it will be more revealing as now concentrated.  More may be added but for now we cover the critical issues: 

A & C both open doors to further discussions.


A/  FINANCE - (3 interviews with Andy Gause) please listen to at least one. Fiat money is counterfeit money and party system democracy is counterfeit democracy; when either is used to accumulate wealth that is robbery and robbery resulting in death is murder!  We need to understand this before we can take responsibility for our governing and set up a true democracy.  Three interviews on criminal finance from the USA.

For first: Click HERE

For second go to: then to Audio Library
and go to: - Alex Jones Interviews Andrew Gause - October 2 2008         670
Other talks also reall;y informative but if you copy the URL here, when you use it you may get some other talk.

For Third: The following talk was recorded in September 2008 and readers should note that, despite all the talking up of the financial system, no useful change has been made.  Andrew confirms what is exposed on site for some years but with one important difference; on site is explained the why and how of it!  Knowing that, we can fix the problem!  We, the people, have ultimate power but give it to the arrogant and power greedy these create a criminal culture. Having seen the consequences, will we now redeem ourselves?  Will we do our moral duty and take responsibility for our own governing? 

Knowing that the monetary system we use today is counterfeit, will we replace it with legitimate money and cancel all debts to the counterfeit system?   Will we introduce it in a way to give fairness to those honest?  I don't doubt it can be done but have we the will to do it? A.G.

B/  GLOBAL WARMING several speakers.  Note particularly that speed of early change is likely to be far greater than generally expected.  A revised DVD on Global Warming distributed by the Australian ABC/includes comment by several genuine research scientists.  People who know what they are talking about explain, others just give opinions!


C/  HEALTH.  Note difficulty of the very complicated matter of nutrition has been virtually removed from health education; had the money spent on misguided cancer research been spent on understanding nutrition we would certainly have had much better returns than having had it wasted on trying to find artificial answers to natural questions.  Who controls finance, government, education and mass media?  A talk on health research deals with complex and important matters but research is in its infancy and answers are still far from conclusive.


D/ Desiree - an unusual event but a timely warning. Any substance, even the air we breathe, can, in excess,  be harmful; chemicals and artificials seldom give good long term benefits and can be disastrous.

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