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WELCOME & Introduction

Truth Of Life Defense WELCOMES new readers and old friends. 
This site is now rebuilt to bring it into line with our main site, LEAFLETS and REPORTS have been reviewed, clarified, trimmed and REPORTS set to print in our common booklet format.

7-30 Report (ABC TV Aust. 16th June), Sir Ken Robinson interviewed on education.  A brilliant man trying to explain that education today is an unfolding tragedy.  Despite his insight it appeared that though right in his premise, he (being himself entrapped within it) was unable to pin down the problem.

I thought someone should tell him to read our site; but, if told, is it likely he would do so?  Just a look and he could think 'this is not about education', so unless he spent some of his valuable time reading it; he might well miss it's relevance.

T.O.L.D. does expose problems but is not for individual report!  Our purpose is to explain the human situation so as to find our way out of the mess we have created.  Here, individual parts of our culture are combined for a larger picture.  To live in comfortable efficiency our social culture must be united; that is what 'TOLD' is about!

So, to those new to our site, that's the message I offer.  If looking for news of Global Warming', 'child abuse', 'education', 'politics', 'health', 'drugs', 'finance' – whatever – don't be disappointed that this site does not isolate your problem but shows it in a larger picture – problems are integrated to whole of life view!  Only when you see your problem in context of life's entire structure can its essence become clear.  Study for Truth Of Life Defense is what survival now requires.

Yes we do get professionally educated; and over possibly the best years of our lives!  For our faith in this we serve a manipulative system.  Once misled and confused our created desires lead us away from the learning that could solve our problems.  That is the means of our entrapment.

TV "Talkback" and specialized entertainments, feature sad complaints about problems that range from mindless accident to child violence, drugs abuse and murder! From health to politics and environment – problems, rare only fifty years ago, now grow wild.  All constantly discussed but logical causes and answers are avoided and ignored.  Public complaint, in glorified "problem solving" is painted over with "political correctness".

Our political enslavement is now seen in all the pain of a crashing economy.  Big brother grew fat-wealth by selling 'politically correct' loans to people unable to repay!  Then sold these debts worldwide so the value of printed-paper is now hiding toxic debts beyond public imagination – but that's just a tip of the looming catastrophe!

"Politically Correct" is cultural cancer!  Toxic humanism now penetrates life's every aspect!  Problems can be hidden but, left to run its course the toxic culture kills its sustaining host (humanity) before it also dies.

Trying to understand problems by talk within confines of the philosophy that created them, just wastes time – we have to understand those plausible false values and expose the behind scenes forces that promote them!  For progress to the comfort of human civilization, we must integrate all social elements into a logic based, culture.

I am confident that the penny will drop.  It may not be in my time but, almost certainly within life of this generation!  There is a point of no return – awakening has to be well within the time of most now living!  The longer it takes the greater the suffering but I am confident that there is time and that this lesson will be learned. 

Now, if wondering about me, you may, before going to more serious text, read the short essay I call: "The Times of My Life"

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